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  • what's working for me - I am excited!

    2 posts, 2 voices, 1542 views, started Oct 9, 2008

    Posted on Thursday, October 9, 2008 by Dee Dee Shaw


    • Sapphire

      I had hit a plateau, and was stuck. I have the 'thrifty' gene that slows my metabolism to match my caloric intake. I could eat just one meal a day, and still not lose (BTDT in the past). So last year (thank you 40!) I decided that it was time to get serious. I started using the low glycemic philosophy. I have been using the Mannatech health products for years, but added in the Glycolean support products when I made a commitment to move this extra weight. After all, I weighed more than I did with any of my pregnancies, 6 months postpartum. The weight started coming off and I was ecstatic. I lost 30 lbs, and then I got stuck. For some reason I hold on to the muffin top, and the blubber butt no matter what I do. Exercise is not in my schedule - not organized exercise anyway. My farm chores have to stand in the gap for that.
      Anyway - a month ago I was introduced to a new targeted fat loss product called Osolean (oh so lean). I have lost four inches just in the muffin top measurement! woohoo - my pants are falling off! This stuff is amazing - and so easy to implement no matter what 'diet' you are on. My friend is doing the Zone diet, and she is loving the Osolean too. She says it is the first time she has been under 200 lbs in forever.
      So, I thought I’d post a little information about it here. If you are interested in ordering it send me a pm. I can help you get it at a discount - and with a 6 month satisfaction guarantee.

       What is OsoLean™?

      OsoLean™ powder has been shown in a clinical study to help target fat loss and spare lean muscle when combined with the OsoLean™ Plan and proper exercise.* It's all natural and mixes with the foods and beverages you already enjoy.  

      OsoLean™ powder is a specially formulated whey protein blend that includes an advanced protein peptide technology. Through a patented process, specific parts of whey protein, called peptides, are separated and concentrated to ensure the optimal level of fat-loss peptides.* These peptides are blended with calcium-rich minerals from whey to cause the following to occur in your body:  

      1.Protein synthesis
      Utilizing proteolytic enzymes to sculPt3 amino acids (proteins) to prevent muscle breakdown and promote muscle growth
      2.ACE Inhibiting peptides
      Change from anabolic to catabolic state to increase fat metabolism
      3.Glycomacro peptides
      Stimulate the release of cholecystokinin (CCK) which creates feeling of satiation
      4.Calcitrophic hormone regulation to target lipolysis (fat loss)
      “Dairy Components in Weight Management in Functional Dairy Products ‑Volume2 (2007) CRC Press

      Clinically Tested in 2 Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Human Studies

      OsoLean™ is a high tech, well-designed product to orchestrate your body’s burning fat versus lean. When our human body loses weight, the natural response is to burn fat to lean in an equal ratio: 1:1. This means that every time we lose to pounds, we are losing 5 pounds of fat and 5 pounds of lean. When we gain the weight back, virtually all of it is fat. So, you see, the vicious cycles of weight loss in our country are causing us all to have a very high fat to lean ratio. Clinical trial studies (2008) showed those using OsoLean™ had almost a 3:1 burning of fat to lean tissue as well as significant losses in weight, BMI, and waist circumference. Those on placebos actually lost as much and in some instances, more lean than fat tissue.
      Frestedt, J.L., Zenk, L., Kuskowski, M.R., Ward, L.S., and Bastian, E.D. (2008).
      A whey‑protein supplement increases fat loss and spares lean muscle in obese
      subjects: a randomized human clinical study. Nutr Metab (Lond) 5, 8.
      Why is losing lean bad?

      1. Research shows that our lean to fat ratio is a determining factor in all of the biomarkers of vitality (also referred to as biomarkers of health or aging). Here is a look at those biomarkers:

      1.Your Muscle Mass
      2.Your Body’s Blood‑Sugar Tolerance
      3.Your Strength
      4.Your Cholesterol/HDL Ratio
      5.Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

      6.Your Blood Pressure
      7.Your Body Fat Percentage
      8.Your Bone Density
      9.Your Aerobic Capacity
      10.Your Body’s Ability to Regulate Its Internal Temperature
      “Biomarkers” William Evans, PhD, and Irwin H. Rosenberg, M.D. (1991)

      What does this mean to you? As you age, your longevity and your vitality depends on your lean to fat ratio. We have failed. We are more disease prone today than ever before in the history of the U.S. In fact it is reaching pandemic in proportion.

      2. Your body stores toxins in fat. The more fat you carry, the more toxic your body. Toxic bodies have a more difficult time responding to threats (viruses, bacteria, etc.) and absorbing proper nutrition. Remove the fat— remove the toxins.  

      Your pharmaceutical bill continues to climb. You have less and less energy. Your life is in a spiral going the wrong direction. Reverse The Trend! You need to be a Trendsetter!

      Start today... OsoLean™ is the way!

      These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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          Twinssupermom wrote Mar 11, 2013
        • America needs to get healthy... ! Great article
          I let myself go for too long taking care of my twins and working full time and then oh yeah i have a great husband also who gets put on the back burner when my esteem was down and i was so tired and busy... If anyone is interested what helped me get off the couch and go for it was i found these great shakes called Shakelology.. they are your healthiest meal of the day and now i have the energy i need.. i get up and work out before going to work and i've actually trully started getting stronger and losing my midsection weight that gets almost every woman after the age of 40... So check it out and if you have any questions send me a message i became a coach out of passion for the product and want to help others get the same results..
          I have a motivational Like page on facebook i just got started with that will also show any upcoming challenges.. A Total U by Tammy McChesney Look forward to making friends on this site .. contact me

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