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  • Will Power

    4 posts, 4 voices, 513 views, started Sep 18, 2008

    Posted on Thursday, September 18, 2008 by Rosa Page


    • Aquamarine

      Why is it that I can have will power in so many areas of my life,but when it comes to weight loss I just can’t seem to get it together. I start off ok and somewhere a few days later I hear that little voice that said “oh what can a small bit hurt” I say to myself NO! NO! you can’t do this and the next minute I am having not just one bite but two serving. I have gone to the doctor who gave me a prescription of Meridia and no weight loss, I have hired a trainer who half the time wouldn’t even keep count. I know, I know stop blaming others for my failur to control myself. I have done the gym thing and the diet thing and nothing seems to work. I figure it my will power. I must not wanted bad enough, yet it is all I think about. How much better I would feel and look. Why can’t I control my will power? Any suggestions?


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          Cynthia Schmidt wrote Sep 18, 2008
        • Here’s a longshot but 20 years ago I felt that my relationship with food was just getting out of control. I was talking with a counselor about it and she suggested going to Overeaters Anonymous. I thought, “I’m not heavy enough, they’ll laugh at me, they’ll not accept me, I don’t have what they have.” I went and, it really helped me put my eating issues into perspective. I stayed in that group for a couple of years, took what I learned there about how I eat after emotional triggers and have to say the help I got there has stayed with me all these years.

          Hope that helps

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          Sweetnsassy wrote Sep 18, 2008
        • I too had/have a “relationship” with food. The therapy is a great idea! I hadn’t really thought about that.  Here are a few things that have helped, and continue to help me:  

          1) Stand in front of a FULL LENGTH MIRROR. It really helped me to get a good look at myself because I was in denial about my weight.  Staying away from the mirror allowed me to have those desserts and it was easier to lie to myself ...“a piece of cake won’t hurt ....“I’m not THAT fat”  but at 5 ft and 158 pounds I was very “frumpy“!  Once I realized how I looked to others I was more motivated to diet.  

          2) Keep a food journal and log EVERYTHING you eat! It’s so hard to write down  “1 pint of ice cream, 3 Little Debbie cakes, 1 BIG MAC.”  

          3)  Also, keep a “good girl” journal. Fill a brag book with notes of your accomplishments - even the small ones.  I remember writing once  -“Went to McDonalds for a friend and only ate 3 fries on the way home“.  That, to me, was something to brag about!  This keeps your thoughts positive and let me tell you, gir‘frin, attitude goes a long way in life AND in weight loss!  

          4) Set SMALL goals.  Don’t think about losing 50 pounds all at once. (How do you eat an elephant??  One bite at a time!)  You won’t become so overwhelmed if you meet a “weekly” goal.  

          Good luck to you!  Dieting is tough - BUT WOMEN OVER 40 ARE TOUGHER!

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          Destinyboutique wrote Sep 18, 2008
        • I agree with sweetnsassy.

          It is really easy to stay in diet.  Just go and stand naked in front of the mirror.  Even better, sit down naked somewhere and take a good look at how your body folds.  

          It does it to me every time.  Great way to lose appetite.

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