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  • Wine Accessories Can Enhance Your Enjoyment of Wine

    1 posts, 1 voices, 606 views, started Mar 14, 2009

    Posted on Saturday, March 14, 2009 by Denise Richardson


    • Diamond

      Accessories are often considered the weak link in the wine chain that can be done without, an item that is extra, just an attachment that is less useful than wine itself. Wine accessories can be considered supplementary instead of complimentary. Through this article the function of the most commonly issued wine accessories is discussed to show how the enjoyment of wine cannot be truly fulfilled without the correct accessories forming part of the experience of wine drinking. Not to mention the extremely lucrative market of collectible items such as Victorian bottle openers and decanters.

      Among the most popular wine accessories are wine glasses, corkscrews, decanters, collars, stoppers and wine racks. By aiding in storing and serving wine, wine accessories can help the enthusiast enjoy their wine experience to the fullest. Some wine enthusiasts even boast of their own personalized wine bottles and customized accessories.

      Moreover, wine charms made out of silver, gold and other materials can make any wine-drinking activity more pleasing to the eyes, leading to the perception of better enjoyment. The enjoyment of wine is sensory and starts from the sight of the drink through the transparent bottle or glass after it has been poured . Wine is similar to food in that your expectations are heightened when you see it well presented regardless of what it eventually tastes like. The type of glass is important. But for some the irresistible moment is hearing that popping off of the wine cork. A sound that is captured by the ear sending all sorts of messages to the brain - either of great joy or dread, depending on ones motivation or health.

      There are many styles of wine glasses, each with their own charm and personalized appeal. While wine bottle openers have become somewhat obsolete, thanks to the growing popularity of screw-caps, having a wine bottle opener still adds an elegant touch to wine drinking. Wine bottle openers can range from traditional corkscrews, wine keys and screw-pull levers to more complicated wine bottle openers driven by carbon dioxide.

      Wine decanters are glass containers used to serve wine. They maximize the wine’s aeration by exposing the wine to more oxygen. This enhances the taste and bouquet of wine. It’s also easier to pour wine from a decanter because wine is less likely to spill or dribble.

      Wine collars are placed around the wine bottle’s neck to absorb any spillage when the wine is poured. It’s an important accessory for preventing wine stains on your clothes or table cloths.

      Wine coolers are nice to have around because they can ensure that the wine is served at its proper temperature, especially for white, rose and sparkling wine. Highly fruity wines are usually served chilled whilst dry wines are served warm. The temperature helps regulate the amount of molecules allowed to escape into the air, to an extent. Especially at wine tastings, the correct temperature can help ensure the wine taster’s olfactory senses remain unbiased. Small wine coolers can be placed right on your table top. If you have a large wine collection, you will be better served by large refrigerator units so you can keep your wine bottles chilled at various temperatures.

      Finally, wine racks are used for storing wine bottles in a slightly slanted manner to ensure that the wine touches the cork so it doesn’t dry up. Wine racks are usually accessories of serious wine enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs. They provide a neat way to utilize space when there are multiple bottles to store. With the right rack the life time of a bottle of wine can be prolonged as the cork will remain moist for longer and air would not get into the bottle easily.

      If you want to save yourself from the hassles of having to store wine and buying racks or large refrigerator units, it’s best to order your wine only as the need arises. Thanks to the Internet, ordering wine is no longer a hassle.


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