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  • Would I Be Wrong If I Don't Go???

    5 posts, 4 voices, 882 views, started Nov 1, 2010

    Posted on Monday, November 1, 2010 by Denise Richardson

    • Diamond

      Hi Ladies,

      here is the sceanrio; I have an aquaintance that I have known for over 20 years, she is somewhat a game player and has a very immature nature about herself for her to be in her 40’s. Ok she is a mother of 3 adult children and has two younger kids at home, she has been married to her last two childrens father for over 12 years but they have been seperated for most of the oldest kids life.
      Ok she has been sleeping with him off and on as well as sleeping around with other men, last summer at a cookout my hubby and I had she met one of my hubby’s friends and they began to chat not thinking anything of it but they ended up seeing each other outside of the cookout.

      Well I’m finding that they have been exclusive for a while now to the point they are planning to wed. BUT here is the thing, their both married!, but not with their spouses but still married, ok I know my friend is a player and she loves to play games for attention from men, now how serious is she about this guy I have no clue because I haven’t been in communication with her because of the games she plays, and last I knew she didn’t like him, he was just a nice person someone to talk to. Ok I also know time can bring about a change in people, but with her I have seen her go through men and she has a track record for doing stuff like this. Ok well my hubby’s friend she is going to marry just called him about a half hour ago telling him not to speak of the marriage to any of his family members, IMO if you have to hide it then its not right, something’s not right! I’m not sure if he has his divorce finalized our not and I know you can’t remarry until its done, but if it was done in another state it may be possible to get married, ok anyhow they are planning to wed soon mind you she still hasn’t called and spoke to me about it, her sister inlaw called and told me as well as my hubby informing me, my thing is this my hubby is planning on going, me on the other hand will not attend for many reasons, but the main two are because I know her track record and because she hasn’t said anything to me as of yet about it, but her fiance’ has kept my hubby informed another thing is that her ex-husband I guess he is now her ex seeing she’s planning to wed again is very crazy and has issues he is the kind who kept her in bondage but thats another story in it self because she likes to be beat which is another form of attention she likes getting crazy I know but its true and this guy is not that type so I don’t think this is going to last too long she never stays with a man for long, so am I wrong for not wanting to attend? What would you do?

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          Mary Clark wrote Nov 1, 2010
        • You know Denise...I don’t go to every wedding that I’m invited to...for various reasons!  If you’ll be miserable....and I say....“why go to something that is only going to upset you?”  

          I say don’t go and just make up an excuse as to why you‘re not going.  Previous engagement??   I wouldn’t tell her the real reason why because all it does is open up a can of worms and do you really want to get in all of that?  I wouldn’t.  

          I’ve gotten to where I just keep my mouth shut unless it really involves me and I make decisions that are in my best interest. And whatever anyone else wants to their red wagon.  

          I say...DON‘T GO!

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          Denise Richardson wrote Nov 1, 2010
        • Hi Mary, thanks for your honesty, I wasn’t planning on going regardless if she called me or not, and if she did I would tell her I don’t do last minute notices.

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          Mary Clark wrote Nov 1, 2010
        • There ya go then!!happy

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          Cheekymonkey wrote Nov 1, 2010
        • Does your husband still plan on going if u dont? I wouldnt go and tell her to bugger off for the last minute invite if she does invite you UNLESS she thinks by inviting your hubby it includes u both. If your hubby knows how strongly u feel even if groom is his friend he shouldnt go if u dont. This should be a united front otherwise I see drama down the line.
          But no go vote from me to

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