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A friend of mine had plans on a Saturday night- 15 min. prior to the time she was suppose to be at the destination (I was already there) she called and said- she is thinking the parking would be bad asked if she had to walk far, she stated she JUST called and found out the 1/2 price appetizers are not 1/2 price since it was a concert night.  I said I dont know about parking by the time you get here I had no problem, I said so order just one appetizer instead of 2, just get here.  45 min AFTER the time she was suppose to be there-she called to say sorry she fell-and has a concussion so she cant come!  I called her a liar and said when you “fell” it was a time you should have been on your way. We have not spoken-I cant tolerate liars (her first in 5 yrs) and was upset she didnt care I was alone in a nightclub on a Sat. night.  She has been a perfect friend until this happened. Would you call her and apologize-would you give up the friendship- or wait for her to call and let it go?


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      Daphne wrote Jul 24, 2011
    • Aren’t you the least bit interested in whether she really DID fall and get a concussion?  I don’t know, but...if someone told me they had fallen and received a concussion, the LAST thing i’d do is call him/her a liar! know this person to be the type to do just that and then i have to ask...why would you consider her a friend in the first place?

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      Anonymous wrote Jul 24, 2011
    • Daphne
      Why did she call 15 min prior about happy hour prices when she should have been in the car on her way,questioning about the parking when she should have been on her way, falling down 1/2 hour in her back yard when she should have already been at the place rather then fiddeling around in the back yard made NO sense.  I think she simply didnt know how to say she wasnt in the mood to go.  I called her to see if she was OK 1/2 hour after she said she isnt coming and she never answered the phone- she emailed me and said she was sleeping when I called (at 7pm)!  I dont believe her and that is what bothers me the most.  I could have done a million other things Saturday night but we had plans for 2 wks to go to this place-she had been shopping all day w/another friend.

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      Mary Clark wrote Jul 24, 2011
    • You said she had never lied in five years??  Is that something you keep up with?  Had she lied to you before?  I’m confused.
      I would give her the benefit of the doubt.  She may not have wanted to go but she also could have fallen too.  

      I would apologize and don’t dwell on it. If it continues THEN you should rethink the relationship.  Take her something...a meal...a dessert...and a peace offering.  Then move forward.

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      Nita P wrote Jan 24, 2012
    • allow the friendship to cool for a little while.  let her approach you and get her explanation.  if she doesnt u approach her and ask for an explanation - take it from there

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