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Q & A

Cheeky are you still looking for children games? Or someone was a while back.. anyway I came upon this in a writers circle Im in thought you would like it
Coin Drop:
Divide kids into two teams. Several feet from the start line, place a bowl of twenty pennies—or the equivalent in Oz change. Remove the lid from two egg cartons and set the bottom part between each team’s start line and the coin bowl.

On the whistle, the first from each team races to their team’s coin bowl and picks up a coin. One their way back to tag the next in line, they drop a coin in the cup of their team’s egg carton without dropping their hand below the waist (no bending allowed either). The object is to have a coin in each cup before your opponent. If all cups of the cartons are not filled by the time the coins are used, the team who has a coin in the most cups wins.

Balloon Sandwich:
Pair the children up back to back. Place a balloon between them. Blow the whistle to get them shuffling toward a finish line. If the balloon pops or drops, they return to the starting line for another and try again.

Balloon Race:
Divide the kids into teams and line them up. Give the first kid in each line a balloon. On the whistle, they run to chairs several feet away and plop down on the balloon. Once popped, they run back and tag the next person in line. The fun part is watching the kids who have trouble getting a balloon to pop. The key to that is not blowing all of them up to the max. Of course, a funny demonstration by an adult is a good way to kick this one off.

Popcorn Race:
Poke a hole through a paper/plastic cup (not the tall kind). Stick one part of a rubber band through and slide a paperclip through the rubber band to keep it from coming out. You’ll need four of these.

Divide the children into two teams. Get a child from each team to volunteer to be scoopers. Give them a large bag(s) of popcorn. Place them by their teammates at the start line. When the whistle blows they fill the cups, and then slip them over the toe of the first person’s shoes.

Place two large, shallow boxes a few feet away from the start. The kids race to fill the empty boxes, returning to the scooper so they can fill and place the cups on the feet of the next kid in line. Two minutes later, or when you run out of popcorn, measure the popcorn in the boxes to declare the winner.

Hula Hoop Game:
Get the kids in a circle. Slip the hula hoop on the arm of one and tell them all to hold hands. Next, they find a way to get the hoop all the way around the circle without letting go of each other’s hands. Afterward, you can challenge them to speed things up and beat their previous time.

Have four or more stand in a circle (the more the better) with their hands raised. Have them step forward and hold someone’s hand, then another with their free hand. Next, have them untangle the knot they just created without letting go. They can duck under or step over one another’s arms, but they mustn’t let go.


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