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Q & A

Empty nest, i am a single full time social worker in a nonprofit and i need an extra income, any ideas on home bussinesses that are legit?


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Best Answer

Hello -
I usually encourage women to look within themselves and develop their own ideas, but sometimes people just aren’t ready to do that yet.  Even from your question I can see there is plenty in your background to draw from so keep us in mind for when you‘re ready to travel that road :)  Meanwhile, here are some legitimate companies that may have the opportunity you are looking for.

1) [Link Removed]allows women to work from home with real telecommuting options. Jobs range from Public Relations, Marketing, Virtual Assistants, Project Management, Web Development, Real Estate Assistants, etc. All applicants take a test to verify skill level, typing speed, etc. Pay is in line with market rates ($15/hr +) and you are paid weekly just like a physical job. You set your own hours and can take on as many or as few clients as you like.

2)  [Link Removed] has a telecommuting job database at its website. New jobs are posted throughout the week. You contact the employer directly.

3) [Link Removed] is a commissions based position where you help people meet their healthcare needs via medical, dental, vision supplements for their families.  It has been around for years, is credible and has a helpful staff.

4)  [Link Removed] sends out a weekly email listing employers needing people to work from home. These are jobs you would never run across on your own and with excellent salaries and benefits.  You can request a sample email to see the quality of their job listings before subscribing to the mailing list (only $24.95 for six months).  New jobs are posted each Monday.

Other than this, you may try places such as [Link Removed] that allow you to upload a profile of what you have to offer and bid on projects. You may also try your hand at Craigslist believe it or not and place an ad listing what it is you want to do and see the feedback you get.

Good luck!

[Link Removed] 

 - Helping women launch, grow, & give back

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      Csento1816 wrote Sep 4, 2008
    • Thank you, Very helpful! I will surely give some a try. I make natural soaps and sell them but i’m not very good at the marketing side of it. I’m hoping someday i can afford to hire someone.

      Again thank you!

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      Trudy S wrote Sep 8, 2008
    • Hi Csento!

      There are some great network marketing programs out there where you can make some residual income and use a great product at the same time.

      I am a consultant for Isagenix and I LOVE the product and the company.  You can learn more about it at [Link Removed] 

      You can also check out my online blog here at Fab40+ and read more about the products and the company.

      Good luck!

      [Link Removed] 

      Isagenixbeliever, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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      Dee Dee Shaw wrote Oct 2, 2008
    • How interesting! We make natural goat milk soap, and I have the same challenge (selling online.) It is more of a cottage industry for my daughter.
      I am an independent Mannatech associate, and am always looking for women who are compassionate, want to make a difference in the world, and are interested in financial freedom. There is a brief presentation at that you can listen to, or a quick overview presentation that is only 4 minutes on my profile. It is a business though - not a job. There are different levels of investment. It just depends on whether you want to make a little money or a lot, and how fast you want to get there.
      I got started just for the product benefits, and then realized that they were life changing enough that I had to share with others. It quickly blossomed into a profitable business. Now would be a great time to investigate. We are starting a blitz with one of our newest team members who just happens to be Europe’s number one marketer and trainer. He will be doing presentations for the next three nights if you are interested. Send me a private message and I will send you the phone number to dial into our conference call.

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      Isabella DeLaurentis wrote Oct 7, 2008
    • I have been in the wellness industry for six years after having an organic farm for over 12. Though wellness is to be the next Trillion dollar industry, the sad reality is not enough people are willing to make major life changes for their health: yet. After representing a company with ok success doing direct sales, I shifted my energies to building a business with another company and have had quick success because though only 5% of people can or want to sell, but this is about eating! Eating chocolate, healthy chocolate.  Having a business with a product that people want is essential. With this financial climate, people are not willing to spend  money on a new expense. You have to have a product that people already love and use and just train them to shift buying to your company. Then show them an opportunity that can make them money instead of costing them money. You want to find a company with consumable products or you will have the job of constantly finding new blood to expose your products to.
      Chocolate is like a language. Everyone knows it and some just can’t live without it!
      The reps who had tried my other company and not had success are really loving this chocolate company.The great thing about this business is you don’t have to go out and hustle sales or do parties but instead use the product and recommend it. This is also a new company but with a company that is not new to chocolate. Timing is essential. Think of where your pocketbook would be if you were involved with Mary Kay in year three. Yes, it is goosebumpingly exciting. The company gives you all the tools, except your own mouth(which is essential. If you don’t speak up no one will know about your chocolate) to make money from day one, so  you earn while you learn. With 9 out of 10 people loving chocolate, if you can show them a product that can also be good for them and the chocolate they eat and share with others is their business overhead, or cost of doing business, you have a recipe for success. See for details. Good luck and write me if yo uhave any other questions. As a veteran owner of network marketing/direct sales, I feel I can give you good insight, regardless of what business you choose.

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      Ghislaine Smith wrote Oct 23, 2008
    • Hello csent01816, I know exactly what you mean by finding a legit work from home business.  Been there, done that.  I have tried so many things to brillantly fail.

      Finally someone introduced me to this awesome company where you get paid residual income.  I had no clue what residual income was but after researching, it was clear to me that I needed just that.  I am doing this business for 3 years after quitting my teaching job and do not regret it at all.


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      Ommannette wrote Oct 27, 2008
    • Ok csento1816, I am going to add to your question.
      I am surprised that you did not have more responses.
      There are Sooo many things that you can do..
      Like khrys said, you have to sit down and think bout what will truly make you happy.  Even that is hard to do if you spent most of your life pleasing others (as most women do)..

      This is your time to look forward to something.. finally becoming you-whether it be rediscobering or re-inventing, or even making up a whole new you!

      If you are not in a hurry, take your time and examine what your goal might be..
      If you start at the end and work backwards, you will end up in a great place in your life.

      Maybe you can see a need in the non-profit that you work with...,
      Just take a look around you, I’ll bet you will find something that makes you happy.  

      I have worked for myself for many , many years.., I would not have it any other way!

      I wish you well in your search!

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      Unlockingdreams wrote Jan 4, 2009
    • For most of my life I have dabbled in work at home businesses and they have been a great way to make extra money.  With Direct Sales you are not bound to work X amount of hours and do X amount of sales to get ahead, you simply work when you can and want to work (the more you work of course the more money you make).  Here is a couple of things that I currently do, just check out the websites and if you are interested sign up on line.  You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, there is always someone that can help you.  Good luck...Kathy Bailey  [Link Removed]

      Unlockingdreams, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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      Paris Mano wrote Jan 7, 2009
    • Hi, I am an independent distributor for Mia Bella Candles. I work from home and can choose which way I want to market the candles. They actually sell themselves. If you can lift the lid off the top of the jar and put it under someone’s nose, you are in business!! Outstanding candles and I must say if I did not market them I would definitely buy them. Doing fundraisers are very easy...not a lot of work and very lucrative. Check out my website [Link Removed] and while you are there click on the free candle drawing and enter. The company gives away a 16oz. jar candle and a soysational bath bar every week. You can enter once a day. Let me know what you think.
      Mia Bella Candles

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