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Q & A

Now that you‘re 40 and above, what were your beliefs on friendships and on family now versus when you were 21?


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      Butterfly13 wrote Aug 6, 2014
    • I know the difference between acquaintances and friendship  at one time I thought everybody is my friend.

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      Tropicalady wrote Aug 7, 2014
    • When I was younger, family wasn’t that important to me and life was all about having the time of my life partying and having new/exciting experiences with my friends.  

      As I started to mature and figure out who I am and what I stand for, I grew apart from a lot of my teenage/young adult friends. I learned that aside from your relationship with your creator, family is the most important thing in life. Family is  your core, your foundation. Family loves you unconditionally in that you don’t have to DO anything to EARN their love or acceptance. You are accepted and loved by default simply because you were BORN into the family. Everything else (career, friends, house, car etc.) is great to have also and is icing on the cake, but is secondary to family.  

      I learned that GENUINE friends are rare gems. Not everyone knows how to be a friend. Sometimes people will be your “friend” because you are their entertainment (the life of the party), or because you are always there to bail them out when they mismanage their finances by loaning them money, or perhaps you are the friend with the car who they always count on to take them here and there. Some people will be your “friend” because of who you know or because of your social status. True friendship is more about who each person is at their core rather than what they can do for the other person.

      {Disclaimer: This is not gospel. This is simply my opinion based partly on my own experiences and partly on observing the lives of others around me.}

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      Tuliplady wrote Aug 7, 2014
    • I know that true friends are the ones who are always there for me and love me even when I’m a bitch.  I know that true friends are the ones who will pay you back when they borrow $50 till payday.  I know that true friends will buy you a beer when you‘re down to your last 2 bucks.

      Family....well, we all need family and that is a fact.  But so often in life we have to make our own family, because the one we are born into isn’t so great.  Don’t get me wrong, my parents are great, but they haven’t always been the people I needed most in my life.

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      Marya1961 wrote Aug 13, 2014
    • Family is an integral part of our lives, but as Tulip mentioned not always there when you need them...sometimes because of long distance, unforeseen circumstances, their own it is good to have a support system of of those that care about you, friends, co-workers, a church group, neighbors.

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