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Q & A

What are your thoughts of using hypnosis for for quitting smoking or weight loss?

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      Daphne wrote Feb 19, 2010
    • My husband smoked for 28 years and FINALLY quit 3.5 years ago with the help of Chantix.  I strongly believe that quitting smoking is much like have to be doing it for the right reason.  You can’t do it because you know you should or because your children want you to do it.  You HAVE to want it...A LOT.

      My husband “tried” to quit many times, creating disharmony in our home each time.  When i asked him why he was quitting, he said “because i know i have to.”  I told him to stop putting himself and his family through the hell of his quitting until he WANTED to quit.  When he decided that he wanted it, he conquered it.  

      Hypnosis, therapy, drug-support...i’m all for any assistance that works as long as the “quitter” WANTS to quit.

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      Junia2 wrote Feb 19, 2010
    • Don’t recommend it!  I have several friends who did it quit for a short period of time then right back at it.  

      My husband quit almost a year ago with the help of the patch.  He smoked for over 15 years, and has not had one since he quit.  

      Good luck!

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      Daphne wrote Feb 19, 2010
    • husband would occasionally have a cigarette when he had a couple of beers but he told me awhile back that he is done, done, desire to smoke one bit.  He does admit that he occasionally does crave one but not that badly and not for very long.  (whew)

      His temper was surprisingly steady while he was quitting and i do recall him telling me he had some wild dreams but his thought process has always been steady, too.  He gained 25+ pounds in the last 3 years but he started a diet/work-out  program on January 4th and has lost all 25 thus far...he’s not working on a “bonus” 15!

      He sounds just about perfect, doesn’t he?  Hahahahahaa...

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      Karyn Olson wrote Feb 20, 2010
    • Yeah I heard the Chantix can have some bad side effects on people...We have that here and it is marketed under Champix...I used it to quit and quit for almost a side effects...but gained way too much weight...and was eating far too much so stupid me goes and starts up again...lost the weight but now I am unhappy cause I don’t like smoking...I hate it but am having a hard time quitting using the champix but for some reason it is not working on me...I am on my 5th week of using and still nothing...I have an appointment to see a hypnotherapist next month and want to see what comes of that...will let yous know how that works.

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      Carine Nadel wrote Feb 20, 2010
    • having written an article on hypnosis on helping troubled teens-if I had a problem like that, I’d be open to trying it.

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