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My Blog

  • The Ultimate in Anti-Aging Skin Care

    Posted on Saturday, October 1, 2011

    Don’t we all just admire the healthy, glowing, and
    youthful look of so many celebrities? Unfortunately,
    that ‘celebrity look’ also comes with a hefty price tag.

    While not all opt for plastic surgery or botox, frequent
    spa treatments are part of a celebrity’s weekly routine.
    Remember Sophia Lauren? There’s a lady who has aged
    so gracefully, yet she claims no plastic surgery has ever
    been done. Her secret? Visiting a spa and having
    galvanic facial treatments done twice per week - for
    the last 50 years. Talk about time-consuming and costly!

    Galvanic spa facial treatments have been available in
    high-end spas for the last 50+ years. The treatment involves
    a large machine with a conductor and a qualified aesthetician
    to determine the correct current and products to perform
    a successful facial treatment.

    Thanks to modern technology, the same galvanic current
    is available in a hand-held device with the patented
    ageLOC Galvanic Spa System ll. Combined with the
    ageLOC gel & products, this system remarkably over-
    delivers the benefits of a spa treatment but at a
    fraction of the cost and the convenience of home.

    What makes the ageLOC line so different from any other
    anti-aging product is the proven and patented technology
    behind it. Simply put, while other products can target
    the ‘signs’ of aging, only ageLOC can target the ‘source‘.

    Here’s just one of many examples. The lady shown below
    was about to have eye lid surgery to remove the hooding.

    While most people will see an immediate change in
    appearance within the first 10 minute treatment,
    continued use of the Galvanic Spa System ll & ageLOC
    will dramatically reduce wrinkles (eliminate some),
    provide lifting over eyes, sides of mouth, in addition to
    providing incredible hydration and radiance.

    The Galvanic Spa System ll also comes with 4 inter-
    changeable heads as it serves the purpose of cellulite
    reduction, spot treatments, and hair follicle stimulation.

    Hands-down, the ageLOC line cannot compare to any
    other anti-aging product on the market. The patented,
    breakthrough technology has gained tremendous
    attention through various media, including 4 mentions
    in Forbes in the last year, in addition to the rapidly
    rising 400% Nu Skin stock increase over the last 18

    With a system so simple, and product so effective,
    isn’t it time you experienced that wealthy, well-
    cared for look and feel that will have people
    wondering what you’ve done - or what lottery
    you won?

    To learn more about ageLOC and the Galvanic Spa System,
    wholesale pricing or opportunity, contact:

    Leanne Matheson

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  • Trend Is Your Friend In The Toughest Times

    Posted on Friday, September 30, 2011

    There Are Three Kinds Of People...

    Those who watch things happen, those who ignore
    what’s happening, and those who make things happen.

    One good look at the economy and we see crisis
    happening all around us. The devastating effects are
    seen in rapidly increasing home foreclosures, bank
    closures, corporate bankruptcies, job losses, food
    and gasoline increases, and the list goes on.

    Unfortunately there are too many people who feel
    hopelessly trapped and inevitably become a victim
    of circumstances rather than taking control of a
    gloomy financial outlook.  

    Much can be accomplished starting with a state-of-
    mind, followed by goals and action. It all starts by
    looking at success, and then, don’t ask yourself, but
    TELL yourself: ‘_Why not me_ !’ Just take a look at the last
    10 years of your life, and if you make no changes,
    well guess what? You can expect the next 10 to be
    very much the same. This is a depressing thought for
    so many people who are working as hard as they can
    just to survive day to day in tough economic times.

    The key is leverage. Taking control and creating an
    empire wherever the demand and trend may be. Yes,
    this IS Network Marketing. Sure, many have tried and
    tried again, only to walk away with the thought of
    never doing ‘_that_ ’ again! It all boils down to education:

    Visit the link below:

    [Link Removed] 

    When the economic situation is booming and business
    is good, there tends to be little interest in alternative
    opportunities as there’s no cause for concern.
    However, in tougher times, people become scared...

    Fear may ignite a hunger and desire for a lucrative
    opportunity (those that make things happen) or,
    simply go with the flow (those that ignore what’s
    happening) until it’s too late...(those who watched
    but wonder what the heck happened!).


    Fact: Nu Skin’s stocks grew by 400% in the last year,
    surpassing Apple’s growth! Now that’s a booming business!

    Leanne Matheson
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  • Are You Fighting the 'Signs' of Aging or Targeting the 'Source'?

    Posted on Thursday, September 29, 2011

    For hundreds of years, the quest for unending beauty
    and youth has led to a massive industry of cosmetics
    & skin-treatments found in every part of the globe.

    Throughout many decades of scientific research, we do
    understand some basic factors that cause our skin to
    age, including sun exposure, poor diet & environmental
    toxins. Precautions are important, however, there are
    more internal processes that determine how we age.

    Scientists have now discovered a significant internal source
    of aging - at a genetic level. The researchers explain a
    cluster of genes - not just one gene, that are directly
    responsible for the aging process, and as we age, these
    genes begin to ‘burn out‘...

    Now let’s look at the cells. The surface of our body’s cells
    host an enzyme called arNOX which is produced in the skin.
    This arNOX enzyme continues to produce free radicals in the
    epidermis and of course the results are undesirable aging
    effects. All this is sounding rather depressing isn’t it?
    It almost seems like there’s nothing we can do but keep
    trying to cover the ‘signs’ of aging...

    Take a look at the thousands of products on the market
    today, and you’ll find that same phrase over and over again:
    ‘targets the signs of aging‘. That is all we could hope for
    - until now.

    30 years of genetic research, along with Purdue and Stanford
    Universities, a next-gen anti-aging technology breakthrough
    has evolved which significantly slows the production of
    arNOX at the source and halts the production of free
    radicals before they get started. Look at the chart below
    which shows the active arNOX, and how the ‘antidote’ nearly
    stops the activity dead in it’s track:

    The visual and proven result from the state-of-the-art,
    patented product and technology has gained world-wide media
    attention, as well as the attention of dermatologists,
    doctors, aestheticians, and of course the every day woman
    and man.  

    Think about this for a moment:

    Generations ago, people laughed at the idea of a cordless
    phone that you could have in your car, or with you -
    anywhere you went. Now today, many are trying to wrap their
    head around the idea of stopping and reversing aging at the
    source. Has technology really advanced this far?

    You bet it has!


    This is the next generation anti-aging platform.
    This is ageLOC.

    For leadership opportunity, product inquiries/wholesale
    pricing, please contact:  

    Leanne Matheson
    Independant Nu Skin Representative
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    [Link Removed] the science and technology

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