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Carine’s Blog

  • The Fun Just Keeps Coming

    Posted on Friday, August 28, 2015

    Yes, more of the same this week.

    Woke up on Monday with a “dizzy” head from the concussion and sore EVERYWHERE.  And if that wasn’t enough, I had to at least TRY to go to physical therapy.

     Oh boy!  Got there and my PT took one look at me and said I could either go to the doctor or he could force the issue.

     He checked me out and thought I might have actually given my knee a stress fracture on a non-weight bearing bone.  That scared me.

     So I went to Urgent Care and they took about 20 x-rays of all the “damaged” areas, made sure that my elbow was actually healing and confirmed my own diagnosis of a concussion.

     Thankfully nothing’s broken but it is all bruised and sprained.  My “black” eye is still at this point purple, but the green is taking over.  I guess it’s a good thing that I couldn’t afford to go to my 40th high school reunion or I would’ve gone looking like a victim of war.

     The doctor did say I should continue “sitting out” the physical activity, try to just rest and realize that “at our age, we need to realize how much longer healing takes“.

     And he had to add, “And you’ll take longer with your auto-immune disorder and other limitations.”

     Just couldn’t leave that out, evidently.

     This has been some August.  

     Next week we’ll be celebrating my parents 59th wedding anniversary.  Quite a fete!  Don’t be surprised if you don’t see a post from me.  To finish out the month, I’m going to get to next month’s Senior Reporter profile, give Lucky a bath and just continue to recover from my own stupidity.

     Until the next post:  Take care and don’t try improving your balance outdoors.

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  • I Fell

    Posted on Friday, August 21, 2015


    Since I’m writing this after not one but two falls-forgive my rather concussed train of thought.

    It was Sunday.  The day had been typically heat-breakingly hot.  We hit 117 at 4 p.m..  I took Lucky out back to potty.  I had the most stupid idea EVER!  I had done all my PT exercises-except the ones practicing on balance.

    I was standing there waiting for my 5 pound wonder to find her “perfect” spot and decided to practice my exercise.  I have no idea why-it was truly the most asinine choice I’ve made in a very, very long while.  

    Inside I stand between two kitchen chairs, so that if I can’t stop the inevitable I can at least grab a back and plop down.  For some reason I decided to consider the stucco post of the overhang patio as my “chair back“.  

    Before I knew it, I missed the darned post and wound up hitting the stucco with the back of my forearm on the left side.

    Not being one to use curse words-I was doing a pretty excellent job.  I also twisted my left ankle as I went from patio to rocks.  I kept muttering, “don’t be broken!”  After all, a person with severe osteoporosis should pray for those types of things.

    It puffed up, it was bleeding and stinging.  My arm looked like it went through the proverbial meat grinder.

    I managed to get Lucky in, rinsed it under rather warm water (no, the intent was cool water but remember that we live on the face of the sun), gently put a couple of paper towels on it and grabbed my post-surgical hand ice pack.  

    About 20 minutes later I managed to put the ice back in the freezer, somehow open my bottle of Naprosyn and tramadol, eat a couple of crackers and take full doses.  Not it was almost 5 p.m.

    Next, I somehow texted Steve and told him I fell and was he on the way?

    He asked why I did that?  Sigh.  Aren’t I allowed to make stupid decisions like everyone else?

    When he got home, he found me sitting without electricity.  Yes, one of our fun outages was happening.  But he came home and parked the car when the “long” one took affect.  He grilled the entire dinner I had prepared.  Still no power.  Adam and Sam told us to come over.  Poor Pepper would be left behind in the heat and dark while we’d go with Lucky until power was restored.

    Steve un-did the garage, pulled out the car and told me to just SIT while he got the dog.  

    That sounded easy enough, no?  NO.  Remember I took that tramadol.  I was a tad wobbly.  I honestly don’t remember what or how I did it, but I missed the door handle twisted my right ankle and fell, again.

    This time though it was really bad.  I hit the right side of my head on either the driveway or the rocks, sent my glasses flying (thank goodness they were okay), hit my bad shoulder (scraping it) and twisted my right knee bad enough that the rest of this week has been pretty ugly.

    I sat up and the blood was gushing from a gash on the side of my eye.  My eye was turning purple.  I don’t know how or why-but I got up, turned off the car and went in the house.

    The rest of the night is a blur.  The kids kept saying I needed stitches.  I looked like I had been attacked and felt horrible.  Little Jackson kept looking at me, “grandma boo-boo”

    Sleep didn’t come that night as everything was throbbing.  Steve had bandaged me up to mummy-like proportions and made me sleep on a towel.  No sense possibly ruining new sheets.

    Next morning I slowly got up.  My head hurt, my eye looked like I went overboard with the purple shadow, it was swollen and the gash dressing needed to be changed.  So did the one on my arm.

    Then came the real “fun“.  I saw spots,  the room started spinning and I said, “I’m going to throw up“.

    Dry heaves with head injuries SUCK!  Obviously along with the obvious physical hurting I had given myself a concussion.

    This scared Steve enough that he called and told his manager what happened and that he was taking a personal day off.  

    I had to cancel my PT for the week-no way was I driving or exercising.  

    As of now (5 days later if you‘re counting)-1/2 of the wound on my left arm has finally scabbed over, the gash on my eye probably should’ve had a couple of stitches, I’m still looking like someone punched my eye and my head is throbbing.  But on the uptick-I haven’t thrown up again and no more passing out.

    This week has NOT been what I thought it would be-here’s hoping next week will at least see me being able to go out in public without someone asking me if I need the local phone number for domestic violence shelters.

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  • Windows 10

    Posted on Friday, August 14, 2015

    Week 2 of Windows 10.    Thank goodness Steve has so far only put it on my “old” computer.

    He also installed it on his laptop and after 10 hours on the phone with Microsoft and another couple  with HP-he’s still working on getting it to co-operate.  He only went from 8.1 to 10, while I made a leap of going from 7 to the wrongly rated 10.

    This week I’m trying to get this blog written by just plain old typing it into the program here on blogger.  I guess will both know if this is any better when I press “Publish“.

    Other things I’ve noticed about 10:

    It took out my automatic sign-ins.  Now I know this isn’t recommended and that people will say that it’s a safer way to go, but let me tell you something:   I can’t remember all of my passwords.  And some of the sites, well, even the ones I wrote down are telling me that my password is incorrect.

    One site, from one of my doctors, actually had questions for me to answer before sending me the password.  Well I answered them and it told me I was wrong!  Really?  Like I don’t know my favorite pets name (they are all my favorites and I resented that question.) and then it asked where I met my husband.  Funny, I tried all kinds of ways to say “my front door” and they told me all of them were wrong.

    So I called the doctor’s office and explained the problem.  The nice woman on the phone gave me a new password to try-didn’t work.  Then she went to someone else, got another password and had me try it.  Did NOT work.  Then she apologized and said she’d tell someone in IT and have them call me.

    I then asked if there was someway that she could tell me what the message was from my doctor.  No, no there was not because the information was private.  Could the PA call me?  No, she wasn’t in.

    Striking out everywhere computer-wise.  Let’s face it, this is not news.

    Also this week:  (This is graphic, so I apologize)  DO NOT USE FLYPAPER TRAPS!!!!

    Earlier this week I was in the yard waiting for Lucky to finish her potty break when I heard the faintest of peeps.  With my neck looking up isn’t exactly an easy task so I just kept moving around until I could see what was overhead.

    EEK!!!  A poor bird was stuck to the trap that was just supposed to claim flys, wasps and insects.

    I cried, I freaked, I texted Steve (he was working late and somehow didn’t enjoy my incoherent hysteria via text).  He called and through my tears and hysteria I told him about the bird.

    He had to get a ladder and take it away.  I’m still having nightmares.  Lucky just isn’t sure about going out in the yard.  She actually preferred walking in the heat across the street to use the park and grassy area.

    While I’m ranting-I want to know this:  why do theaters put in uncomfortable backbreaking seats when they know the audience has to sit for two or more hours?????  We sure pay enough for the privilege of watching the concert, show or movie-would it kill them to make sure we‘re somewhat comfortable?????

    And that is all.

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  • That's 1 really BIG CD

    Posted on Friday, August 7, 2015

    That is one BIG CD

    Aidan is a very observant 7-1/2 year old.  The other morning he came into the office and asked about Steve's multi-purpose music player.  Sarah had given it to him several years ago as a birthday present.  It's one of those units that play the old-fashioned vinyl records, cassette tapes and CDs.

    We have quite the selection of 33-1/3 vinyl from not only OUR youth but several from Steve's parents that he felt he had to keep for some reason.  Not music either one of us would consider listening to-think Polka and the like.  Must be a nostalgic thing.

    We have no cassettes left; as whatever ones we had when the kids were little either fell apart or we gave them to Steve's sister Ila when she had our nephew.  Obviously we had a LOT of children's song tapes.  We have a good amount of CDs that Steve has burned through the years as well.

    Back to Aidan, he was asking me about the "hole" for the cassette.  When I explained that cassettes were what grandpa and I listened too in the car before there were CDs he was amazed that we could hear anything coming out of something inside a plastic casing.

    Then he asked if he could listen to our GIANT CDS.  I looked at him.  "What are you talking about, Aidan?"

    He pointed to the stack of vinyl on the bottom of our open-air cabinet.  I held in a laugh-after all, he had no idea what "records" were and how we all would sit around our rooms with our friends and dance to them!  When I pulled one out and told him about how it worked, he was totally amazed.

    "You mean you were allowed to use a needle and you didn't get a shot-it just let you hear music?"

    Pretty much, yes-that is what all of us baby boomers did.  He asked to listen to one of the "giant CDs".  I told him this was grandpa's phonograph player and we'd have to have him okay our using it or let him put the record on.

    That held Aidan until grandpa came home.  Grandpa said it was too late to play at the moment but next week for sure.  

    Aidan also wanted to know what other "cool, old stuff" we had-our answer?  We pointed at each other.

    Now for a really big thing I've got to share:  Jackson is now officially 2!  Happy Birthday to our youngest grandson!!!  XOXOXOXO

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  • What is it with Mondays?

    Posted on Friday, July 31, 2015

    Monday, Monday
    What a way for this week to begin. NOT!
    Here in my part of VERY, VERY North Phoenix we have the situation of one road in and one road out.  It's otherwise known as "I-17".  This week at approximately 7:15 a.m. I got a text from darling daughter Sam saying, "I hope u rn't going anywhere 2day-there's a huge accident blocking 17/303"

    Trouble was I actually was ready to leave for my weekly physical therapy appointment.  I told Steve, who was able to at least take surface streets from home to Carefree Highway and down to Scottsdale.  He was going the opposite way.
    Bully for him. Still took him over an hour and 15 minutes, but at least he got to work. I made it 5 miles when I hit the expected "pile-up" and decided to exit and go home. It took me 25 minutes to get to the top of the exit ramp. I used the time wisely and called my PT to let them know I was NOT going to make it anytime in the next few hours.
    They were more than understanding and made my appointment for about 6 hours later. Later, I wound up having to cancel again and make my appointment for Wednesday.
    By the time I got back to the house I had been gone for over an hour. Monday had struck. Everyone on FaceBook was showing aerial shots, shots of them in the gridlock and telling everyone to JUST STAY THE HECK OFF THE 17!
    Decided to use the unexpected open time to find enough shade to walk Lucky. For whatever reason the temperature was still under 85, so I felt the ground and hooked her up. We found enough shaded area to stroll about 1-1/2 miles.
    I can't say how Lucky felt (outside of the smile on her face), but I felt quite virtuous about this first walk in a week.
    By the time we got home I checked FB and discovered I had a bit more of the sad story: seems as if a car somehow didn't use the rules of safe driving and sped without watching and slammed itself under a semi. Obviously there were fatalities along with the gridlock. One of the offshoot roads also was shut down due to a couple of fatal accidents.
    Having been a victim of not 1 but 2 drivers who felt the "need for speed" outweighed others right to live, I found myself thinking that these people have cost several people their lives and have changed their families forever.
    More news continued-seems the young man who was driving was pretty high on meth. He survived but his 2 passengers died. One was a young mom of 3.
    So sad and more than unnecessary.

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  • Kids Ask the Darnedest Things

    Posted on Thursday, July 23, 2015

    Kids and Interesting Questions
    As many of you know our older 2 grandsons are now 7-1/2 and 8-1/2. Kids always ask a bunch of questions-some easier than others to answer but now-wow! Dylan and Aidan have been coming up with some doozies! Some I can hypothesize and others I find myself thanking the internet and Google/Yahoo for helping me get the boys the information they desire.
    Other questions leave me wondering as well.
    Dylan, 8-1/2, came in one morning this week and announced, "Grandma, did you know that there are people who can touch their eyebrows with their tongues?"
    I shook my head and said honestly, "No, no I did not Dyl. But I'm pretty sure that this trick is not possible unless you are either part lizard or snake. But let's check out Google."
    Per Yahoo! I found no real definitive answer, but there were some rather disgusting references that I was glad the boys couldn't see! Let's just say that if your kids and grandkids ask you this same query-don't let them near your computer/tablet/phone while you look up the information.
    Both boys, due to monsoon season, asked me how much do clouds weigh? Google let us know that the average cumulus (rain) cloud weighs approximately 1.1 MILLION pounds! The same as 100 elephants. That was pretty interesting for even me to find out. I also clicked on a Boy's Life magazine cartoon for them explaining about hurricanes. It was 3 minutes and the boys really enjoyed learning about these storms.
    Then came some of the week's more surreal questions:
    When am I going to be a grown-up and get to do what I want? I told them that in reality, not even grown-ups really get to do what they want. There'd always be something that life made necessary for them to do, whether that was working a job to pay their bills, take medicines to help them make it through the day or helping someone they love on a daily basis because that was just part of life. Being grown-up did not mean you get to do what you want-quite frankly, just the opposite.
    Why should we read books when watching TV is so much easier and more fun and easier on our brains? I pointed out that if all they did was watch TV that they'd wind up with no brain and in grandma's home reading came first.
    Maybe not the best answer but trying to get them to read is akin to my wanting to learn more about math.
    Then came the heart-breaking question of this week. I was looking through the local pet rescue (yes, we're still toying with the idea of adopting another canine child) and there were just so many that were being rescued out of high kill shelters because they were old and their families weren't "into" being there for them in their time of need. Breaks my heart and I die a little bit with every view. I'd still give anything to have my Sunshine for even another week and she's been gone for almost 4 years.
    How dare these "people"? Evidently the boys also couldn't fathom this horrible decision. "Why grandma, why would they do this to their poor dog, it must be so sad and scared?"
    I agreed.

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