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Carine’s Blog

  • Questions

    Posted on Friday, March 15, 2013


    Lately I've had a lot of questions come up-can't remember them all, but I thought I'd share and hope that anyone who takes a peek here, gives their own 2 cents of how they'd answer them:
    1)My baby has either colic or GERD, possibly both-what should I do?
    I was asked to chime in on this post by a cousin by our daughter-in-law Sam on FaceBook.  Adam was severely colicky for his first 6 months.  Besides, after running a day care for 10 years-I know gas and colic.

    My answer was: raise the top of the crib, get a hot water bottle, use whatever the latest and greatest bottle is that doesn't allow air into the chamber.  Put the baby into its car seat and place them on the dryer and turn it on.  Go for a car ride.  Get a swing.  If nursing-review what may cause gas and STOP eating it.  If on formula-it's not the right one.  I also said that no matter what, Adam screamed so loud and long that he herniated his navel.  We put him on Phenergan and then-we got ear plugs and kept on rocking him until he stopped.  He sat up the same week.

    2)What's more important-making your parents happy or yourself?

    This won't be popular with many.  Everyone has their own reasons for whatever answer you would say, but I think you need to be happy.  Let's face it, if mom/dad say you have to become a doctor and you have an aversion for sick people-they may be happy but you'll not do what's best for those people looking for relief from what ails them and you'll be miserable-making you a rotten doctor who no one wants.  Same goes for any other topic that any parent thinks they have a right to tell you how you should respond.  That goes for what exercise you enjoy, books to read, movies to watch, etc...

    3)When you're writing, what do you feel is the most important thing to get across-the facts or the feel of what it is you're trying to write about?

    This may seem like the same thing-it's not.  For me, the facts have to be correct.  No one wants to read an article that may sound great, but has so many inaccuracies that it's hard to know whether or not you should trust what you're reading.  I always want to put my interviewee in the best light, but you shouldn't put made up items in there either.

    4)If you couldn't write, what would you want to do instead?

    There's a scary thought.  For those who aren't writers-exchange it for what you do love to do for your career.  I did put my writing aside for 25 years.  Then I didn't mind one bit, because I had done so voluntarily to raise our kids.  Now though, while I'm certainly not ever going to even be able to keep my own head level with the water line-I need my writing to be me.  It's part of who and what I am.  I'll end here because honestly-that question threw me for a complete loop-de-loop and I still don't know what I'd replace this part of my life with.

    Have any of you had a poser put to you this week?  If so, share it and maybe an answer will come through the post that will help!

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  • New Experiences

    Posted on Friday, March 8, 2013

    New Experiences
    Not exactly new, but new because they're in a different state/time/life stage.

    I'm talking baby shopping.  Adam and Sam asked if I'd like to tag along on their adventure to register at Babys-R-Us.

    Now, I didn't get to do this with Sarah.  I was working full-time and they lived almost 30 miles away.  Plus, Sarah was on "high risk" bed rest.  This time, I'm only working when my body allows and I'm basically about 3 miles away.  

    Off we went on what appears to be the usual 25 minute jaunt to one of the "local" malls.  Remember, we live in 'the country', so we now think Super Wal-Mart is the lay of the land.  (Alright, we do have a Safeway and a Fry's that aren't too bad to get to)  Arrowhead Mall in Glendale.  

    The place is huge!  There's the "indoor" mall that the three of us agreed is larger than South Coast Plaza and then there's the perimeter which has quite a few venues as well.  

    I digress.  We went into the store, Sam got her preliminary list and one of those "guns" that you flash onto the UPC code and it adds it to you registry.  First stop-bedroom furniture.  Wow!  Most of today's cribs are dual or even triple purposed.  Dylan and Aidan's were like this, but that really didn't do much good.  After they were through with the "crib" and then went into needing the junior bed-there were two of them and nowhere to put anything.

    We won't know about the sex of the baby for another 3 weeks, so the parents-to-be picked out both a light and dark wood version of the same set.   Really nice.  The crib and the dresser will work beautifully for hopefully years to come.  Then came the bed sets, extra crib sheets, receiving blankets, the questions about if the latest trends and findings mean you should lay the baby on its side (therefore needing a special apparatus to make it possible) or back.  There are now special items to put a colicky baby into to help with the acid reflux.  We saw special bottle holders to keep in the nursery that both keep the bottles chilled and warm them up.  

    There were various nursing pillows, humidifiers, bouncy seats, swings and strollers that all seem to become other items.    I like products that stretch a buck.  

    Sam didn't bother adding any clothes, no matter how cute the infant snow white dress was or how cute the baby booties in the shape of lions would look.  Thank goodness for practicality!

    There are now "swaddlers" for parents who would rather spend $25 to Velcro their baby in for the first few weeks-rather than do what those of us who are baby boomers did-use the receiving blankets and do it ourselves.

    I did like the Playtex diaper pail that did all the work on that subject for you to keep things neat, clean and odor free.  I would have adored one (or 2) of those when I ran that day care, I tell you!

    Not wanting to add any suggestions that weren't being asked for, I did say burp cloths were great, but what really were necessary were nice big cloth diapers which would be oh-so-useful and would cover a much larger area.

    We left the store with a lot of ideas and then found the Motherhood Maternity store.  That's when we found the inside of the mall.  We didn't really wander around.  But we're here for life, so we have time.

    Finishing off with some lunch in the food court we headed back to Anthem.  

    It's nice to be included on this wonderful time.  Thank you Adam and Sam!

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  • The Week That Was

    Posted on Friday, March 1, 2013

    The Week That Was

    It's been a week.  The cold and wind continued with only a bit of wandering hinting at 70.  The potty training took a nose dive.  I had a 3-day conference to cover.  Stitches had to come out and, by the time this is posted, I will have gone through another epidural.

    I had the boys' part of the week.  

    As for the potty training, I suppose this is karma coming back to bite us in the backside.  With 3 dogs in my life before her and over 40 years of canine/human years, Lucky, for whatever reason, continues to backslide to the point where I've attached a leash to her and won't let her out of my sight.  If I'm not hold her on my lap, then I'm walking her around the house with Pepper chasing next to us trying to get in on this house-training fiasco.

    He did grab it from me a couple of times and started taking her around the old homestead.  As I'm writing this, he's kissing her head and trying to wrestle the pink nylon umbilical cord away from me.

    Whatever.  My husband ate a lot of ice cream last night and kept the 3 of us up with his incessant snoring-so I'm tired, I'm sore and now I'm thinking (to myself), "How am I going to cover this event when my only thought is when will I get some sleep?"

    Finally got my lone stitch out of my biopsy.  At least I don't have to meet new people with a bandage on my chin and the results were typically benign. Thank goodness for that bit of news.

    As for the epidural-honestly, I was not impressed by the outcome this new doctor and I had hoped would be the result of his fine needle control.  It was supposed to start relieving the ever-present pain in my neck and right shoulder.  Hah and double Hah, I say!

    My weekend will be spent writing up a 2,000 word article on what private amusement park owners can do to not only make their areas more fun for guests but how to boost business in this economy.   And of course, I'll have the help of a gray tabby and a brown Chihuahua to help get my creative juices flowing.  

    Besides all of the above, I decided I was getting so many telemarketers calling me that I'd count them all-over 15!  And the kicker is-all of them were from Orange County CA!  I knew there'd be some bad parts about keeping our old landline number.  There was one marketing firm that was universal-DragonSpeak.

    I was a tad bit gruff with the man.  The last 3 calls from them I said to put me on the DO NOT CALL list.  I've also made no secret that I felt their product was the worst $50 I've ever spent on something for my computer.

    Right now, I'm not all that impressed with "the week that was", sorry I shared it with you all.  But Spring is around the corner, warmer weather will be a relief to us all and I'm looking forward to getting my lap and arms back.

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  • Rock-a-bye Baby

    Posted on Thursday, February 21, 2013

    When Wishes Come True

    When our son Adam was a toddler, he announced that I needed to go to the toy store and buy him a baby doll.  I certainly had no objections.  With his older sister in tow, we went to the local chain and while Sarah picked out a model with a pink onesie-he chose one of the same kind, but dressed in blue.

    Before leaving, he also asked for a bottle and some diapers.  Sarah didn't care-actually, she wasn't really into dolls.  So I added a tiny bottle-in those days though, there were no packages of "doll diapers", so I created some out of old dish towels and Velcro dots.  Luckily, we had lots of blankets.

    You may be asking why.  Simple, Adam said he wanted to be a daddy and had to start practicing.

    On Adam's 10th birthday, I opened my day care business.  He loved helping.  He'd read stories to the kids, he helped with art projects, he'd create obstacle courses to help them learn how to skip and gallop.

    He loved teaching.  As Adam grew, so did his desire to "one day become a dad".

    Then he met Sam.  One of the things he told her was that he could hardly wait to have kids.

    Why am I telling you this?  Just background for some very, very happy news!

    Adam's dream is coming true.  We've known several weeks and I, for one, have been having a very hard time keeping the news "in", but I've finally been given the go-ahead to make the announcement!

    Adam and Samantha are pregnant!  Our third grand-child is about one third on the way!  A few weeks ago, they asked me to go along to an appointment.  The doctor warned it could be a while before she found the heartbeat, but before she finished the sentence we could all hear that this little one had the strongest (and most active) heartbeats  I've heard in a very long while!

    Sometime this August, the newest family member will arrive.  Since telling all of us, the younger Nadels haven't stopped grinning from ear-to-ear.  Safe to say, neither have we.

    Dylan and Aidan are quite excited-they keep saying that they can hardly wait to be "big brothers".  And that's okay.  If you're close in both proximity and have the love to share-is there that much of a difference?  Our daughter, Sarah, is so excited about becoming an aunt that she's already been giving gifts for her future niece/nephew.

    I haven't been asked and I am making myself a promise to not offer advice unless requested, help as much as I'm able and support whenever and wherever it may be needed.

    Life has been one roller coaster lately, here's hoping that we're not at the peak yet and that we all never come down.

    Congratulations to our Adam and Sam-may parenthood be  filled with as much joy as we've had and know that we love you both and couldn't be happier that we can be close by and be a part of things to come.

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  • It finally happened!

    Posted on Thursday, February 14, 2013

    It's happened!

    Finally-it seems to be taking place.  It may not be much to you, but we were getting a tad bit concerned.

    What am I writing about?  The hopeful bond between our 9-year-old tabby Pepper and our new rescue, 1-year-old Chihuahua Lucky-it seems to be slowly taking place!

    Pepper has been actually teasing her –peeking out of his favorite hiding places just long enough that she notices him and then he runs to a spot that Lucky cannot possibly access.  The middle of our king-sized tall bed, the kitchen and bathroom counters and the top of his cat condo, for just a start.

    They seem to be starting to agree on various spots in the bed.  Pepper on my "knee" pillow between my legs and Lucky has chosen (Lord only knows how she breathes) under the blankets and between us.  

    Do you have any idea how scary this is?  We have to remember, while we're sleeping, that we have a tiny 5 pound pup there and we'd better not crush her!  We're all getting used to the arrangements.  

    Another sign that they're beginning to bond:  Pepper is actually looking for her and kissing her nose!  Whoa...
    He's also watching her every move outside and trying to follow her around by skating along the 3 sliding doors and the two windows in the other doors.  

    We also saw him chasing her and meowing at her to play.  This is so wonderful!  For the first few weeks, we didn't know how to get this to work.  But like children and new siblings, they're working out the details all on their own.
    I'm sure we'll still need to monitor dust-ups and use some timeouts, but we're encouraged about these positive changes.  May they continue and flourish.

    Since Valentine's Day was this week, Steve and I decided that this was their present to us, learning to get along and enjoy each other's company.


    Speaking of Valentine's Day-it was our 33rd.  Since we've had so many changes and have purchased so many items and made so many changes to get our new house to be a home, we decided that our romantic evening was to enjoy a nice homemade meal in the dining room.  Steve had the day off, but we had the grandkids until around 6, so we had a somewhat late dinner and just enjoyed not having to do much of anything-except be with each other.

    Here's hoping yours was just as wonderful!

    Here's a hint to next week's blog subject:  Rockabye Baby

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  • Wow, 5 & 6?!

    Posted on Friday, February 8, 2013

    Wow!  How did they get so big?

    I had a different subject in mind for this week, but I realized that we're doing some celebrating around here that I had to write about!
    Our grandsons have just had their birthdays and we're having the favorite outing of the kids around here:  going to a bouncy house.   Sarah has done this type of party before and as expected every kid in the school wanted to attend.  

    This year, I don't know how or when, but our two little dividends turned 5 and 6!  Do any of you remember my blogs about their births?   Dylan being born by induced labor because our daughter was having quite the high risk pregnancy.  The cord wrapped around his neck and needing to be in the neonatal unit for a couple of days?   For Aidan we were all in the delivery room-I held one of Sarah's legs since the doctor gave her an epidural.  He was born healthy and hearty.  I got to hold him first!  Quite a night.

    When they moved out to Arizona, our hearts were being ripped out to the core about not being able to see all 4 of them but every few months and the begging for us to join them out here.

    Could all of this happen in just 6 years???

    Obviously it has-because Dylan is now a kindergartener and learning to read.  He told me the other day, "Grandma, you don't need to cut my chicken or steak-mom says I can use a knife now."
    She's right of course.  I was so petrified to let my first born use one that to this day, she has a problem using a knife!  Shame on me, twice over.

    Aidan informed us the other day that, "I'm 5 now and the bathroom is right there, I don't need anyone coming with me."
    I was both beaming at this declaration and sad that he was this big!  I can't say old, 5 is just not on the radar of "old".

    Funny, a girlfriend from the time our kids were literally toddlers (we met taking our daughters to pre-school), just became a grandma for the first time.  My husband's cousin (who was our best man) is about to become a grandparent and another friend announced that their daughter just had their second grandchild.

    One close friend was lamenting to me that her only married daughter is focusing on her career and is just hoping that she will become a "bubbie" soon too.

    Hmmm, maybe the fact that the boys are school age and able to be so independent is not just a shock to the system because I keep seeing them as tiny infants but somehow because I can't believe where the years have gone and how much has changed!

    I'm proud of those boys and wish them the happiest of celebrations and cherish all the others yet to come.

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