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My Blog

  • 5 Ways Outsourcing MAKES You Money

    Posted on Saturday, November 26, 2011

    By delegating some of your work to others you get to free some time in your schedule or in other words: to leverage your time and get a lot more done with less time. One can clearly see the benefits of getting some free time in their hands. Who wouldn't want that? But did you know how outsourcing can actually make you money? Here's how you do it:

    1. Hire a few people to find you clients
    Obviously, it's not that simple. You need to first learn how to find clients for yourself on your own first. Then, you need to set up a process which if fllowed leads to clients for you. Then, you break down the process into actionable steps and delegate different steps to different people. In the end of the day – the better your instructions to your assistants, the better they will be able to do their work for you.

    2. Hire a few people to do your unwanted work
    It is not clear at first how this leads to making you money but you will se precisely how it happens in a moment. Usually, lots of the admin work is boring, at least to 90% of the entrepreneurs. If you keep doing it yourself, just because you don't like doing it – it will be delayed a lot, it will be done but halfway only, it will be left to be done some time later. And, this is not good for you as an entrepreneur – the more organized and the more ready for clients you are, the more you'll get.

    3. Hire a few people to do your own work
    Let's think of it this way: your client pays you $100 per hour for the work you do for them. But, you can find people who can do this same work for $10 per hour. What you do next is: hire those people and allow them to do the heavy lifting for you. Train them if you want to. At the end of the day – you'll still check everything before you submit it to your clients but you'll be paid far more for far less of your time.

    4. Hire a few people to help you with your expert work
    Entrepreneurship is about learning new things, all the time. From blogging, to marketing, to teleclass leading, to shooting video and writing sales pages. That is – expert work. The better you know how to do business the easier it is to attract and retain clients. Now, a HUGE short cut in the learning curve is – find someone who writes or talks exactly the way you want to in your business and then – hire someone to do the grownd work – the script writing, the voice over, the presentation, the animation, etc, instead of you – just like that someone else would have done it.

    5. Hire a few people to be your concierge
    Don't we all want to do it all on our own? Or think we can. But the problem is – the more clients you have the more you'll need a team who will be handling the correspokdence with your clients and help them feel great for choosing to work with you. Your own pleasant, helpful and polite consierge does help you a lot to make money because: happy clients stay longer with us and the additional VIP treatment is what they like.

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  • 5 Money Clutter Places and The Answer to “Why You Don’t Make Money in Your Business”

    Posted on Saturday, November 26, 2011

    Have you asked yourself this: Why am I not making enough money with my business / or any money? According to Feng Shui, money is just like any other energy (luck, happiness, prosperity). In order for this energy to do its magic in your business and your life, better not be cluttered. To recognize where you're stopping the wealth and prosperity in your life, read on:

    1. Misarranged Bills:
    The bills come in the mail. You pick them up from there and they find a place – somewhere; get paid – eventually. I know, nobody really likes to pay bills and the truth is – untill you show the energy of money that you can handle it by colleting the bills into a folder, paying the punctually one after another, there is no extra space for more money to come your way. If you're disorganized now, how would you handle more and bigger bills when your business grows and you get more profit?

    2. Irregular bill payment
    I don't know abotu you, but the only place I like drama in my life is when I watch it on TV. If you don't pay your bills on time – what happens is, you forget, then you remind yourself, then you think about it and then do something else, then think about it again and some time later you pay it. But the thing is – you work with clients in your business. You don't want your clients to do that same thing when it comes to paying your invoices, do you?

    3. Uncollected money
    Do you have somebody who owes you money and forgets to pay you back? Do you over look it and say: "It's too much hastle" or "It's not that big of a deal" or "The amount is not that big"? See, it doesn't matter how big or small is the amount of money. It is YOUR amount of money and by not requesting to get it you send the Universe a clear message: Don't send a lot of money my way, I won't fight / work for it. Can you see how that needs to be changed?

    4. Loose Change
    I am shocked every time I see or hear about someone who keeps an actual jar with coins he or she intends to spend one day. For some reason it always reminds me of a wishing well. Someone makes a wihs: "I want to be rich" and tosses a coin into the well. Whether they become rich later on or nothing changes for them the reality of NOW is that they are one coin more poor than before and the coin aint coming back from the well. If you really wish to "keep money", buy a money frog. Otherwise – get rid of all the coins.

    5. Clutter in your wallet
    For me – the wallet has a pretty clear role in your life: to guarantee you easy access to your money. This aint the place for your receipts.
    Receipts are not money. But, they keep your wallet full. And do you know what that means? The Universe sees how "full" is your wallet and decides to not send more money your way. Who's cheated at in the end here?

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Rich and 5 Mindsets to Change That

    Posted on Saturday, November 26, 2011

    Seeing this over and over again, I wish I could text message with this everyone in the world: You can't be Rich with a Poor relationship with money. The way you approach money, earning money, spending money speaks volumes as to how much you're going to make and keep. So, if you want different financial situation than the one you are currently in, you've got to work on it. 5 Ways to do that:

    1. Spending vs investing
    Very easy way to find out if you're getting yourself into a lot of debt but you're using the money as investment is: does the purchase increase in vlue over time. Does the purchase have a return on investment other than emotional satisfaction? If the answer is no, and especially if it's a brand new car, it is spending. A good rule of thumb is: 20% spending, 80% investing.

    2. Needs vs wants
    It ain't bad to impulse buy something once in a while – to feel better, to reward yourself for a Big win or a small step ahead that you've made. they don't call it shopping therapy for nothing. But – for the most part – stick with what you need. Don't just buy what you want all the time.

    3. Assets vs liabilities
    When you spend money and no money are coming back as a return – this means you've created yourself a liability, something that pours out your hard earned money. Like subscribing for additional channels on the cable TV.It is important to have more assets than liabilities because when you substract all your liabilities from all your assets, you get your Own Net Worth. And your net worth shows you how rich or poor you are. Do you know?

    4. Money vs knowledge
    Money des not exist in reality. They are something that we, humans created in order to measure value in a fair way. Coney come in different currencies. But those who are getting richer and richer know that the currency that makes you wealthy beyond anything you can imagine is: KNOWLEDGE. It ain't money. Knowledge equals value. The more value you have, the more money you can get for it

    5. Accumulating vs Building
    Rich people know one more thing for sure. If you keep earning money and keep holding them in attempt to accumulate wealth by for example filling up your bath tub with $100 bills, it's not gonna work. There is inflation, that eats up the value of your money over time. The true power of money is when you employ your money to work for you, when you spend money to get more money back. This is called : building wealth.

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  • 5 Mindset Shifts to Dramatically Increase Sales and Profits

    Posted on Saturday, November 26, 2011

    If you need just a little bit of something to nail that sale and get that income ...just like it was wished for in an affirmation or pinned on a vision board, then something needs to change. What needs to change is how you're thinking, your mindset. As soon aas you start to think differently, you will start to act differently ... and then the change will happen.

    1. Don't wait for things to happen, make things happen
    If you wait for the right time to come, the right people to show up and help you, the right amount of money to be "available" so that you start taking actions that bring in the BIG Money in your business, you'll continue to be in the "still waiting things to happen" lane. Situations, people, money, time, energy – they will never be enough, they will never be there where right you need them in and "So what?".

    2. Don't put up with inconveniences
    If something is not working or not working properly just fix it right away. Don't sit and wait for better times to make it work. If you don't have a system in place for something in your business and in your life – find out, implement right away. If you have a system in place but it's not getting you the optimum results – find out why and change what's not serving your ultimate goals.

    3. Cultivate a "Do it now" Attitude for EVERYTHING
    When you were a school – you didn't wait for the entire math curriculum to be taught so that you go start taking the literature class, did you? No! You took many different classes simultaneously and you finished them at the same time. Exactly the same with business. Doing one thing at a time and hoping for MASSIVE results is a luxury which no successful entrepreneur thinks possible.

    4. Do the work
    The fairy tale dream that entrepreneurs with multimillion dollar companies don't work is so not true that the moment you believe it's true is the moment you sign the failure of your business. The more business you get the more you delegate and the more your responsibility within your own company grow. But at the end of the day – there's work that need to be done and it needs to be done by you.

    5. Get over the "selling" and become a sales person
    It doesn't matter what it was before – if you felt you are pushy, that you will be rejected, thought of as a fraud or laughed at or judged. It has absolutely no value from the moment you decide that you want to succeed in your business. From that moment on – your job is to master the persuasion, charisma, seduction, language patterns, methods of influence.If you want to succeed – this IS part of your job.

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  • 5 ANSWERS What Keeps Entrepreneurs UP At Night

    Posted on Saturday, November 26, 2011

    When I first started my own business, I thought that I'm the only one who stays up till 3am in the morning to "finish up something". I remember once when I went to bed at 10am the next day just becasue I had started something that I was so inspired to work on it and ... didn't feel like sleeping. Well, it turns out that this is the case with many entrepreneurs. And here are the top 5 reasons why they stay away till late:

    1."What If I make a mistake?"
    In business, especially if you are new is: do or die. Literally, one wrong move, one bad decision and you can be out of business pretty soon. And entrepreneurs know that they can't afford that. They can't afford to make a mistake and especially repeated mistakes. One of the KEY choices to make is: how to manage your own time and how to hire an employee that is going to be reliable and hard working. Surprisingly, many employees have their own agenda when working for you and seldo that agenda includes what you look for.

    2. What if I made a mistake?
    There's plenty of ways even the most perfectly planned event or marketing campaign or any other business related activity to go wrong. Sometimes, the entrepreneur can fix things themselves. Other times – things are just beyond their control or capability. This doesn't stop the entrepreneur to think and sometimes overthing what could have happened differently.

    3. What if I loose everything?
    And I don't just mean the business, the house, the car. I mean – friends, and family. Business can be easily all consuming. Even if you feel like there is always so much more to do and to be done, the important things in life are the precious moments with your family, with your firends, with your happy customers and all of them deserve to exist in your life. However, being an entrepreneur, calls for different perception of work time and off time and all members of the family need to be on board with that.

    4. What if it doesn't work?
    Ideally success comes in easy steps that lead one into the other. But what if they don't? Entrepreneurs will just keep working on and on to make sure their actions lead to success, even if it's past 3 in the morning. When it comes to creating more speace for new customers, to creating new ways to promote, campaign, market, to getting their message out there so that more sales can some in, there's always something more to be done and they just need to find it and do it.

    5. What if the competition gets my client?
    This is ranking probably number 1 reason the entrepreneurs loose their sleep. If your competition don't get the client – how can you keep the client, if the competition does get the client: what is it that they do that you don't do? Then, all this stirrs up all sorts of question about how to keep the clients, how to WOW the clients, how to enhance the client experience with more products, moer bonuses, etc.

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  • The 5 Step Millionaire Marketing Formula

    Posted on Saturday, November 26, 2011

    Have you heard of Frank Kern and Brendon Burchard? They have an amazing course, which is all about the different ways to become millionaire doing your business online. The best part is: they've created a step by step formula to actually become a millionaire in your business. Here's all you need:

    1. Hungry Buying Audience
    This is the biggest difference between entrepreneurs who sell a TON and entrepreneurs who are trying to make a sale. You need to not only be among your target audience, the people who you want to become your clients, but you also need to have a method through which to find out or in other words – pre-qualify those who are in your target market and are BUYERS.

    2. Deliver Value and Goodwill
    Really, in order to have a successful business you need to make a difference. And I mean – make a real difference. The secret ingredient here is: make sure that your customers are very happy with your coaching, or inruitive reading, or virtual assistance services or your products. Because- when they are happy, they will come back to you to buy more, they will tel ltheir friends and you will get: free publicity.

    3. Expert Strory Positioning
    Stories sell. And they sell for thousands of years so far. Why? Becasue people don't remember words (memorizing was a necessary evil back at the school days but they are long gone). They remember stories. Fame is build on stories. The more people tell stories about you – the more famous you become. Take a guess – if there is a way to position yourself as an expert using carefully selected stories, where would that lead you and your business?

    4. High Value Solution
    You've got to focus on: How to make an ordinary business, just like yours, extraordinary? How to deliver solutions that WOW the clients, that are different from what everyone else is offering in the market or that are the same as everyone else but the results your clients get are different. Positioning your solution correctly will make your prospects CRAVE for your products or services, literally.

    5. Strategic Offer Sequence
    If you offer something for free and then – say something like: Hope you liked my free article, now I want you to buy my $1,000 program, it will simply not work. Your prospect needs to follow a process that leads them to buying from you and has the permission of the prospect to go one step further every step of the way. Prospects love to feel that they are the ones that make a choice. If you act as if you made the choice for them – they'll give up buying at all from you very quickly.

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