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Cynthia Rowland’s Blog

  • Facial Magician Certification

    Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    Attention Aestheticians and Health Care Professionals who want to add something very special to your menu of services. Rejenuve, Inc., is hosting a Facial Magician Training Intensive September 8th & 9th at the Seal Beach, CA Ayres Hotel  so you can teach your clients how to save their faces without surgery and look better than they have in years.

    This two day event provides you training, certification and the license to use Facial Magic in your practice for one year.

    Benefits of a Licensed Certified Facial Magic Technician

     • Competitive advantage for trained technicians

    • Competitors do not offer this service.

    • Enhanced reputation as full service

    • Solution is sought after by all clients

    • Make the most of existing client base

    • Perform natural face lifts without medical license

    • No selling. Just show them you can change their sagging face.

    • Treatment requires multiple sessions

    • The client returns 9 – 12 times

    • Introduce client to other services and products

    • Solution is guaranteed effective

    • Results will astound clients and they will give you credit

    • Referrals from satisfied customers grows the business

    • No monthly fees or payments

    • No equipment to buy (except maybe a mirror)

    • No minimum purchases

    • Profit from your client seminar is expected to cover the cost of your Tuition.

    • Rejenuve does not compete with your clients.

    This rejuvenation process will change your client's face more than anything you are doing now.

    Since 1990, Cynthia Rowland has aspired to change the faces of an aging population in the United States, North America and the world through the innovation of the facial exercise program called Facial Magic.

    The quest began in a specialized treatment center in Denver, Colorado and expanded into international television shopping channels, a successful infomercial and popular personal speaking engagements. Throughout this progression, Cynthia's goal has been to deliver hope to mature women and men of the world through product innovation, instruction and motivation while affirming each individual's self-esteem, confidence, self-reliance and inner beauty.

    The introduction of the Aesthetician Training and Licensing Program (ATLP) in 2006 was the natural offspring of resounding demand from Facial Magic users for hands-on Facial Magic instruction. Demand for hands-on instruction far surpassed Cynthia's ability to accommodate even the most enthusiastic Facial Magic users.

    ATLP is designed to provide qualified hands-on instruction to Facial Magic users in North America. In addition, the program offers participating aestheticians the opportunity to offer their clients something that they have never been able to offer their clients before – the ability to change the shape and contour of their faces.

    Cynthia, through her company, Rejenuve, Inc., is committed to expanding the client base and profitability of Licensed Certified Facial Magic Technicians, known as Facial Magicians. By offering this line of service, Facial Magicians have an incredible tool to build their books of business, retain clientele, and maximize sales and satisfaction to every client.

    Licensed Certified Facial Magic Technicians are a proud family of trained professionals with a common goal of improving their clients' faces and lives through non-invasive techniques.

    Sign up today for this training – there will not be another training this year so enrollment is limited.

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    Cynthia Rowland —

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  • When Strep Throat Moves to Your Toes (and Other Limbs)

    Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    When Strep Throat Moves to Your Toes (and Other Limbs)
    Strep throat is a serious condition and now even more so after I learned it can be linked to flesh eating disease. Keep your immune system in working order so that you can avoid complications from a seemingly normal malady. You may want to pass this to your friends and family – I just did!

    When I read about the three recent cases of flesh-eating bacteria in the Southeast, I was, of course, concerned.

    How, exactly, do you get this infection that can take your limbs or your life?

    I put in a call to William Schaffner, MD, past president of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases and professor and chair of the department of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville.

    He told me that the technical name for this disease is necrotizing fasciitis and that it causes the bands of connective tissue that surround muscles, nerves and blood vessels to die.

    The scariest part is that this contagious disease can move quickly throughout the body.

    I asked him what we all can do to lower our odds of getting this type of infection, and I think you'll want to hear what he had to say...


    The first thing that Dr. Schaffner mentioned eased my mind a bit. Though the disease has gotten a lot of press lately, it's still considered rare because it affects only about 500 to 800 people in the US each year. That said, if you're one of those 500 to 800 people, the disease can be devastating.

    One reason that it's not more common is that coming into contact with the bacterium does not usually cause necrotizing fasciitis. In fact, many of us have the culprit, group A Streptococcus, in our throats and sometimes on our skin, without ever knowing it. A dangerous infection results only when the bacterium is able to find its way to a part of the body where it is not normally found—into muscle, fat or any tissue deep inside the body. The bacterium is able to get to those areas by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in our natural defenses, usually through wounds. Even then, our immune systems may be able to kill it off—but not always.


    Dr. Schaffner said that when the infection occurs, it usually happens deep inside the body, so it may not be evident on the surface of your skin. Severe unrelenting pain that seems out of whack with your wound is frequently the first symptom. By the time the typical symptoms of infection (such as swelling, redness and fever) do appear, perhaps days later, they might not immediately be thought to be associated with the wound because of the time lag and because up until that point, it may have looked like your wound was healing well.

    It's important to diagnose necrotizing fasciitis early because, as I mentioned, it moves fast. So if you ever have pain that seems surprisingly severe for a particular injury or if you have a sore or wound that is becoming red and swollen instead of healing, get medical attention right away. Doctors suspecting necrotizing fasciitis will get a specimen from the wound to test for the bacterium and then will start treatment immediately.


    Intravenous antibiotics are just part of the treatment. Surgery is almost always required to remove the infected tissue, and frequently, the surgeons need to go back several times to cut out more diseased tissue. Unfortunately, in some cases, the infection can be so overwhelming that the antibiotics and surgeons can't keep up. Sepsis (a blood infection), organ failure and even death can result, and, sadly, about 25% of people who get necrotizing fasciitis will die from it.

    The best defense against necrotizing fasciitis is to avoid getting wounds altogether, but I know what you're thinking—that's impossible. So if and when you do get a wound, even a small one, don't take your safety for granted. Clean it and then keep it covered to reduce the chance of infection. Applying antibiotic ointment twice daily is a good idea, too, said Dr. Schaffner. And change the bandage daily, or more frequently if it gets soiled.

    "It's especially important for people with chronic illnesses—such as people with cancer or diabetes or those taking steroids—to take good care of even small wounds," Dr. Schaffner said. "These people are more susceptible to getting flesh-eating bacteria infection because their immune systems are more vulnerable—and when they do get it, they have a poorer prognosis than a healthy person."

    One more very important rule: Any wound beyond a superficial cut or scrape should be looked at by a health professional, who can ensure that it's cleaned properly. It's worth the time.

    Source: William Schaffner, MD, professor and chair of the department of preventive medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, and past president of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, Bethesda, Maryland.

    Original Post:

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    Cynthia Rowland —

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  • New York City Walkers Find Foot Relief

    Posted on Monday, August 13, 2012

    Jackie and I found Baby Foot at Cosmoprof Las Vegas and marveled at Diane Ranger's soft, baby smooth feet that she proudly showed us. Without anything harmful, calluses and thicker skin are gently lifted in less than two weeks. You'll want to use it again and again!

    New products exfoliates for smooth feet. Credits: Baby Foot, U.S.A.

    BY: Jackie Silver 

    It's no secret that New York City residents and visitors spend a lot of time walking. Now, one company wants to help soothe and "baby" all those tired feet with its new product, Baby Foot.

    Baby Foot is a sole-soothing, foot exfoliation treatment that targets and removes the dead skin cells on your feet, leaving you with the soft feet "of a baby." It's an in-home treatment that takes very little time, only one hour, although the results occur over the course of a few weeks.

    Simply place the booties on your feet for an hour, rinse the solution away and within two to seven days your feet will start peeling away the dead, dry skin.

    Dead skin cells accumulate due to pressure and friction from ordinary activities such as standing, exercising and wearing shoes. In many cases, feet become cracked and painful from the accumulation of dead skin.

    In the past, frequent use of foot files and razors were used to "remove" the dead skin on your feet. However, this is a temporary fix because as recent research reveals, filing generates more friction to the soles of your feet which in turn creates more dead skin.

    Vera Gibbons, director of sales and operations for Baby Foot, U.S.A. says "Baby Foot gives you an experience that you've never had before in a foot exfoliate. When you get done with this product you will want to do it over and over again. It will make you feel sexy, healthy and will give you an overall well-being sensation."

    Baby Foot contains 17 kinds of natural extracts which are said to have a high moisturizing power and astringency, thus the sole becomes smooth after peeling. Baby Foot not only peels the dead skin cells from your feet, it also maintains the grain of the skin and adds moisture to the skin. In addition, Baby Foot could improve other issues such as foot odor and athlete's foot.

    "Baby Foot just works! It removes the dead skin cells from your feet, leaving them like a baby's foot," adds Gibbons.

    Original Post:

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  • Beauty Experts Discover Secret Tip For Cleaning Makeup Brushes

    Posted on Friday, August 10, 2012

    Experts reveal a new use for fizzy denture tablets.
    Credits: Jackie Silver  

    Experts in the beauty business have discovered a new, secret little tip for cleaning makeup brushes beauty tools and even for whitening finger nails. Generic store brand effervescent denture cleanser tablets are a quick, easy and inexpensive no-scrub/low-scrub way to remove build up and gunk from many beauty products.

    The American Dental Association website says soaking dentures in the cleaning solution helps kill germs on dentures, which people put it their mouths. If they're gentle enough to put in your mouth and kill germs, it makes sense that fizzy denture tablets would be gentle enough for your beauty tools and brushes.

    Clean these items with fizzy denture tabs:

    • Make-up brushes
    • Mani/pedi clippers, files and tools
    • Eyelash curlers
    • Eyebrow/eyelash brush/comb
    • Toothbrushes/holders
    • Hair brushes and combs
    • Plastic shaver handles that hang in the shower

    Click here for simple directions for cleaning your makeup brushes.

    Original Post:

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  • Ann Curry is Iconic Beauty at 55

    Posted on Friday, August 10, 2012

    I love Ann Curry and was saddened to learn that her NBC career came to an end but I can only imagine that she will soon be in demand. Thanks for letting us see Ann's authentic side, Jackie.

    The television reporter embraces aging.



    Now that Ann Curry is off the Today show, she can finally relax about her image and be who she wants to be. She'll still appear on television, but she plans to relax her style, opting for more authenticity. Curry has appeared on television for more than 30 years, so she's had her share of being "camera-ready."

    According to, Curry, 55, began her career in 1978 with an internship at KTVL in Medford, Oregon, eventually becoming the station's first female news reporter. She went on to report in bigger cities, including Los Angeles' KCBS-TV, where she won two Emmy Awards. She spent the past year co-hosting NBC's Today show, officially leaving the show on June 28, 2012.

    Click here to read full article.

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  • The 12-year-old YouTube star with two types of cancer and four months to live

    Posted on Thursday, August 9, 2012

    This girl is super courageous! Let's keep up with her posts while we send our love and prayers to her. There but for the grace of God...


    A 12-year-old girl, who has been fighting cancer for five years, has turned her harrowing story into an inspiration for thousands of young girls who tune into the teen's weekly make-up tutorials.

    Over 100,000 people subscribe to Talia Joy Castellano's YouTube page to watch her bubbly and expert makeup tutorials, where she uses makeup as a 'wig' and confidence booster.

    Yesterday however, Talia uploaded a video blog announcing she now has 'neuroblastoma and leukemia at the same time'. Although she says 'the chances of surviving are fewer than surviving,' she will continue her videos 'for as long as I can.'

    Scroll down for video

    Fiery figther: Talia Joy Castellano, 12, has been fighting cancer for five years, but has turned her harrowing story into an inspiration for thousands of young girls who tune into the teen's make-up tutorials.  

    Talia was first diagnosed with with stage four neuroblastoma cancer, a tumor that develops from nerve tissue in infants and children, on Valentine's Day in 2007.

    She reveals during a video: 'You don't think, "Oh my god I'm going to die". It's more like, "I'm going to lose my hair, I'm going to be skinny, I won't be able to eat, go to school, see my friends."'

    The up-coming seventh grader said her popular make-up tutorials were conceived out of her distaste for wearing wigs.

    'I don't like wigs, they're so, I dunno... When I have on a wig I feel, not fake, just not me', she explains,

    Step-by-step: Over 100,000 people subscribe to the 12-year-ols' YouTube page to watch her bubbly and expert makeup tutorials, where she uses makeup as a 'wig' to give her, and her fans, everyday confidence.

    Inspirational eyes: Talia, who was first diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma cancer on Valnetine's Day in 2007, make-up allows her to feel like she can embrace the features that she really like about herself.  

    'When I put on my make-up I feel like I can embrace those features that I really like about myself. I feel if someone's looking at me, they're looking at my makeup, not looking at my bald head.

    'I am just trying to make young girls, young adults, adults, anyone, feel beautiful by using makeup,' she adds.

    Once a week, on top of enduring chemotherapy, radiation, stem cell transplants, and blood transfusions, she teaches her viewers how to master a make-up look that most girls are quick to put in the 'too hard basket'.

    'Just fill it in sloppily,' she advises of a base layer. 'But focus on the eyelid because that's where we want most of the intensity and the yellow to stick.

    How-to: Once a week, on top of enduring chemotherapy, radiation, and blood transfusions, Talia teaches her viewers the skill of mastering a look most girls are quick to put in to the 'too hard basket'

    Lessons on humality: She says she feels if someone looks at her, they are looking at her makeup, rather than her bald head. 'I's just trying to make young girls, adults, anyone, feel beautiful by using makeup,' she says

    'When you're using very vibrant colours like this you always want to use a base. One, it will prevent creasing, and it will give the eyeshadow something to stick to,' she explains of a look inspired by fire and her 'fiery' bathing suit.

    She also tells her fans that 'it's just for fun'.

    'I just did this while my parents were in the pool and I was really bored. It's not hard at all. Some girls think it's so hard, being like "How do you do that?!" and I'm like "bro, it's"..never mind,' she trails off.

    She revels her latest diagnosis to her fans, saying: 'I just wanted to tell you guys because I don't want it to be a secret.'

    Finishing touches: Talia tells her fans that 'it's just for', explaining she did the make-up tutorial while her parents were in the pool and she 'was really bored'

    End result: Although Talia says she is not sure what her next steps are, she promises to continue her YouTube channel and make-up tutorials.

    'Basically there are not really a lot of options for treatment anymore,' Talia explains to her viewers with the frank wisdom of few adults.

    She could undergo a bone marrow transplant, however the surgery would take a considerable toll on her body because she has had 'so many surgeries it's crazy.'

    She admits in her video blog that she is leaning towards not having the transplant, which means she will only have four months to one year to live.

    'I'm going to decide whether or not I want to do the bone marrow transplant, or whether or not I just don't do it and live the time I have remaining,' she says.

    'This is not fair to me anymore. I'm only 13. I shouldn't have to be doing's really not fair for kids to have cancer. It really frickin sucks.'

    Although Talia is not sure what her next steps are, but she promises to continue her videos, and says 'I hope you guys understand where I'm coming from, not wanting to do the transplant'.

    'I've gotten so many benefits from [cancer]. Having a YouTube channel, having to inspire people and having people look up to me... I adore, I love makeup, using it as my wig... it's amazing... the journey of having cancer was amazing. But every journey has an end.

    'Having cancer has been a gift, but it's a horrible, horrible thing,' she says.

    Cancer fighter: Talia now has neuroblastoma and leukemia 'at the same time', giving her only four months to one year to live.

    Original Post:

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