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My Blog

  • I plan to keep myself informed

    Posted on Monday, September 7, 2009

    This week, I had an acquaintance (someone I knew differed in her political views from me, but still hoped to develop a friendship with) accuse me of not “educating myself” and “being narrow-minded“. By the way, she is not a Fab40 member as far as I know. She told me to “read newspapers“. The following is only posted as a commentary on the decline of journalism, not so much on Van Jones, 9/11, Marxism, or racism. I’m one of those “inquiring minds“. I WANT TO KNOW!

    September 7, 2009
    Mainstream print and broadcast media ignore Van Jones: timeline of who reported what and when

    If your main source for news is reading The New York Times print edition, then you likely are just learning for the first time in Monday's paper about the resignation over the weekend from Obama administration's Green Czar, Van Jones.  

    But that's not all – you'll also likely have no idea about the firestorm of controversy that's been going on for days, and even weeks by some counts, surrounding provocative statements and beliefs Jones has made in the past.

    The New York Times, like many of the mainstream broadcast networks, ignored the mounting heat Jones was getting and the video that was surfacing of his comments.

    Fox News Channel's daytime shows, the newsgathering and reporting arm of the cable channel, first noted the controversy on Wednesday, September 2 after remarks surfaced from February 2009 where Jones called Republicans, "a**holes."  Fox News commentator and opinion host, Glenn Beck has been hammering at Obama's czars, including Jones, for weeks.

    Fox News continued to report the story through the rest of last week and through the weekend.  

    On Friday, there was off-camera, on-the-record White House briefing that included reaction from White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs.  The spokesman said, “He [Jones] continues to work in this administration.”  And then on Van Jones and two links to 9/11 investigation of possible government complicity: “it’s not something the president agrees with.”

    It's also worth noting this was happening on a Friday going into a holiday weekend, which can be a very quiet news time and journalists are looking for fresh content to fill their papers and shows.

    But for the most part, there was radio silence among the nation's biggest political papers and broadcast news shows, even after the White House had issued an on-the-record reaction.

    Here's the rundown of coverage from print and broadcast news outlets on the Jones ordeal:

    •           Wednesday, September 2 –  no mention from CBS, NBC, ABC or The Washington Post & The New York Times.

    •           Thursday, September 3 – no mention from CBS, NBC, ABC or The Washington Post & The New York Times print editions. (A Washington Post blog picks up the story eventually).  

    •           Friday, September 4 – ABC & NBC do not cover the story on their broadcasts, CBS evening news files a report from Bill Plante.

    •           Saturday, September 5—no mention from CBS, NBC or ABC on the evening newscasts or The New York Times print edition (Their blog The Caucus does pick it up eventually). The Washington Post runs a story in their print edition about the White House being quiet about the controversy.

    •           Sunday, September 6—no mention from The New York Times or The Washington Post early print editions (the story breaks overnight and is too late for print).  All evening newscasts pick up the story high in their shows.

    •           Monday, September 7 – The New York Times morning print edition runs its first mention of the story on a front page, under- the-fold piece.

    •           (Note: CNN's Lou Dobbs references Van Jones on September 3, and MSNBC's Keith Olbermann airs Beck clips and talks about Van Jones, but largely talks about Beck's attacks on Rockefeller).

    The booming calls for Jones' resignation and questions over his ability to land such a position wasn't just coming from Republicans, although the conservative blogosphere heavily picked up the issue.   Democrats and security experts weighed in, wondering how Van Jones could have passed thorough and lengthy background checks and still landed the job.

    Obama has named nearly three dozen czars in his administration, on topics ranging from cars to manufacturing (the manufacturing one just named Monday).  Critics assail that czars, unlike cabinet positions, do not face Senate confirmation and therefore are allowed access and influence to the president without the proper checks and balances.

    Among the most controversial stances Jones has taken include that he was a former self-avowed Marxist and anarchist, bringing race into Columbine massacre saying that black kids aren't involved in mass school shootings, the fact that Jones signed a petition for the 9/11 so-called "truther" movement which supported beliefs the United states was part of the attack, and the strong language against republicans.

    Jones is also a New York Times best-selling author for his book The Green Collar Economy, Yale law school grad, civil rights activist and was named by Time Magazine in 2008 as one of their "Environmental Heroes."

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  • To all of my concerned, intelligent, engaged friends...a little history lesson

    Posted on Saturday, September 5, 2009

    ...even you more fun-loving girlfriends know that it’s getting a little frightening.

    I’m jumping particular recent statement disturbed me “The politicians are the government“. That’s ONLY because WE THE PEOPLE have made them so! Sisters, beautiful women, we WILL work, hash and hammer this out. DON‘T STOP! There is too much at stake for ourselves, our children, our elderly parents and our friends.

    To Enslave a Nation  

    In ancient Egypt the people paid 20% of everything they earned each year to the government and they called it bondage,1 but in most countries of the "world" today the people pay far more to their governments each year and they call it freedom.2 There has been a plethora of theories as to why and how governments obtain the legal power to compel people to labor without pay under the enforceable authority of statutory systems of public service. The answer is rather straightforward, but most people will not want to hear the truth of it.  

    In the Bible God explained that we were not to give any elected leader the power to return us to the bondage of Egypt because we were not to live under that kind of government ever again.3 When the "voice of the people"4 elected Saul God brought up this tendency of men to return to that subjective servitude and detailed what would come of us if we were foolish enough to reject Him and go back to those wicked ways. Thomas Paine extensively quotes that warning in his pamphlet Common Sense. It was a topic of discussion in every chapel and Church in early America, but the modern Church seldom even mentions it. Jesus even warned us about men like Pharaoh who could exercise authority.5 The warnings have been extensive from the Old Testament6 to Peter,7 Paul8 and Revelations9.

    People always have and always will return to that servitude when they reject God. The truth is, like in the days of the Israelite bondage in Egypt,10 the people sign up for servitude. That is exactly what people have done in America and around the world.11 Edmund Burke once said that "The people never give up their liberties except under some dilution." This was a sentiment seconded by Benjamin Franklin who said, "Many a man thinks he is buying pleasure, when he is really selling himself a slave to it."  

    The natural man has, from the beginning, been seduced by promises of vain glory and self serving security with disastrous consequences.12 Because of a lack of faith, or knowledge, or both, people often believe they cannot obtain what they think they need without applying to and making agreements with men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority. This is the process by which people have gone into social, political, and economic servitude13 since the dawn of mankind.

    According to some versions of history and the theatrical images handed us by Hollywood the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. The vision of skinny half starved slaves, dragging monolithic stones, while fat taskmasters whipped them, may provoke cinematic sympathy, but it is a distortion of reality which leads us into a vulnerable state of mind where we fail to learn from history because we are distracted and deluded by deceptive images of it.

    "Slaves never became an important ingredient of Egyptian civilization. The large subject population and enforceable corvée system - by which serfs had to work temporarily as slaves - made a permanent force of slaves unnecessary."14

    The bondage of Egypt was not like what we identify as slavery, yet, Moses was sent to free the people from it. If people are to understand what will set the captive free15 they must first understand how they got to that shackled state of servitude.  

    The French and old English word corvée means "work on public projects that is required by law. Under the Roman Empire, certain classes of the population owed personal services to the state or to private proprietors"16  

    How can you seduce a whole nation, even the whole "world" into servitude? The burden at first is often light or placed on a select few to spread the seeds of covetousness through envy and jealousy. Over time the taskmaster’s whip may smart like the bite of a scorpion17 as the burdens increase and the promise of security and liberty18 becomes a lie, existing only in the people’s hopeful, but deluded imagination.

    After the civil war in the United States a need for a permanent force of slaves also became unnecessary with the advent of a new type of citizenship,19 however the "large subject population and enforceable corvée system" was not well established until August 14, 1935.20  

    We all know that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude ... shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to its jurisdiction."21 But voluntary servitude is not only legal it has become the way of the "world". This was also true in Egypt and knowing that history repeats itself we might take a closer look at the successful solution and salvation which brought redemption.22  

    The Israelites had been conquered by their own greed, jealousy, and envy. They found themselves in a position where they needed to contractually volunteer into a system of perpetual servitude or starve. They joined an eleemosynary trust, as enfranchised citizen members of an Egyptian run bureaucracy of government welfare established by the Pharaoh through Joseph.  

    The administration of this governing agency at first was truly the benefactor of the people because it was able to provide for their needs during the "climate change" that had caused once fertile plains to become dust bowls of failed crops and famine. The great depression which engulfed the land was relieved with provisions supplied at the Pharaoh’s personal expense.

    What this Egyptian government did was make an offer to the people which you might call a new deal. Under the Pharaoh’s Eleemosynary Department, which we might call the PhED, his government provided a social security system for it’s members. In turn the people would annually give the PhED a portion of their labor.

    This made the Egyptian government very powerful and the people very subject. The process continued after each Pharaoh, living on in a succession of Egyptian corporations. Each new administration was progressively less benevolent. The benefits might increase or decrease, but always at the expense of the people, not the PhED itself.

    Income tax in Egypt today is still only 20% for individuals and corporations, as set by Joseph thousands of years ago, yet employees23 in the United States and many other nations contribute a much higher amount of their labor each day through federal taskmasters24 in unpaid personal service to a modern contemporary PhED making them very powerful and the people very subject.

    These rulers of the people may call themselves benefactors, but in fact they never give away anything they have not taken away from the people first. This kind of government and social welfare has always been a snare25 that brings the people into servitude by consent of the covetous.26 The bondage of this civil servitude is made more secure and escape proof through two common factors, democracy and debt.

    When the people choose to take from their neighbor for their personal benefit and rulers are given the power to borrow against the full faith and credit of the future of the people this form of political and economic social servitude is almost inescapable and personal redemption impossible. What is the answer? People petition rulers who exercise authority for answers but the truth is not in them.

    The Social Security Administration points out that "All peoples throughout all of human history have faced the uncertainties brought on by unemployment, illness, disability, death and old age."27 They go on to explain how the Greeks "stockpiled olive oil" to provide economic security. Or the medieval feudal system provided an economic security through the Lords of the manor and even go so far as to suggest that during the Middle Ages "charity as a formal economic arrangement also appeared for the first time."  

    Nothing could be farther from the truth unless the Social Security Administration considers the phrase "formal economic arrangement" to mean a compulsory system of compelled offerings based on contractual application, membership, and participation, which created a statutory obligations and duty of one class of citizen to the ruling elite, elected or not. Of course, if it did then the word charity is completely out of place. In fact this would be identical to the Corban of the Pharisees that violated the commandments and made the word of God to none effect.28

    Under Cain, Nimrod, Egypt and Imperial Rome, and even to this very day, the people have applied for the free bread and benefits from rulers who exercise authority and secured their personal welfare at the expense of their liberty and the liberty of their neighbors. This was and is a clear violation of biblical29 and prophetic30 commandments31 and the directives of Christ.32 These bonds of servitude result from our prayers and applications, agreements and acceptance,33 to and these so called benefactors who exercise authority one over the other contrary to the will and words of Christ. Claims of no full disclosure, no law, or unconstitutional usurpations will and should fall on deaf ears. It is our own covetous agreements, apathy, our sloth and our failure to live and love our neighbors by faith, hope and charity, that has brought us back into bondage.

    "The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute." Proverbs 12:24  

    What can we do about our present state of servitude? We do have choices. We can plead and protest, shake a fist at taskmasters and tyrants, or we can listen to the advise of the redeemers of nations like Abraham, Moses and Christ who freed and saved the people as these systems of servitude and unrighteous trust failed. We can repent and seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

    Stop coveting your neighbor’s goods through the agency of men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority over the people. Come together in the liberty and name of Christ loving your neighbor as yourself. Learn to live by faith, hope, and charity instead of the sword of your rulers. Seek the perfect law of liberty in a living network of love.34 You will not be free until you are willing to set your neighbor free.

    Other links on this subject
    Employ vs Enslave, SS Video Series 7-10 7:28

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  • Geography of a Woman

    Posted on Saturday, August 1, 2009


    Between 18 and 22, a woman is like Africa - half discovered, half wild, fertile and naturally beautiful!

    Between 23 and 30, a woman is like Europe - well-developed and open to trade, especially for something of real value.

    Between 31 and 35, a woman is like Spain - very hot, relaxed, and convinced of her own beauty.

    Between 36 and 40, a woman is like Greece - gently aging, but still a warm and desirable place to visit.

    Between 41 and 50, a woman is like Great Britain, with a glorious and all-conquering past.

    Between 51 and 60, a woman is like Israel - has been through war, doesn’t make the same mistakes twice, and takes care of business.

    Between 61 and 70, a woman is like Canada - cool, self-preserving, but open to meeting new people.

    After 70, she becomes Tibet - wildly beautiful, with a mysterious past and the wisdom of the ages.... an adventurous spirit and a thirst for spiritual knowledge.

    Between 1 and 80, a man is like Iran - ruled by nuts.

    THE END.

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  • Shocking!

    Posted on Thursday, June 25, 2009


    I was shocked, confused, bewildered
    As I entered Heaven’s door,
    Not by the beauty of it all,
    Nor the lights or its decor.

    But it was the folks in Heaven
    Who made me sputter and gasp—
    The thieves, the liars, the sinners,
    The alcoholics and the trash.

    There stood the kid from seventh grade
    Who swiped my lunch money! twice.
    Next to him was my old neighbor
    Who never said anything nice.

    Herb, who I always thought
    Was rotting away in hell,
    Was sitting pretty on cloud nine,
    Looking incredibly well.

    I nudged Jesus, ‘What’s the deal?
    I would love to hear Your take.
    How’d all these sinners get up here?
    God must’ve made a mistake.

    ‘And why’s everyone so quiet,
    So somber - give me a clue.’
    ‘Hush, child,’ He said, ‘they‘re all in shock.
    No one thought they’d be seeing you.’  


    Remember...Just going to church doesn’t make you a Christian
    any more than standing in your garage makes you a car .

    Every saint has a PAST...
    Every sinner has a FUTURE

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  • We all need to be reminded - 'specially us girls! It's not always about me.

    Posted on Wednesday, June 3, 2009

    I grew up in a family where there was a lot of blame. I was often blamed for the moods and feelings of my parents and it took me many, many years to let go of the feeling that how they felt was my responsibility, or somehow my doing.  

    I have since learned, what other people are experiencing is about them and not me. Of course I may do or say something that has some kind of affect on someone, but how they perceive it and how they respond, is completely their choice.

    One person may find something I’ve done or said to be funny, to be a compliment, or to be something that makes them happy, but another person could take my words or actions in a completely different manner and think or feel I am saying or doing something hurtful.

    We all respond to things that are said and done in different ways. Each of us has a unique perception to what these things mean and if we are hurt by another person’s actions or words, our perception has a lot to do with our unhealed wounds from the past.

    Once we learn what people do and say is more a reflection of what’s going on for them, what they do doesn’t affect us painfully any more. Of course every once in a while we may stumble and forget “Who We Are,” but the more we practice, the better we become at letting other people own their behaviours and staying focused on our own.  

    Have a beautiful day!!

    Please see more of my writing at the Louise Hay Group:

    [Link Removed]

    Love and Blessings,


    Debj, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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  • Lovely Mother's Day(s)

    Posted on Monday, May 11, 2009

    My Mother’s Day was 48 hours long!

    I decided to take my Mom (and Dad) on a picnic on Saturday to beat the Sunday crowds.  Mom’s been talking about how she loves picnics for a few years...hinting ;0). She’s always told the story of hers and Dad’s first trip after being married. She was looking forward to a romantic rendevous by a “babbling brook“. Evidently, Dad got a little anxious carrying their ice cream cones and hurrying to get across, and fell in. We are fortunate to live in beautiful New Mexico at the foot of the Sandia Mountains. On the other side are the pine trees and stream, and it only takes about a 1/2 hour to get to a good spot. The weather was perfect, just a little cool since we got an early start. We found our perfect place right next to the stream with a shaded table and a sunny patch just to the side of it where we could warm up until a little later in the day. There was only one other family nice! Erin made cream cheese and olive, turkey, roastbeef and cheese sandwiches, I made deviled eggs and a jello cake and we had iced tea. Colin and his girlfriend came up for a while in his car, since he had to be back in town early. We all sat around and ate and told dumb jokes and Grammy and Papa had a great time telling kid “stories“. Of course my “kids” 29 and 27 loved hearing them. Michael was strong enough to take a little walk with Mollie and enjoy the lovely breeze. Erin and I took a good, strenuous hike since I had a piece of the cake I made, and as usual, we had a blast. Love my “Cheerbear“! The only thing was that Michael, my Dad and Erin all tried to be in charge of loading up to go home, and in the confusion our leftovers got “leftover“. Some bear must’ve had a yummy dinner!

    I had a date for Sunday with our youngest, Aly. She called and arranged it, and everything...a miracle to begin with! Michael left so that the two of us could have some time together. We had a quick breakfast on the patio and talked about her upcoming trip to New York. We talked about her not really wanting to go to Ground Zero, how horrible 9/11 was, Michael Moore, was 9/11 an inside job, some other films. She had gone to film school in California a year and a half ago; but didn’t have the discipline to stick it out. It was an intelligent, adult conversation. Then we went up to the pool at our health club. Since Michael’s been out of work, we had suspended our membership, but an unexpected blessing - we got free passes at the dry cleaners. WooHoo! We looked at mags and just hung out like I’ve dreamed of doing for 5 years. It was really “normal” She to a little antsy to get going; but the weather was so beautiful again, I was able to talk her into running for a sub sandwich and bringing it back so I could stay a little longer.Then we went home and looked at some funny internet stuff. She went into her old room and looked at a couple of her yearbooks and then a notebook from her Junior year when she was sent away to boarding school. She brought it out to me (I was checking Fab40!) show me. It was an assignment they were given to write “I Am Great” over and over. They had 24 hours in which to do it; and she wrote it 2008 times. I was able to tell her, “Well, you ARE great, you know! I might not agree with everything you do, but you are VERY great, and I love you“. kiss kiss hug hug. Isn’t that cool? She also told me she’s been back in touch with her best childhood neighbor friend and another good friend Mid through High School. She’s one of the two friends she was allowed to see when she came home from the boarding school.

    I’m excited for her to have her trip to New York. I only wish for the time when we can go on a trip together and enjoy each other again.

    This weekend, my Mother’s Day has been the answer to so many prayers of family and friends here, and a few more steps forward. My heart’s still bubbling over like the brook!

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