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My Blog

  • PARENTS: Teach Your Children to Live Life the Simple Way

    Posted on Thursday, January 15, 2009

    Today, we have ignored the many-splendored joys of making 'simplicity' a meaningful component in our lives. Our quest for technological marvels bordering on complexities, is swiftly taking its toll on our children, our families and our societies. Life is short. It's important how we choose to live it. h3.Your children will reap a rich harvest when you teach them to live life the simple way.  

    "The simplest moments make the most wonderful memories." Anon  

    O yes, we may be working harder, getting richer, living longer and using more sophisticated technologies in our daily lives. But parent, have we as responsible adults paused to think honestly what messages are we really sending to our children? Are we not guilty of encouraging our youth directly or indirectly to live fast-paced lives?  

    Today, we have increasingly let go of simplistic pleasures that families of yester-years enjoyed together. Today, some of our children flit away their lives in pursuit of highly complex, wild and destructive modes of entertainment having fewer opportunities of coming in direct contact with the beauty and marvels of nature.

    "Let Nature be your teacher." William Wordsworth

     Children, who are yet in the formative years of development, are allowed to spend long hours glued to the television sets or at best tagged along to the local super-malls. Our impressionable teen-agers are oft condoned bunking classes while habitually hanging out at video-games parlors, joints or dens!  

     Surely, our children, who are the torch-bearers of our nation deserve better. They deserve to slow down and simplify their lives. Don't you agree folks?

    Simple pleasures can transform our family's leisure hours into spontaneous good times like picnics to the lakes and parks, a week-end at the sea-shore, listening to the call of the wind and to the gentle rhythm of the waves, gazing at the starry night, marveling at the birds and the bees—-all of these can have a soothing and relaxing impact on our mind, body and soul.  

    These simple invigorating escapades into Natures' bounty are sources of exhilaration-- moments to be long cherished!

     Let us think of change—- change of attitude, life-style and values. A civilization rests on the strength of its values. Greed for materialism impoverishes spiritualism.
    Let us not forget our noble task of being responsible adults.  

    Let us not falter to imbibe and inter-weave simplicity into all aspects of our children's young lives. Let us teach our children by example how to live life the simple way.

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  • PARENTS: Give Yourselves these Precious New Year Gifts

    Posted on Thursday, January 1, 2009

    Congratulations Parents—-you have come a long way on this most stupendous journey of your life, the Parenting journey. All of you must have overcome many obstacles along the way. To those of you who have undergone heartaches and disappointments in the process—-I pray that you be blessed with sunnier days in the years to come.  

    Indeed, I am sure all of you fabulous parents have gone out of your way to be the best parents you could ever be! Surely, you deserve all of these precious, priceless gifts. I urge you to grab these and treasure them for yourselves:

    ~Gift of Knowledge:

    The knowledge of who you are will help you to aim higher and recognize what you can become. You have a unique identity of your own. It is important that you take credit for all that you've done as an individual and a parent. Do you know that to your children you are the most wonderful, most beautiful and most inspiring person on the face of this earth? Well, you may not hear them say so; but I'm sure they feel so—deep down in their hearts. It feels good to remind ourselves of this Blessing.  

    ~Gift of Harmony:

    Find your inner harmony by taking pride in your roots and taking care of yourself and others. Let humility be the core essence of your life. Discover what’s truly meaningful to you, and begin the process of bringing that into your life. You will soon notice a wonderful sense of peacefulness and inner harmony enveloping your life.

    ~Gift of Acceptance:

    Accept and be proud of who you are!  That kind of acceptance will bring you self-esteem, confidence and an inner radiance that glows from within. Self-admiration is the key. Pay yourself new compliments everyday. Be ready to accept the circumstances you are in. And don't forget to honor the promises you make to yourself each day.

    ~Gift of Belief:

    Next, believe that you are beautiful.  Yes you are—-you owe this to yourself, to accept and embrace your authentic beauty. This means seeing yourself from inside out! How you see yourself and how you believe others see you, is irrevocable connected to how you feel about yourself.  A positive self-image can set off a fabulous chain-reaction.  

    ~Gift of Affirmation:

    Affirming life implies living in the present and realizing how rich your life is. No matter what your career, you need to know what's really important. Be joyous in what you are and what you have.  Remember, there's something important God wants to say to you:  "you are loved." This realization will allow you to emerge into a different place within yourself and from that place you will gift yourself the many splendor joys of a world that rocks!

    ~Gift of Joyfulness:

    It's best to always give and receive joy in whatever circumstances you find yourself in. This inner joy will not only warm your heart, but the hearts of those around us. This gift will allow you to be led by your heart—-and in doing so, you'll never lose your way. Focus on what brings you joy and pursue with passion what you are good at.  


     The magic is in YOU. It is all within your easy grasp if only you will hang in there. O yes,the power is within you and not outside you. You are "endowed" with this inner power ---to do amazing things; far more amazing than you will ever attempt. And that's worth thinking about. Rising to the top and finding a sense of fulfillment in any field, requires drive, dedication, focus, discipline and hard work. Success comes to those who have accumulated a steady stream of the above advantageous gifts. So gear yourself TODAY, on this New Years day to give yourself these precious gifts.

    May you be blessed with Joy; your Home with Peace and your lives filled with Love---today and every day of the New Year.

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