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My Blog

  • Another Funeral Yesterday ? One Ticket to planet Earth !

    Posted on Friday, January 23, 2009

    I guess as I get closer to age 50 this summer, I will be losing more people I know or knew in my life.  

    I sat in the Episcapal Church that was under over ten feet of water from Hurricane Ike and I realized that Galveston was rebuilding and cleaning up from such a devestating Hurricane.  Galveston has been so devestated It amazes me like a surealistic dream each time I visit as I cant believe the damages.

    The will of Galvestonians to live and to go on was amazing to me as I drove through my hometown of Galveston.  

    The paper this past week was so morbid as it stated that many are still missing from Port Bolivar, I believe still over 20 people (not yet listed on the deathcount ?) and they are having to pay a company to search for remains in piles of debris.

    Yet yesterday.. everyone in Galveston I knew and from the community turned out in a crowded antique church, as they do for every life lost in Galveston to morn yet another death.

    I looked at the beautiful murals and stained glass windows, ancient gothic carved woodworks and Pipe organ, stained walls from the great strom visualizing it all being flooded, and realized that life will go on and death is a cycle of life.

    The woman I went to honor, Margie Kelso, wife of Ray Kelso both of Galveston, were honorable citizens and Margie gave so much of herself and time to others.

    I knew her through my mother and always loved talking to her as she was so fascinating.  She told me that I was a futuristic thinker and a visionary.  I think she was too. Betty was my mothers friend and she washed towels at the hair salon my mother worked and Betty had given daily care to Margie before she died until she was moved due to the Hurricane and died in a hospic.  Betty asked us to join her at the front of the church where all Margies caregivers were honored.  Margie lived a good and full life.  

    I just want to tell you all we only get one ticket to planet earth.  One ticket to ride.  So make the most of your tickets ladies and help others along the way.  

    Have a wonderful weekend. And Im sooo glad to be alive each day.

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  • Snake Bitten in the Mayan Snake Temple ????

    Posted on Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    As you all know Ive been sick since I returned from my cruise to the Yucatan.  Well it seems when I went to get my pedicure upon return a week ago, my foot was sore, on the very back of my heel on a Callus of dead skin, where you cant really see unless you do contortions and on a spot that has a thick dead skin area so I would feel nothing.  I figured she was too rough but this weekend I finally looked at the back of my heel as it was getting worse and I found two fang marks about a .5 inch apart and they were swollen with something inside each hole, so I got my cuticle kit and extracted the foriegn matter which had crystalized I got it all out and when it touched my finger it went numb, so I washed really well and soaked my foot and put neosporin and I started to feel weird and last night had hallucinations that my cat ran away and jumped out of bed raised my arms saying wheres Wookie, where is Wookie, I had vertigo and fell back asleep and have been very sleeply each night since I returned from my trip and even drowsy.. unusually.  Today I feel like Ive been drugged and my doctor said that it did appear to be a snake bite of some sort but I was lucky as it did not penetrate to my bloodstream and was dried in my dead skin tissue and even that was infected, so she upgraded my antibiotic and told me if my muscle in my leg pain gets worse and I get swollen lymph nodes in my leg to call immediately.

    So I left my wallet at home, Ive been dizzy, I forgot to lock my car doors and have been totally out of sorts.  Im either falling asleep at the drop of a hat or up feeling light headed, I have a strange taste in my mouth and I think I was snake bitten in the mayan temple of the snake.  I was reading all viper snake bites are venomous and deadly so ... Im really freaked about this.

    Forgive any delayed blogs and forgive any slow scrabble moves for those that play scrabble with me on facebook.

    My mother said that I was protected by my Cherokee side.  And the Mayan did tell me before I entered the temple that my Eye color Green was what the mayans worshiped and the snake God would be pleased.  

    Next time.. Boots..... to my thighs.

    From what Ive read Its a miracle the fangs hit dead skin and did not reach my bloodstream and it crystalized with out being toxic.  My doctor said Hot water soaks will detoxify poisons so what I did was the right thing.

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  • Guess What My Cat Wants Me To do ? Does your cat or dog talk ?

    Posted on Monday, January 12, 2009

    Guess What my cat Wookie wants me to do ?   Does your cat or dog Talk to you with his eyes ?

    Mine does, look at his eyes and guess what my cat wants me to do for him.  He is talking to me..  

    Take a guess and after everyone answers Ill tell you what he wants me to do.

    He is such a funny kitty.

    20 Replies