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Pieces Of Me

  • HELLOOOO Ladies

    Posted on Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    Well my Friends and All the wonderful Women here at Fab 40..I am finally back...I wont go into all the drawn out events but it has been a rough ride. My son moved in with us and was here 2 months couldn't find work so he moved back 80 some miles from me again =( then I had 2 discs in my spine crumble to nothing,  and Jerry  my Boyfriend got his hours cut at work ...and now my Daughter is living with us. Just about a week ago I passed a few small kidney stones. And now I have fricking Strep.... Well I am going into the hospital on October the 13 for pre surgery testing, and then the surgery will be done on the 14... 6:00 AM. I will be in the hospital about 5 days and then 3 months of  Physical Therapy. They are putting in 4 screws and 4 rods. It will take about 5 hours to do the job. And hopefully I can get my life back on track...I have miss all of you sooo much but I had no computer for a bit and its really hard for me to sit up.. I did however get a break the state Vocational Rehab. Is picking up the bill 100% and I will be re educated for some kind of employment that will work with my back...I have spent my time researching new stuff for the groups. Crafts and Natural Healing and for the Pagan group Bernadette  I will be on in the AM.. pain permitting.. BIG (((((HUGS))))) to all of you...

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  • At My Ropes End

    Posted on Tuesday, May 5, 2009

    Hello To All My Fab 40 Ladies
    I am so sorry I have not been on. My doctor wants me to spend my time laying down till we figure out what to do with my back..I have 2 discs that have crumbled and there are spurs pushing against my spinal cord and there has been a narrowing of my spinal column..I also have 2 herniated discs in my upper spinal column...So needless to say I am in quite a bit of pain...I do have pain meds and they have me giving myself injections ...The really bad part of this is I have "No Insurance" at all...I did find a place down here that is working to get the state to pay for it...The catch is that I have to go take a aptitude test and be able to Re Educate  so when it's all said and done I am going to re join the work force...Now my Nero surgeon says that's all pending the outcome of the surgery.. This part really gets me and I am sure the ladies who share our hated friend Fibromyalgia has at some point been labeled like this..The Nero surgeon is concerned that I won't be happy with the surgery... because I might not be able to distinguish the pain in my back from the pain of my Fibromyalgia...I just looked at him like..Huh?? I do know the difference..Its 2 totally different kinds of pain..So now I have to get at least 6 months of spinals before I can get the surgery..He wants to be sure he has exhausted all other options..In the mean time I am not able to drive the 40+ miles to take this aptitude test..So I am just lying here...feeling more and more depressed and thinking I have nothing to get out of bed for any more...My quality of life has hit the negative numbers...I miss being on here with everyone..You all were and are my only real friends...I miss all the care and laughter that I so had come a custom to...I miss your stories and interesting tips on life...I know there are others who have it worse and I truly am not a pity party person..I am just feeling over whelmed and scared... With Much Love Your Sister and Friend... Kat  

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  • Continued... Sorry So Long...

    Posted on Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Here are places to read more about this Real ID:

    Note....all though these say they are for Kentucky, if you go to them they can lead you to your states information and stand on the Real ID.

    Send a message to your state legislature using these handy web-based form..Your message will automatically be directed to the appropriate state legislator.

    Ladies I know some of you may be saying..hummm I don't want to rock the boat..But please at least look into it..I am very afraid that in the near future we may not have many rights left to speak up about...I have been talking about this very thing since around 1989..I was on a ski trip in Colorado and when I returned to my car there was a pamphlet similar to this on and t to spoke of the Real ID..But it was also call the smart chip..Do you realize that these newer cars with the micro chips in them are tractable and now with items like On Star..Well let's face it they could turn your car off from any where they want...I have been following these kinds of issues for a long time..and we are far too trusting of a people when it comes to what we will allow the government to get away with...Another interesting test the government ran was back a few years ago..They took a family of 4 and a dog..They inserted a micro chip in them and they called them the Chip Family...It was on the news..They were thinking about this long time ago... If any of you find out more information please post it..Thank You..With Much Love & Friendship Kat

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  • The REAL ID..Bet You Had No Idea....

    Posted on Thursday, March 5, 2009

    The Real ID act of 2005 was passed with no discussion or public comment. It was hidden in a lengthy bill to support our troops and to provide Tsunami relief, and was rushed through Congress.
    The Department of Homeland Security tells us that we need Real ID to protect us from terrorism and identity theft, but the consensus of security experts outside the government tells us that it won't help one bit with terrorism and will greatly increase our risk of identity theft.
    Real ID is one of the few issues to unite groups from all across the political spectrum in opposition. Nobody who understands Real ID likes it.

    Constitutional Rights Advocates: don't like the Real ID because it's an unfunded mandate that's being forced on the states. The Federal government has no valid constitutional authority to implement Real ID, So there using a carrot and stick approach..Giving back some of our Federal tax dollars as a bribe, withholding our Federal tax dollars as punishment for not implementing Real ID, and threatening not to allow state citizens onto airplanes. Real ID violates the 10th amendment of our Bill of Rights, and the states are banding together and "Enough is enough"! To these unconstitutional Federal mandates being forced onto the states.  

    Ordinary Citizens Of All Types: simply don't like the idea of our government implementing a system that is reminiscent of totalitarian regimes, where citizens are routinely subjected to the intimidating demand for ...Your Papers Please!!

    The Federal Government has already wasted millions of our tax dollars trying to sneak Real ID into being and then force states to implement it on their behalf. If implemented, Real ID would:  

    (1) Create a security nightmare, with all our personal information that's needed for identity theft available to countless people all over the world.
    (2) Coast billions of dollars in taxes and increased drivers license fees.
    (3) Causing longer lines when renewing our driver's licenses.
    (4) Give the Federal Government the new tools they need to continue the gradual erosion of our privacy.
    (5) Lead to an International ID card
    (6) Create a database that will allow facial recognition software to identify us as we walk down the street and track our every move.
    (7) Usher in a new era where technology is abused by the Federal Government to control citizens.
    (8) Lead to more power for the government, and less for the citizens, directly violating the intent of our founding fathers.
    Many states have already passed laws PROHIBITING REAL ID..Kentucky initiated similar legislation in 2007, HCR-122, but it was never enacted into law.

    Privacy Groups don't want Real ID because it collects personal information about us into a database that's not only shared between states, but will also be shared with other countries.

    USs Sovereignty Advocate doesn't like REAL ID because the Real ID standards are all international standards. The Real ID isn't just a national ID card; it's an international ID card.

    Fiscal Conservatives don't like Real ID because it'll cost $11 billion at a time when states are suffering budgetary shortfalls. It'll cost about $100 million in Kentucky. There is no money to pay for Real ID, which is mandated by the Federal government, but not funded by the Federal government.

    Social Progressives don't like Real ID because they're concerned about the potential for government abuse of privacy and other civil liberties when the federal government has access to a database containing our personal information, and they're concerned about the inevitable increase in the amount of data that will be recorded for each of us.

    Religious Leaders are speaking out against Real ID on many fronts. Many believe that Real ID is the Mark of the Beast, or is a big step in that direction.
    Gun Rights Advocates don't like Real ID because they believe it's the path way to a national gun registry that will make future gun bans easier to enforce. Register the people register the guns, and they take the guns...


    Biometrics is a fancy word for measuring living things. Under Real ID, biometrics encodes information about our facial features that allow computers to recognize us. Eventually, the Real ID could contain our finger prints and DNA information.
    Biometric data is not needed for a police officer to identify a person, but it is needed for a camera to be connected to a computer and to print a list of names and addresses of everyone who walks down a street or attends church or a political rally. As paranoid as that sounds, the technology was already tested as part of the verification process for the Real ID hardware and software. The faces of the crowed attending the 2001 Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa Bay Florida were scanned. It's a public area, so no permission was required. The prototype technology wasn't very good and made numerous mistakes, but vast improvements have been made since then, and this test demonstrates the intended use of this invasive technology, where "Your body is your ID.

    Please go to next blog for more information...Thank You  

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  • Tap Water vs Bottle Water...Do You Know What You Are Drinking???

    Posted on Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    Hello Ladies, I am sorry I have been MIA lately, Real life kind of flooded my days..While at my doctor's appointment yesterday I ran across a flyer about Water and how important it is to our bodies..Not news to a lot of us, but there were some very interesting facts and issues mentioned in the article. When I got home I researched this and found their claims were very true...

    I won't say I am a big water drinker, to be honest I can't stand to drink it..The best way for me to even enjoy it is with lemon in it...I am also not a person who totes around a 2 liter with me as if I were crossing the desert and I needed a camel..Now I figured if I was going to indulge in a glass of it...I had to have "Bottled Water"...After all it was the purest right???

    Focus On H2O!!!
    Over seventy percent of the Earth is covered by water, and the human body is approximately 2/3 water. It is everywhere, and essential to life! Water is very important to our bodies and can help improve our health. Out of 6 Nutrients Our Body Needs, Water Is Most Important... Vitamins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Protein, Minerals, and of course Water!! It is recommended to drink 6-8oz glasses per day. You don't want to over hydrate because you will dilute much needed nutrients.

    For all of the Advent water drinkers out there kudos to you all and keep drinking..For us non drinkers we have always known that we should..We just chose not to..There is that "Free Will" thing again...

    Here are a few things right off the bat that I thought "Great". I know I need help in all these areas...

    Regulates Body Temperature...This has been a very important bit of information for myself and a few of my friends who are going through Menopause. Those hellish "Hot Flashes" a refreshing cold glass of water will lower your body temperature.  

    Helps With Waste Elimination...I definitely could use a lot of help in this area, I have had IBS since I was 18yrs. old. If any of you Ladies are taking a lot of different kinds of medication this is a plus for will help us from becoming toxic...  

    Lubricates Joints...This has to be a plus no matter what your age...

    Moisturizes...If for no other reason to drink it I like this one the best..I go through so much lotion and body oils. Think of the money I can save...

    Transports Other Nutrients...This is good to know...

    Helps In Digestion...I know from experience when I have no anti acids I can grab a glass of water and drink it, helps to dilute stomach acid...

    Now your thinking..OK I already know this so what's the news flash!!!  

    This is : Tap Water VS. Bottled Water...

    Tap water is regulated by EPA...Bottled water is regulated by FDA...

    Tap: Cannot have confirmed E.coli or fecal Coliform bacteria...Bottle: A certain amount of any bacteria is allowed...

    Tap: Is filtered and/or disinfected...Bottled: No federal filtration or disinfection requirements.

    Tap: Violation of drinking water standards are grounds for
    Enforcements...Bottle: Bottle water in violation of standards can still be sold.

    Tap: Utilities must have their water tested by certified labs...Bottle: Such testing is not required for bottlers...

    Tap: Tap water results must be reported to state or federal officials...Bottle: There are no reporting requirements for bottlers...

    Tap: Water system operators must be certified...Bottle: Bottled water plant operators do not have to be certified...

    Tap: Water suppliers must issue Consumer Confidence Reports annually...Bottle: There are no public right-to-know requirements for bottlers...

    Tap: Costs pennies a day...Bottle Costs anywhere from .80c to $4.00 per gallon...

    Tap: Contains essential nutrients for the body such as calcium and iron...Bottle: Natural minerals are removed by bottler's filtration systems...

    Tap: Residual in water to prevent bacteria growth...Bottle: No disinfection present to kill bacteria in bottles...

    I don't know about anyone else but I think my best bet and healthy choice will be Tap Water. Also with the recent peanut butter food poisoning..and the disgusting condition of the plant where the tainted peanut butter was processed, you have to ask yourself...what is really allowed in the food and beverages we much of it is just swept under the rug by the owners and operators who ship out their slightly tainted items...It scares the hell out of me...If you have time sit down at your computer or go to a library and look for yourself at what percentage of contaminates are considered acceptable by the FDA...I think most of you will find it "Unacceptable"...  

    Here is just one interesting site:

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  • Going MIA

    Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Hay Ladies I am gonna be MIA for a few days..I am having way to much pain in my back right now..I can't sit for very long..I will be back ASAP...when I get back I promise to post some interesting stuff.. Much Love & Friendship... Kat

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