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Neicy’s In sight

  • Time, Time, Time........

    Posted on Friday, August 17, 2012

    Nothing but time. Well seeing I still have 2 weeks before I see the ortho specialist and having to use crutches until then I am officially off work until this doctor determines my fate, surgery or some other healing method for my foot. I went to my job today and  my staff co-ordinator said I still had roll over time from my last FMLA which they at corporate combined to give me full coverage for my time off in the event I do have to have surgery, she also said that whenever I came back to work, she would let me work part time ours just to see if my foot can handle the load returning to work, but my full time status will remain the same, “AIN‘T GOD GOOD!” so I’m just home now relaxing the foot waiting for my visit with this new doctor and will fill out my paper work so I can still get a pay check lol.

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  • Walk

    Posted on Thursday, August 9, 2012

    Forgive me
    ‘Cause I come to you more than I give thanks
    Why am I on my knees prayin’ yet again
    Asking for more and more and more
    Without recognizing the blessings I’ve already received
    So now I say to you Father God thank you
    People are inspired by your transparency
    Your walk is way more inspiring than your talk of God

    I ask God for clarity so that He can reveal things to you that you will
    Never be able to see with your own eyes, pray for clarity
    God will never give you something somebody else is supposed to have
    Read more at [Link Removed]

    Neicy, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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  • Who Knew?

    Posted on Tuesday, June 19, 2012

    Well I finally made it to the foot specialist, and it was more than my doctor said.....I have some tendon issues to the point of me may having to wear a cast :( who knew? I can’t even fathom the thought of how this came to be, he actually said my foot is caving in lol, never heard that before, but it is serious, so he sent me right over to Wrights-Fillipis to get fitted for a special brace which they had to order for me to try this method first. I tell you if it ain’t one thing it’s another. Well at least now I know. Well once they fit me with the brace correctly we’ll see how it helps. tongue out

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  • And He Is Only 17

    Posted on Saturday, June 16, 2012

    Today 6/16/12 I met at the park a 17 yr old young man name Garrick Davies, I was drawn to him while I was helping Jadyn ride her bike. Once we got into the park he came over from his house and sat at the picnic table and we began to talk, he told me he had been in Army boot camp and that he and his unit was leaving in September for Afghanistan. He shared with me how troubled his life was not because of his up bringing, but because of the friends and choices in life he chose. He is the baby of 2 other siblings which are grown and out on their own he was the problem child. He shared with me how his parents were ready to kick him out on the street, and then he made a decision to let go and let God. He let his faith in God take over. This young man had me full with joyous tears as he shared with me how he knows there is a real true living God and how good God is, as he also said how can anyone think otherwise? He said one of the many reasons he knows there is a God is because of his changed life and his heart, and how he looked for those people whom he had wrong in the past to ask for forgiveness and make things right with them before God, and before he is deployed in September, again this is a 17 yr old black male. This young man spoke with such wisdom and clarity that I just wanted to shout and dance before the Lord in praise, because it blessed my spirit to be in his company for the mere 30 minutes that we chatted. It flet like I knew him for a life time. I guess it was the God in us both that made me feel that way.

    I encouraged him to keep God 1st and foremost in his life and to keep sharing the goodness of the Lord with all those in whom he comes in contact with far and near, I shared my husbands testimony with him about his past, present and future to come how God has brought him from drugs, prison, homelessness, being a ruthless gangster, a womanizer, to a college graduate. He was in awe, but knew and stated it was God. Mr. Garrick has truly blessed me to have met him and his parents live in my neighborhood, I promise I will keep him in my prayers knowing he has dedicated his life to Christ as well as to our country to fight for our safety and well being God bless him, his unit and his family.

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  • Saturday Morning

    Posted on Saturday, June 16, 2012

    Shhhhh it’s 6am and I’m up alone except for my praise and worship team members ( the birds ) sitting quietly as my hubby and g-baby are sleeping, thinking about how blessed I am. I truly had a wonderful time w/ my Jadyn at the park yesterday, she is such a delightful kid to be around and is so smart. I thank Jehovah-God on a daily basis for my family and to let me be in good health to enjoy special times like that with my family.

    We ran walked, talked laughed acted silly and just sat playing around all day. I have been her prime playmate since birth, and she knows it this is why she is so attached to me. She loves her mommy dearly but asked if she could live with me and her poppa? We have her spoiled, but in a good way, she is not a bad kid at all. Well today she wants to go back to the park, but I doubt that we will, but I will find something else for us to do before going to church tonight. I am also enjoying my little FITBIT pedometer it is truly an amazing little tracking device, it is helping me keep track of my steps, my sleep and my miles with so much more. It’s teaching me to discipline myself with this weight-loss challenge.
    If it weren’t for the arthritis I feel I could walk even mor but the pain is so great in my ankle, but I’m still going to try and bear as much as I can. Tonight we who are in a skit for the My Sister’s Heart gathering are suppose to rehearse tonight after service, I hope everyone shows up. Well I’m going to continue to sit here and meditate, pray and enjoy my quiet time will I still have it, have a blessed day! heart

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  • Repositioning In My Humbleness

    Posted on Monday, June 4, 2012

    For as long as I can remember, I have always found myself either giving a listening ear, or giving wise counsel to so many people without even putting any thought in it. As far back as high-school I can remember my friends calling on me for my advice, opinions etc... Even to this very day many still call upon me for sound advice while knowing what they share with me would not be shared with others. As a matter of fact I still have two childhood friends who call upon me on a regular basis for advice on things their dealing with in their relationships.

    Well I have been labeled by some as a mother-hen so to speak, because I’m always advising and I show love and compassion with it. Well I have been asking the Lord to move me in a new area of ministry, but I never knew what area to go into, so I stood still, while still attending my current church.
    Many of you here know that I am a licensed Evangelist and have ministered in the pulpit as well as in prisons. But I felt God had something else for me to do. So I pondered over what and prayed about the direction I should go unto the Lord.

    Well I felt led of the Holy Spirit to text my pastors letting them know I wanted to get busy within the ministry, but didn’t know where to serve, but was praying about it. Well the head pastor text me back saying that we needed to chat and that he’d call me, so today he and I spoke on the matter now without me even sharing my thoughts about counseling, he said the Lord told him that I need to be the one ministering and counseling the young single mothers who are struggling in the church with life and their children. I was so blew back because I knew this was God. My prayer was answered and it came through the pastor as conformation as to what I already knew.    

    So he and I will chat again Wednesday night after bible study, this is so ordained of God. Just the other day in service I was lead to pray with a young single mom with 2 kids and as I prayed the Holy Spirit led me and as I prayed she just seeped, became humbled as to what the Spirit was saying, so I know this is what I’m suppose to be doing. But not just because of that situation, I had felt the leading of God in this area for a very, long time but I didn’t heed til now, it’s time.

    So I am humbled and I am getting into the birthing position so that God can birth a new thing in me so I can be used and be effective in my calling.

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