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Anti-Aging Skincare

  • Fall 2014 Makeup and Skincare Trends

    Posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2014

    As much as I love summer's long days, warm temperatures and sunshine, nothing is quite as exciting or fresh as the start of fall.  Makeup and skincare trends for the upcoming autumn season include many that will be easy to incorporate into your everyday routine.  Here are a few of my favorites:

    1. Oil For the Body and the Face.  One look around the beauty department confirms that cosmetic and skin care companies are jumping on the oil-based band wagon in droves.  We're used to seeing body and hair treatments that are oil-based, but cleansers, night treatments and serums are also available now in oil-based formulations.  With the colder, drier weather on its way, giving oils a try may be an easier sell than during the hot summer months.  Truth be told though, we never stopped using dry-finish argan oil for hair, lips and hands at night. Apothekari Argan Oil is wild-crafted if you want to give it a try.

    2. Shine is Back but Just for the Lips. Neutral and coral give way to statement lips in bold reds and bordeaux with a glossy shine.  Although stained lips with a matte finish is more my style, going a bit darker with some shine will work nicely for dinner out with your partner (hint, hint).

    3. Flawless Face.  Healthy skin and an even complexion have never gone out of style but with the #nofilter trend, it's more coveted than ever.  Although there's no app for getting a flawless face, we might just have the next best thing: legendary MaMa Lotion .  This ever popular gel-lotion with 20% AHA is the ultimate in reducing pigmentation, evening out skin tone, brightening the complexion and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    4. Smokey Eye.  Does this trend every go away? For the latest version of the smokey eye, think less black, more earthy colors with a hazy finish, liquid eyeliner and lots of mascara.  So easy that even I will be able to master it.

    5. Go for Grey.  Not strictly makeup or skin care, but there seems to be a lot of grey clothing rolling into the stores now.  And I love it.  My favorite neutral goes with almost anything, including pinks, whites, teals and navy, without the stark look of black.  Give me a charcoal grey sweater and riding boots and I couldn't be happier.

    Welcome, Fall!

    Sharmani Pillay is a Registered Pharmacist who specializes in anti-aging skin care and women's wellness. She owns and operates an online skin care store at .
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  • Skin Care: You Asked; We Answer

    Posted on Monday, September 15, 2014

    Throughout summer, most customers call us to talk about sunscreen, and although we are just as fanatical as the next person about sun protection, we at PharmacyMix are equally eager to discuss skin care in general.  Here are just a few questions (and answers!) that have popped up recently.  Keep them coming!

    1. Do retinoids thin the skin?  And can they be used long-term?

    Retinoids actually help thicken the skin as they boost collagen production and increase cell turnover, giving a plumper and smoother look to the face.  As for long-term use, retinoids not only correct existing damage (wrinkles and dark spots) but also work as cell communicators to regulate skin cell functions that deteriorate with age and sun exposure.  If you are using a prescription-strength retinoid long-term, it's recommended to continue regular consultations with your doctor or dermatologist.

    2. I stopped using hydroquinone when I was pregnant, but now that the baby has been born, can I go back to it?

    Hydroquinone should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.  If neither of these conditions apply, then hydoquinone use can be continued.  However, it is still wise to test for skin sensitivity when treatment is resumed after a long period of time.

    3. I have lines around the mouth they call Marionette lines. They are not real bad but I am looking for a product that will help make them less noticeable, and maybe more firmer. I was thinking of starting the Green cream level 6. What can you recommend that would help me?

    Either high-potency retinol Green Cream Level 6 or gentle Apothekari A is for Anti-Aging retinal serum would be very good choices to start with for the lines around your mouth. Retinoids in general boost collagen production, leading to smoother and "plumper" skin. Incorporate gradually into your skin care routine and give it at least a month to work (skin renews itself every 28 days) and you may find that it is a great alternative to more invasive procedures. If you prefer not to go the retinoid route, look for a cream with peptides as they also boost collagen production and help plump the skin to fill in wrinkles for a smoother look.

    4. I have little bumps on my upper arms and thighs. They look kind of like acne.  Can I use acne creams to get rid of them?

    From your description, it sounds like you may have keratosis pilaris (KP), a common skin condition that presents itself as dry, rough patches of skin or small acne-like bumps, often on the upper arms, legs and face.  Although they are painless and not medically serious, KP can occasionally look red and inflamed.

    KP occurs when the human body produces excess keratin, which is a natural and hard protein designed to protect the skin from harmful substances and infection. This excess keratin forms a scaly plug that surrounds and traps hair follicles in the pore. The result is hyperkeratinization (or the formation of many plugs) that lead to rough, bumpy or sandpaper or 'chicken skin'.

    Although there is no cure for KP, effective treatment to control the condition includes moisturizing and exfoliation using an alpha hydroxyl lotion such as Lac Hydrin or Neostrata Body Smoothing Lotion .  Often keratosis pilaris will resolve on its own, but it can sometimes take months or even years. If you are susceptible, the condition is likely to recur so it is important to continue treatment on a regular basis.

    5. I've been using skin lighteners for a long time and heard that hydroquinone can cause cancer.  Is this true?

    Although issues of carcinogenicity and skin lightening have been raised in the past due to a study involving rats being injected with large doses of hydroquinone, there have been no concerns raised with topical use either on humans or animals.

    The risk of side effects is small if hydroquinone products are used wisely:  stick to concentrations of 4% or less, use in a cyclic fashion of 4 months on and one month off, and pay careful attention to applying a thin layer to target areas only.  However, if you are still concerned about using hydroquinone or unable to tolerate its use topically, consider alternative skin lightening agents such as bearberry, kojic acid, alpha arbutin and PhE-Resorcinol .

    Sharmani Pillay is a Registered Pharmacist who specializes in anti-aging skin care and women's wellness. She owns and operates an online skin care store at .
    For a limited time, Fabulously 40 members save 5% off all purchases. Code fab40 at checkout.

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  • Helixia Cough Prospan Syrup – New

    Posted on Monday, September 8, 2014

    Helixia Cough Prospan is new . Used for more than 20 years in Germany, it is ranked the world's #4 best-selling expectorant and #1 best-selling herbal expectorant. Made from a naturally-sourced medicinal ingredient, ivy leaf extract, and backed by a breadth of clinical trials and solid worldwide experience, Helixia Cough Prospan Syrup is used as an expectorant to help relieve coughing and loosen mucus and phlegm.

    Helixia's non-drowsy formula is also free of sucrose, gluten, dyes and alcohol with a pleasant honey-like taste.  Indicated for use by adults and adolescents over the age of 12, Helixia should be taken for at least 1 week or longer depending on the nature and severity of your condition. It is recommended to continue taking Helixia Cough Prospan for 2-3 days after your symptoms have disappeared.

    Helixia Cough Prospan Syrup also comes in convenient 5ml ready-to-use single-dose sachets , ideal for use on the go.  These handy pre-measured dosages can start relieving your cough as soon as symptoms appear, no matter where you are.

    Parents will be pleased to know that Helixia also comes in a formula made specifically for children aged 1 to 11. Relied on by moms and dads in 85 countries, it has an excellent safety and tolerability profile with scientifically proven relief, backed by several clinical studies.

    As with any over-the-counter medicine, do not exceed the recommended daily dose and keep out of reach of children. Helixia should not be used for by those with allergies to ivy, sorbitol (sweetener), or other ingredients in the product. Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist or worsen.

    Sharmani Pillay is a Registered Pharmacist who specializes in anti-aging skin care and women's wellness. She owns and operates an online skin care store at .
    For a limited time, Fabulously 40 members save 5% off all purchases. Code fab40 at checkout.

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  • Summer And Skin Aging

    Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2014

    Summer may conjure up images of days spent relaxing in a hammock with a cool drink by our side, but the last time I looked in the mirror, my skin was looking definitely ... haggard.  The season should have been all about rosy cheeks and carefree days, but the truth is that summer can hasten the aging of skin.

    Here's how summer can play havoc with the health of your skin:

    1. More airplane time.   Flying the friendly skies can wreck skin largely due to low humidity in the cabins.  While normal humidity in an average home sits in the 30% to 50% range, it can dip to as low as 1% on an airplane.  It's no wonder skin and hair feel completely devoid of moisture!  Hydrate, inside and out, by drinking plenty of liquids and applying moisturizer and hand cream often.

    2. Unprotected UV exposure. We naturally just end up spending more time outside in the summer, yet unprotected UV exposure may be the number one factor in premature aging of the skin. With repeated exposure, collagen in the skin breaks down, elastin weakens and damage shows up as wrinkles, dark spots and loose, leathery skin. Protect yourself by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen , seeking shade when available and wearing sun-protective clothing.

    3. Air conditioning. As necessary as central heating in the winter, air conditioners keep homes and offices cool when temperatures soar. In addition to blowing cool air, air conditioners also pull humidity out of the air at the same time. When we spend our days at the office and our nights at home in these controlled environments, our skin is constantly being robbed of moisture. Although dry skin doesn't actually cause wrinkles, the lack of moisture can add years to the face. Replenish with a hydrating serum like Apothekari Super C serum , which includes hyaluronic acid to moisturize and plump skin cells.

    4. Not getting enough sleep. With the kids out of school, the temptation was certainly there to take advantage of the weather and pack in as many activities into our waking time as possible. Coupled with the longer days and later bedtime, the simple truth is that we just aren't getting enough sleep. A recent study found that the lack of sleep  can actually double the signs of ageing skin.  Do we need any more reason than that to turn off the lights?

    Now that September is here and the kids are back in school, it's time to put "taking care of my skin" back on the top of your list.

    Sharmani Pillay is a Registered Pharmacist who specializes in anti aging skin care and women's wellness. She owns and operates an online skin care store at 

    For a limited time, Fabulously 40 members save 5% off all purchases. Code fab40 at checkout.

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  • Bye-Bye Facelift

    Posted on Friday, August 22, 2014

    Mireille Guiliano's latest book French Women Don't Get Facelifts, may have you wondering whether a facelift is avoidable after all. The author of the bestselling, French Women Don't Get Fat, Guiliano shares the secrets and strategies of aging with attitude, joy, and no surgery. Guiliano maintains that aging has much more to do with how women think of themselves than with facelifts or outward appearances. While her book is more about an attitude fix, you may be interested to learn that some doctors believe that the facelift may be passé in about 20 to 30 years.

    Experts maintain that a combination of healthy lifestyle habits along with non-invasive cosmetic procedures can help you look younger for longer. Here's how:

    Treat Wrinkles Now. It turns out that wrinkle treatments like Botox not only relax wrinkles but also weaken muscles over time so that creases don't deepen. In some cases, they may never appear. Is it worth dashing out for Botox right now? That's a discussion between you and your doctor. However, some clinicians contend that the earlier the better.
    Get Filling. Hyaluronic acid fillers add fullness and plump out lines. Some new studies are showing that they may also lead to collagen growth and stimulate the production of chemicals that prevent the breakdown of existing collagen.
    Sleep Well. "Sleep wrinkles" develop when your face is compressed against your pillow at night. They tend to not disappear once awake. Stomach and side sleeping are problematic so experts recommend you sleep on your back.
    Stop Grinding Your Teeth! Grinding shortens teeth, making the distance between nose and chin smaller over time. Your face is shrinking, leading to wrinkles and jowls. Cosmetic dentists recommend night guards if this is a problem for you.
    Do You Really Want To Run? Running takes a toll on your body, including your face. The constant up and down force may loosen facial ligaments and cause sagging and drooping in the cheeks, jaw and jowls. Consider elliptical devices instead and invest in a pair of sneakers with extra shock absorption.
    Eat Well. Extreme dieting can thin fat pads in the cheeks, lower eyelids and temples leaving you looking gaunt. Yo-yo dieting is the worst, often resulting in a loss of tight, taught skin. Make sure you're eating the right things – nix simple carbs and inflammatory foods like candy, booze and fried foods. Load up instead on protein, vegetables and healthy fats, which contain essential nutrients to help synthesize collagen.
    Play your cards right and maybe the scalpel isn't inevitable after all.

    Sharmani Pillay is a Registered Pharmacist who specializes in anti-aging skin care and women's wellness. She owns and operates an online skin care store at .
    For a limited time, Fabulously 40 members save 5% off all purchases. Code fab40 at checkout.

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  • Ooh Ombrelle – Broad Spectrum Sun Protection For Everyone

    Posted on Tuesday, August 19, 2014

    Ombrelle sunscreens are the less known cousin to top selling Anthelios sunscreens. What you may not know about Ombrelle, is that just like its famous relative, this brand is formulated with Mexoryl technology, available in a wide array of formulations and delivers excellent UVA/UVB protection.

    Both Ombrelle and Anthelios are owned by French corporate giant L'Oreal, so they are privy to the same excellent sunscreen technology. And while Ombrelle certainly hasn't achieved the cult like following attributed to Anthelios sunscreens, this line does deliver. A bonus? Ombrelle sunscreens tend to be better priced than Anthelios. And, since the line is bigger, it comes with a wider selection of products, especially those intended for sports and recreation use.

    Here are some of our favorites:

    Ombrelle Ultra Fluid Face Lotion SPF 60 – new to the line, this light, mattifying lotion is ideal for daily use and can be worn under make-up
    Ombrelle Complete SPF 60 Lotion – our top selling Ombrelle sunscreen contains both Mexoryl SX and Mexoryl XL and may be used on both face and body. It is water resistant. Perfect for warm weather getaways.
    Ombrelle Complete Dry Mist Spray SPF 60 – Delivers high protection that feels like nothing is on your skin. 100% alcohol free, fragrance and colorant free formula leaves skin feeling bare, hydrated, never sticky or greasy.
    Ombrelle Kids Lotion SPF 60 Specifically formulated for children, this water resistant and fast absorbing formula provides broad spectrum photostable protection against UVA & UVB rays.
    View the full range of Ombrelle sunscreens here. Still not sure which one's right for you? Call or email us and we'd be happy to help.

    Sharmani Pillay is a Registered Pharmacist who specializes in anti-aging skin care and women's wellness. She owns and operates an online skin care store at .
    For a limited time, Fabulously 40 members save 5% off all purchases. Code fab40 at checkout.

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