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All Eyes Are on Featured Member Becky Steed

By Staff

This week spotlight is on Becky Steed founder of Inner Glow Concepts, LLC - AmiGlowz.comin
New Hampshire.

Fab40Describe how you started out in your career field. Did you attend college immediately following high school? If so, did your parents expect you to go to college or did you attend on your own?  

Becky SteedBeckyAll through high school I wanted to be a police officer so I chose a college and majored in criminal justice. I was the first person in my family to attend college so my mother was supportive but never pushed me to go.  Needless to say college was not exactly my thing so after two long weeks I decided to head back home and get a job. I found myself being recruited to work at an authorized Apple dealer selling Macintosh computer and my IT career was born.  Throughout the past 20 years I held various positions at a number of companies in their IT department.  I acquired several certifications to strengthen my career.  

Fab40Are you currently working in the same profession you intended to when starting your career path or has it taken you in another direction and what is your current profession?
Becky No, one day a colleagues of mine approached me with a business proposition to create a goal setting website.At first I was hesitant not knowing the market, competitors or even what she had in mind.  I did my homework, sat down and had a meeting with her and concept of was born.It was one of the best things that has happened to me.

Fab40During our careers, there are always challenges we are faced with that may or may not be gender related.I would like to know the most significant challenges you have been faced throughout your career or are facing now, and how you overcame them or plan to overcome them.
BeckyI have been very lucky working in a male dominate field to not be treated differently.Through hard work I have been very successful in my career.

Fab40What keeps/kept you from giving up along the way when faced with tough challenges or let downs? Where did you find the strength or desire to keep pushing forward?
BeckyMy dreams keep me going and push me day to day. There are things I want to do and have in my life which I believe I can obtain as long as I stay focused and on track.  I think my strength is my drive and passion to be better and want more for myself.

Fab40What are your accomplishments you are most proud of and why?
BeckyI have accomplished many thing both personally and professionally.I have owned my own computer consulting business and now, along side my business partner we are growing our goal setting community for women. It is a great feeling to know that you have created something that energizes you every day.You wake up excited to go to work to plan, create and deliver new ideas to help others with their success.

Fab40Did/do you have a support system surrounding you throughout your career climbing and if so, who are they and how did/do they help you?
BeckyMy friends and family have always been supportive of my endeavors.  I have always had something going on to keep me very busy.  I think they are amazed that I can juggle as much as I do, sometimes I'm not sure how I do it.

Fab40What do you attribute your success to?
BeckyMy desire to be someone and be successful.  I want to be able to look back at my life and be happy with all of the things I have explored and accomplished .

Fab40Obviously goal setting has been a key component to your success. Can you tell us why?
BeckyYes, goal setting is a critical component that has led me to where I am today.  I get something in my mind and I say to myself, I can do that and I set out a plan to make it happen.  I believe failure is a learning experience and brings you one step closed to success.

Fab40In helping yourself achieve career goals, do you perform any type of mediation, relaxation or affirmations? If so, what has your experience been in relation to helping you accomplish your professional and personal goals?
BeckyI think self talk is so important, believing in yourself and knowing you have the power to live the life you want to lead.

Fab40Have you had any mentors that have guided you or provided insight throughout your career climbing? Have you been a mentor to others?
BeckyWhat was your experience like?  I have had a few managers through out my career which I would consider to be great mentors.  The feeling of being empowered to do the work and make decisions to build your confidence and foundation.  Working in corporate America has been a tremendous experience for me. I have had the opportunity to work with people who believe in the common goal and help to encourage each other along the way.

Fab40What is your experience with networking and do you feel it is important?
BeckyI think networking especially with other women is a great experience.It is because of networking I was introduced to the concept of the power of positive thinking and goal setting.It changed my life and the way I look at myself and my future.

Fab40What do you feel are the essentials to career climbing and why?
BeckyNot being afraid to work outside of your comfort zone.  Never be afraid to ask questions and try new things.

Fab40Where do you see yourself in your career in 5 or 10 years and how do you plan on getting there?
BeckyI see myself being more successful than I am today.I envision running a company where people love coming to work and being a part of a team that changes people lives.  I see my dream home by the lake and taking vacations beyond my wildest dreams.

Fab40Are you involved in any non-profit organizations as a volunteer or board member? If so, which charity and why did you choose that particular charity? What role do you have in supporting them?
BeckyI am very passionate about an organization called Ahava Kids.They are dedicated to fight against human trafficking in the US and around the world.My hopes is to raise money for Ahava Kids to help them continue their mission.

Fab40Other comments or stories you may want to share?
BeckyMy dream is to be a part of the big picture, to help people believe in themselves and live their dreams. Through AmiGlowz we want to build programs that help women and the next generation of successful women. For us it is about giving back, paying it forward and get people thinking about others and how each of us can help the communities around us.I feel blessed to have all of the things in my life and my wish is for everyone to have that feeling of happiness and accomplishment.

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