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All Eyes Are on Featured Member Kristi Shannon

By Staff

All Eyes are on Fabulously40 Featured Member Kristi Shannon!

Kristi, also known as kmsmineralon Fabulously40, started KmS Mineral Essentials. 

We asked her a few personal questions to learn more about this powerful Fabulously40 woman!

1. Describe how you started out in your career field.  

I was in the property management field for nearly 10 years.  I took a position with a title company as an area sales representative.  They offered more money and better benefits.  6 months later the company closed it’s doors so I found myself unemployed.  I was unsure if I wanted to return to property management.  I wanted to consider starting my own company and hoped to make a difference for other women.  KmS Mineral  Essentials was born soon thereafter.

2. Are you currently working in the same profession you intended to when starting your career path or has it taken you in another direction and what is your current profession?

KmS is outside the realm of where I thought my career would go.  I am so glad I took the leap as it has certainly changed my life for the better as our products have truly made a difference for our customers worldwide by building their confidence!

3. During our careers, there are always challenges we are faced with that may or may not be gender related. What is the most significant challenges you have been faced throughout your career or are facing now, and how you overcame them or plan to overcome them?

The challenge was finally realizing that I really am good at what I do!  I never saw my potential in this business in the beginning as it grew, but my friends and family sure did!  

We have come such a long way since day one.  It was a natural progression for me but others have said that from the outside looking in, they were amazed at we accomplished in such a short period of time.

4. What keeps you from giving up along the way when faced with tough challenges or let downs? Where did you find the strength or desire to keep pushing forward?

My strength comes from my faith first and foremost.  The desire to press forward comes easily when I get an email from a customer who is extremely pleased with our product quality and performance. We have such a wide customer base, I could not imagine letting them down by giving up.  They are counting on us!

5. What are your accomplishments you are most proud of and why?  

My children.  I have 3 ranging in age from 15 to 21.  I have observed my friends and family members struggle with their teenagers over drugs, authority issues and such.  I am blessed to have thus far successful shielded my children from those situations, teaching them confidence and the desire to serve others.  It is wonderful to watch them grow and put the values you have taught them into practice!

6. Did you have a support system surrounding you throughout your career climbing? How do they help you?

Yes.  My family and friends.  They believed in me when at times I did not believe in myself. Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people can make a huge difference between sucess and failure.

7. What do you attribute your success to?

My faith and my support system that consists of friends and family.

8. Has goal setting been a key component to your success and why?

Yes. You have to set goals or you cannot appreciate where you have been.

9. In helping yourself achieve career goals, do you perform any type of mediation, relaxation or affirmations?

I pray a lot.  I also understand the importance of taking care of myself.  I try to get regular massages, turn of the TV and my blackberry.  It can be tough to make time for me, but I realize it is completely necessary as I could easily run myself into the ground otherwise!

10. Have you had any mentors that have guided you or provided insight throughout your career climbing?
I have had a few mentors.  They were the key to my business as they saw things from an objective point of view.  Something I cannot do from where I stand!  I would love to be a mentor someday.......and maybe I am and just don’t know it!  I think we need to see every opportunity to share our success stories with others so they in turn have an opportunity to be successful!

11. What is your experience with networking and do you feel it is important?

Networking is so important, but it is sometimes easy to put off on the back burner as I get wrapped up in my daily chaos at times.  It has helped me both on a personal and professional level.  It has been a real motivator for me personally as it gave me an opportunity to observe other women in business and learn what has worked or not worked for them.

12. What do you feel are the essentials to career climbing and why?

Networking as mentioned above, staying true to yourself and your dream.  It is the reason you went into business in the first place!  Keeping in mind that the customer is always right.  They are the reason you stay in business!

13. Where do you see yourself in your career in 5 or 10 years and how do you plan on getting there?

I would love to update our website and hosting, and maybe even feature our products in our own stores throughout the country.  I would like to add a natural skin care line to compliment our products at some time in the future.  I believe as our company grows, new opportunities in network may arise, and interest in our product may be recognized by investors.    

Visit Kristi's site at KmS Mineral Essentials. 

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