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ESSURE/Parking with safety

By Carine Nadel

Always remember:  when parking your car, take the utmost precautions not to have an accident.

I'm not talking about a dent in one of the fenders!  I'm talking birth control ladies.  

According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), 51% of pregnancies among women over 40 are not planned.  Among married women, more than a quarter admit that their pregnancies came as a "surprise", in a report from the National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG).

What are those of us with libidos as high as our ability to get pregnant to do to insure we're not one of these statistics?  After all, the days of parking and making out with your sweetie aren't necessarily over, even if you do it in the family mini-van!

If you and your significant other are positive that your family is complete-there is now a VERY permanent and non-surgical choice in birth control.

Dr. Cindy Basinski was the first physician to perform the in-office permanent birth control procedure, known as Essure, in the Evansville, Indiana area.  She has done over 375 since the time 2-1/2 years ago.  

"Knowledge for women means power.   If you are positive that your family is complete, this is the wave of the future, if you will.  It's basically a mechanical blockage of the tubes.   A tiny coil, much like a cardiac stent or even pierced earrings!

"There's no need for an operating room, anesthesia, an operating room, monthly prescriptions to put dangerous hormones into your body or worry about a tubal ligation/vasectomy failure.  Once the blockage is complete, in about 3 months, you are free of worry."

Take the story of Gaby and Rob, a married couple and parents of 3. Gaby is a nurse and Rob is a fireman.  Rob had a failed vasectomy.

Gaby, age 43, had had two very difficult childbirths and was warned not to have any more children.  She took her doctor's advice to heart and had an IUD fitted.  It failed!  After the birth of their 3rd child, Rob had a vasectomy-which also failed!

"I was frantic.  I needed to prevent a possible 4th child and the further risks to my health.  I began asking around the hospital where I worked and found out about the clinical trial of Essure.  Without any anesthesia or cutting, tiny coils would be placed into my fallopian tubes."

For Gaby, the procedure took 25 minutes.  "It allows us to have the freedom to have relations without the worry of pregnancy.  It's a mind shift for our sex life."

As Rob says, "We can now be as spontaneous as we want-once we can figure out how to get the kids out of the room!"

Who is the best candidate?  Dr. Basinski says as long as the woman is absolutely positive that she doesn't want anymore children and hasn't had any known tubal damage or blocks due to ablation or other types of scarring, there really isn't any reason not to use the procedure.

"There's no down time, many medical insurance either cover the procedure entirely or, if it's done as an office visit, only the co-pay is charged.  Women need to be pro-active in their health care.  Question your doctor, research options on the internet.

"Many doctors get too comfortable or too busy to learn about advancements in birth control and stick to the tried and true.   I predict that in 10 years-Essure and procedures like it will be universally used and preferred."

We as women are able to be more informed than ever before-the right birth control means we can successfully  chose when and how many children to have and have it fit us for the current stage of our lives and relationship with our significant other.  

It's fun to act like a kid and go parking again, even if it is in the family mini-van-but if you're over 40, it's also best to take as many precautions as possible so no accidents occur!

For more information about the Essure procedure log onto Essure.

Love it

Member Comments

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      Monkish wrote Jun 14, 2009
    • And we expect kids to have safe sex!  Besides it is not 100% there is a failure rate no one likes to talk about anymore.  When I was young and married I could not take the pill and the doctor made me sign a waiver saying I knew that I had to use condoms and a spermicide and there was still a risk.  You cannot get pregnant everyday but you can get AIDS!

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