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Six Triggers of Snoring That Can Ruin Your Sleep

By Janet Martin

Snoring is not a small problem. In fact, a lot of relationships have ended simply because one spouse cannot endure the incessant snoring of the other. If you have heard your wife or husband or your roommate complain about your nightly vocalization, then maybe you need to do something about your problem already. Besides, snoring does not only disrupt your sleep, it prevents others from getting their much-needed slumber as well.

Basically, a snore is a noise created by the vibrations of some parts of the respiratory system while a person is asleep. Feeble throat muscles and soft tissues commonly bring about these sounds or vibrations. In order to put an end to your snoring, you first need to know the reasons behind your nightly ritual of creating noise. Below are some of the most common causes of snoring:

Sleeping Position

People who sleep on their backs are more prone to produce nocturnal sounds than those who sleep on their sides. It seems that when you are sleeping on your back, the muscular tube of your pharynx relaxes, which is responsible for the constriction of airways. Try changing your sleeping position if you want to minimize your snoring.

Nasal Congestion

People who are suffering from allergies and colds usually snore when they sleep because their airways are blocked by mucus. Moreover, enlarged adenoids and tonsils can also make someone snore. If the reason behind your snoring is nasal congestion or other upper respiratory infections, then you have to find ways to hasten your recuperation.

By inhaling steam, taking medications and drinking plenty of water, you will surely beat your nasal problems and allergies in no time. In order to minimize risk of getting sick, you may also want to strengthen your immune system or get protection from the things that are causing your allergies.


Men are more predisposed to snoring than women primarily because their necks are bigger. Thus, they have more tissues in their necks that can cause obstruction of airflow, making them snore at night.


Another cause of snoring that you cannot do anything about is your age. It seems that people tend to snore more as they age. Probably the reason behind it is that tissues and muscles become weaker as a result of natural aging process.

snoring, snoring after 40, triggers of snoring

Believe it or not, your vices can also contribute to your snoring. Alcohol consumption just before going to sleep can make the muscles on your throat and pharynx more relaxed, which can cause you to snore. Smokers are also not spared. It seems that smoking causes irritation of the respiratory system. Individuals who are recipients of second hand smoke can also become snorers due to the inhalation of smoke.


It is not really surprising that excess weight and fat can bring about snoring. Those who are obese and overweight usually have a big neck and excess fatty tissues in the area, which can lead to more vibrations of the tissues.

If you are overweight, simply shedding pounds could tremendously help minimize your snoring. Once the excess fat tissues in your neck are diminished, the blockage in your airways will surely be gone.

There are also other products that can help minimize your snoring. Nasal strips, which are designed to keep your nostrils open, can help you breathe easily. There are also some snoring sprays that are used to coat the soft and loose tissues of your throat in order to prevent snoring. If you use this, however, make sure that you do not drink or eat anything 30 minutes before and after you used the spray.

If you happen to be the victim of a snoring spouse, however, what you can do to help cope with the nocturnal vibrations is to use earplugs. If this does not work, you can probably take some all-natural sleep supplements, such as Somulin to help you sleep better.

About the Author

Janet Martin is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premiere online news magazine The Article Insiders 

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