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The Reality of Womens Self Defense and Child Protection


It is an unfortunate fact that in today's society, womens self defense and child protection need to top the list of everyone's priorities to ensure we live in a safer world.

The problem we face is the mind set that, “It won't (or can't) happen to me.” So many women and children are facing danger daily with very little awareness, and they are not armed with the means to help protect themselves.

Two products come readily to mind: the stun gun taser and Mace spray (pepper spray). Both products are small and easy to conceal, and have the added benefit of providing you and your loved ones with the knowledge that should something happen, you have the means to defense yourself – provide your child with protection – they are excellent for womens self defense.

Example: You've been shopping or working out a the local fitness center. You leave the building and it's dark. You're walking to your car alone. Having ready access to your can of Mace spray will give you a greater sense of confidence, and properly trained on how it works you confidently walk to you car to go home.

Do You Have This Self Defense Mindset?

“Bad things always happen to someone else...” The irony of it is that those who think that way, are all too often the victims of assault. If they had been of a different mind set, might they have been able to stave off their attacker?

Am I saying that they are responsible for the attack? Not at all. Time's Have Changed


This is a time when people, especially women, need to be aware that they may actually, one day, be called upon to take action against an attacker. It can happen to anyone at any time; not just after dark, not just in bad sections of town, and not just to the other guy. However, this is also the millennium of empowerment. Victims advocacy and rights awareness are on the rise. Victims are speaking out, and the rest of the population is beginning to listen. Womens self defense groups form across the country. People are doing much more to provide their child with protection. Self-defense product sales and options are on the rise.

What Products Work Best? Mace spray is the first choice for many but in some parts of the country you must be licensed to carry Mace spray. However, Mace also makes a pepper spray. Pepper spray is a more effective replacement for the use of Mace, and is widely accepted as the choice for sprays by law enforcement officers. Mace pepper spray is faster acting and more debilitating to the assailant than Mace spray alone. It works 100% of the time.

Mace only is often ineffective when used against someone who is impaired due to drugs, alcohol or psychosis. The reason for this is that those who are in such a state do not recognize pain. With that brain function not in play, the caustic effect of the Mace is not registered; the pain is not felt, and the attack continues. Mace pepper spray is made from hot peppers, and it causes inflammation of the eye, lung and nasal tissues. When the attacker takes a breath, it sends them to their knees instantly and involuntarily, rendering them helpless. The active ingredient, (OC – Oleoresin Capsicum) is a organic chemical, not man-made, there are no toxic effects associated with it, as are with other self-defense sprays. Another womens self defense option is the stun gun taser. More compact that its original, these self defense weapons of choice are easily concealable, and virtually undetectable in the hand of a woman or man. You can feel confident carrying this type of self defense but not feel conspicious.

A sense of personal security is a priceless thing. Self-defense products, such as mace spray and the stun gun taser, allow people to feel empowered, safe and confident.

There is no need to live in fear; just having an awareness of the possibilities and taking a proactive approach to your lifestyle brings confidence and an ease with living.

Roy Allen's concern for women's safety arose from conversations with friends and family. His website provides easy to use, quality womens self defense and child protection products for a new generation. generation.

Your Protection First 

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