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Women over 40: The Top Threats to Long-Term Dieting Success

By Yana Berlin

It goes without saying that yo - yo dieting sucks.  Especially for women over 40, many of who have tried everything and are tired of constantly watching their figures.  We've all experienced the joy and elation that comes with a temporary drop in weight, only to realize over the next couple months that you're back to your old habits - and pant size.  Here's a list of what may be repeatedly threatening your hard-earned slim figure, and ways you can fight back.

lose weight fastProblem: Lack of social connections and feelings of attractiveness and sexuality.

Consequence: Women have the tendency to use food as a crutch in emotionally rocky times, which means over - eating and aiming for junk foods - which nixes the possibility of keeping weight off indefinitely.

Solutions: If you're lacking social contacts, extend your circle of acquaintances.  Also reconnect with your current friends and strengthen existing ties.  Most of all, learning to value your personal life and taking time out for yourself can be incredibly rewarding.

Problem: Not getting enough sun.

Consequence: You're missing out on getting the many physical and emotional benefits that the sun provides.

Solutions: Make an effort to go outdoors every day.  Too little sunshine triggers cravings for sweets, so take an afternoon walk instead of a stroll to the kitchen candy drawer.  In the winter, take a trip to the tanning salon.  You can fool your body into believing it was soaked in daylight, giving you what you need even if the weather conditions don't permit.

Problem: Excessive alcohol consumption.

Consequence: Alcohol is double-edged in its health dangers; not only is it high in calories but it stimulates hunger.

Solutions: NEVER drink when you're feeling depressed or having a bad day.  Drink in moderation and only in social situations—and never drink when you're alone.  Or simply abstain from alcoholic beverages altogether.

Problem:  Hormone replacements and Medicament side effects

Consequence: Hormone changes that come with age make losing and keeping off weight much more difficult for women over 40.

Solutions: Keep a close eye on how your body reacts to hormone supplements and Medicaments.  If you suddenly gain weight, consult your doctor immediately.  Weight gain is a common side-effect of medication so try to get as much information about drugs you may be taking or looking to take.

Problem: Errors in Nutrition.

Consequences: After 40, a woman's body begin to store fat much more efficiently, so poor eating habits can be extra costly.

Solutions: Be aware of what you are eating and try to be portion-conscious.  

The best foods to aim for are fruits, vegetables, whole grain products and lean meats. Read nutrition facts or even buy a calorie-counting guide for unprocessed items. Knowing what you are eating can be the key to permanent dieting success. Making a more long-term lifestyle change will be most effective in keeping weight off. Simply cutting out certain fatty foods won't do it; there is a whole learning process behind getting and staying fit. The most important part is learning to be self-analytical. Figuring out what triggers your over-eating will be the first step towards reigning yourself in. So put the crash dieting books in your local library's donation bin and get on track to slimming down - this time for good!

Love it

Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Hillther wrote Feb 26, 2010
    • It’s almost like you have describe me... Thank you

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Isa6figurewoman wrote Mar 18, 2010
    • Yes, thank you. This year I ate RAW for 40 days and while I felt fabulous, I did not lose any weight. I may have been eating too many nuts - but they were RAW nuts! lol. Anyway, it taught me that I love whole, living food to feel really good. Then, last week I found an all natural appetite suppressant, that elevates my mood. In 8 magical days I have dropped 6 stubborn pounds. I am 57 years old and maybe the RAW thing set me up to drop the weight, but I’m sticking with the combination of capsules and RAW. Thanks!estatic

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Yana Berlin wrote Mar 19, 2010
    • Which supplement? I would love to learn more.

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