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Love it

Thanksgiving is but a week away and I'm still lingering back between the Fourth of July and Labor Day! The speed of time passing has become a real bafflement to me! Though often accused of dwelling on another wave length, I'm beginning to believe it myself! Is it me? :)

I wanted to take an opportunity to wish all the Fab 40 girls and guys, and my faithful readers a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving. I'm thankful to Yana for giving me the chance to rant and loll back into journalism for a while. I really hadn't done much pure journalism since college. I'm now more inclined to write prose and poem. I'm thankful, too, for the girls that have followed my column and participated in the discussions, even those that disagree with my ideas and opinions. Unlike the Congress that is supposed to represent us, I welcome debate and discussion of ideas and I don't worry about my re-election as I'm not running for anything but the employment of common sense and critical thinking. Last but not least, I'm especially thankful that I was able to regain the wherewithal to do the writing I so love doing.

This is a bit early to begin season wishes, but I will be leaving Sunday to spend the holiday with my cousins at the Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary out in the Ozarks. Some time in the pastures with the majestic animals finally running free after years of use and abuse by humankind will continue in aiding my mental therapy and lowering my stress levels. This trip, the computer is staying home. Not so, when I went north.

I would like to leave you with some timely questions to ponder in my absence, and possibly, any comments left could educate me upon my return. There've been a few issues these past few days that have both amused and confused me. Perhaps, some of you feel the same way.

It was said today in a couple of different media spots that the insurance lobbyists would be gathering in droves in the hallways outside the Senate chamber as the senators decide on the cloture vote to be held tomorrow evening. This isn't for a bill to be passed, but only to allow debate to come to the floor!
My question is: Why is this even allowed? When we go to the polls to vote, it's a law that campaigns or candidates cannot influence voters within so many feet of the polling place. When a jury makes a critical deliberation on the guilt or innocence of a defendant, they are sequestered. Why is the undue influence of lobbyists with checkbooks allowed inside the halls of our legislative branch of government when a vote that affects every citizen in this country is being taken? Why does no one ask this question?

I think most of us here, including Yana who immigrated here herself, would agree that when you visit another country, or decide to settle there, it's proper to at least attempt to respect that culture. When Hillary Clinton, visits the Middle East as our Secretary of State, out of respect for the culture there, she covers her head with a scarf. When other foreign leaders visit here, they extend their hands, as here a handshake is the epitome of respect. When former President Bush visited Saudi Arabia, he kissed the cheeks of the leader and walked with him hand in hand, as is the custom there. That was acceptable and respectful behavior.

Some of the folks here in America scream the loudest about immigrants learning the language and merging into our culture. English being the 'official' language is on many a ballot. And, that's okay. When in Rome, do as the Romans do . . . right?
Could someone, then, please explain to me why all the furor this past week because President Obama saw fit to bow to the Japanese Emperor as he entered the Royal residence in Japan? How can ex-Vice President Cheney claim that, "America Bows to No One" when we have no problem asking to borrow billions of dollars from these far Eastern nations? Instead of being so arrogant, it might behoove our leaders to get on their knees and hope the Chinese don't call in their debt and destroy us completely! Where does this man get off, anyway? Surely, he doesn't speak for America? Does he? Is it me?

And then the last thing, that probably affected me most adversely. Perhaps, I am green with envy! How can a woman who quits her job mid- way through, who has been proven to propagate ridiculous fears such as death panels, who claims to have foreign policy experience because she can see Russia from her home state, not her porch, she didn't say that, but 'from her home state‘, who advocates shooting wolves from airplanes, who has never written a word between the covers of a book, and casts doubt on if she ever even read one, can get paid millions of dollars to get someone else to write a book for her, and then tour around the country in a fully-equipped, publisher-supplied bus and have massive crowds standing in the cold and rain to drop $20 of their admittedly scarce money to obtain her scrawl on an inside cover without even as much as looking up and asking a patron's name? I observe these things closely. Are the citizenry of this country that desperate for reading material?

Can you, who've toiled hard for years, punched a clock, or poured out your heart to build a business or create something unique, or me, and a lot of other talented writers who've poured out their very soul, or the creative corridors of their minds onto pages, crawling through rewrite after rewrite for five years while holding down two jobs to keep a roof over head, and then STILL have to grovel, suffer rejection after rejection, and beg  people to visit your shop or publish your book, or attend your book signing that you practically had to bribe a bookseller to host, not be amazed by this phenomenon? I really didn't know whether to laugh, have another fit, or just cry. Where is the justice?! This is Capitalism, where work and effort are supposed to be rewarded? Is it me??

Perhaps you could all take pity on me and go to Amazon and order "Rainy Day People" as a gift for someone? Or be watching for the release of my new book to be released in early 2010, "Songs of the Soul". Or at the least, visit my website and allow me to accumulate some hits?!  Oh, this shameless promoting is embarrassing! And, I am kidding, girls. Or am I?

Enjoy your families and I wish you a Thanksgiving wrapped in rainbows!    

Susan Haley

Love it

Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      CHERYL CHOO-KANG wrote Nov 21, 2009
    • Go Susie Go!!!! I agree 100% with everything you said.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Lisa Middlesworth wrote Nov 21, 2009
    • Where does the time go these days? I stay in a whirl as time just whooshes right by me.
      I hope that you have the best of Holidays and a wonderful, safe trip.

            Report  Reply

    • +1 votes vote up vote up

      Midnightmom wrote Nov 21, 2009
    • All I can say about Sarah Palin and her ghost writen book is it surely is who you know not what you know. She is definite proof of that!

      Cheney has the attitude of a redneck hunter in my opinion. He doesn’t fit with what I think should require intelligence to be a vice president. Hopefully the other leaders of the world do not take him seriously as a representative of America.

      And, lobbyists being allowed in the halls of congress is something I never knew before. If that doesn’t speak of the unfairness of the system I don’t know what does. Why don’t they outlaw lobbyists? Congress should surely have to make decisions based on Americans not money. It is bribery right in our face.

      Good article! Have a safe trip and a Happy Thanksgiving!

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Lois Stern & Patty Kovacs wrote Dec 5, 2009
    • You know I am right in sync with your political views and love the way you rant!

      Now here’s another one that drives me crazy. It used to be called pork barreling, but now congress, in their infinite wisdom, call it “earmarks“. Even though it is now mandated that each earmark be labeled with the name of the congressperson who proposed it, the total dollar  allotment for earmarks is higher this year than ever before. What is this - a badge of courage that they wear on their sleeves?  

      I hope you get zillions of orders for Rainy Day People in time for the holidays. It is such a wonderful book - so inspirational as we look forward to a new year.

      God bless you!

      Lois W. Stern

      Author of Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery
      Tick Tock, Stop the Clock
      Co-editor of the newsletter

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