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It seems like everybody is a DIVA nowadays!  DIVA’s in business, in the school, on the street, in your neighborhood, in the magazines, TV, movies...even the little old lady that I visit at the nursing home is calling herself a DIVA!

OMG...I must be getting old because my definition of a DIVA is not the same as everyone else’s that are using it in such a positive manner.  According to the way I was raised...the last thing you ever wanted to be was a fact, it was considered more of a negative than the grand definitions or perspective that our media and other women are giving it today.  I mean DIVAS were Joan Crawford, Bette Davis...even Pavoratti would be considered the male counterpart to a DIVA...current DIVAs are Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Patti LaBelle, Meryl Streep...Nancy Pelosi(maybe)...definitely, Hillary Clinton.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a “DIVA as a word coming from the latin meaning “goddess“, a prima donna, someone who thinks highly of themselves, arrogant.”  Google “DIVA“...check out the images that come up when you search for pictures that use DIVA as a might be surprised at what you’ll see...scantily clad women, pictures with sexual connotations...mixed in among the tamer t-shirts, hats and blog banners and group photos of women declaring their DIVA-ness. If we are going to call ourselves by this...shouldn’t we understand the definition or at least clarify it?  Have we changed the meaning in our society today?  DO YOU accept this meaning? Can there be good DIVAS and bad DIVAS?  Is it more dominant in certain cultures or groups of women?

I am doing research for an article that I am writing...I really need your help.  Please post your definition/perspective/opinion of what DIVA means you accept this definition and why.  Has your definition changed over the years...Is being a DIVA a positive or a negative?  What are the attributes of a DIVA?  

I am anxiously awaiting to hear what you think on this is important that we understand how we define ourselves...what we call ourselves communicates a lot to others.


Member Comments

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      Yana Berlin wrote Aug 13, 2008
    • I’m right there with you Amy,

      Diva for me never had a positive connotation, and even though it’s very “in” I still wouldn’t want to be labeled as such.

      Just my two cents.

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      Stephanie wrote Aug 13, 2008
    • I associate the word DIVA with pop culture today. To me, DIVA carries negative meaning. While I consider Diana Ross and Whitney to be Diva’s, there is a new generation of DIVAS.

      This label reminds me of artists such as Mariah Carey who are known to always need (for example) their cold water, 2 mints, and 4 carrot sticks after a performance, and always have certain expectations they feel everyone should fulfill because of their position in the entertainment business.

      To me, this idea has not changed over the years.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      JoAnn Donahue wrote Aug 14, 2008
    • Diva~ always meant to me women with talent, rare exceptional talent..  

      I never equated it with their personality or the way they dressed ect.  

      I never heard of it being negative I must have been living in a bubble lol..  


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      VICKY CORYEA wrote Aug 14, 2008
    • I always considered “diva” to mean high maintenence. I believe most of us on this site would not like being a diva!!!   am I right girls??

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