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Everyone has issues including me!  Some people's problems are greater than others, but we all have things in our lives that we need to change in order to grow spiritually, financially, and emotionally.  There are good habits and bad habits.  A good habit may be exercising first thing in the morning, saying a prayer before eating, kissing your spouse and children before leaving the house, or having a half-hour of solitude when you first get home from work each day.  Good habits can improve you personally and enrich your environment.  On the flip-side, bad habits can cause you personal harm, drain you of your energy and resources, and steal your wealth.  

Everyone has their own opinion about drinking alcohol.  Whether you believe its right or wrong if you have a drinking habit, it is stealing your wealth.  A six pack of beer can cost $5 or more; a drink at a club or restaurant can cost $6.00-8.00, and the cost of hard liquor can suck you dry.  Let's do an average of $7.00 a day to purchase alcohol—$7.00×365 days a year equals $2,555.  It's like you have holes in your pocket, the money keeps dropping through!

It isn't because you need something new, but because you want something new. However, the shopping habit is ruining your finances and relationship. Clothes and "stuff" are in your closet with the price tags from a year ago. You're spending like you have Hilton wages, but you and everyone else know that you don't.

Marijuana, crack, methamphetamine, or prescription – If it's a drug and you have a habit, you will be broke.  It may not be today, but it will probably be tomorrow.  Not only will drugs rob you of financial blessings, they steal your mind, heart, and soul from you, your family, and loved ones.  I can't even put a monetary value on the damage that a drug habit causes.

I don't dislike people that smoke—I just detest the habit!  Smoking ruins your health and is costly.  A pack a day habit at $4 a pack can easily cost $1,460 per year.  If you stop smoking a pack a day, in five years, you could save enough to purchase a car, put a small down payment on a house, or just save and invest.  

Here today – Gone tomorrow!  And I mean gone...That is what a gambling habit will do for you.  Sure it's probably fun, it challenges you, and it relieves you of boredom.  However, each and every time you make that bet you are taking a chance with your financial future.  Sure you may have a great job, family, and money in the bank, but how long will that last.  At first you have the habit, but then the habit has you.  How much did you spend yesterday—$20, $100, $1,000, $5,000?  Gambling will rob you blind!

Habits sneak up on you suddenly.
They start out usually small, fun, and infrequent.  However, after a while, it's all you think about and it consumes you.  Then it has control of your money, life, and future!

What habits have you allowed to control you and your family?

Sharman Lawson a columnist on Fabulously40, and a financial coach, speaker, and author of the book 12 Steps to Eliminate Debt Forever! Visit her website: [Link Removed]

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Member Comments

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      (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Mar 29, 2009
    • Too many honestly - I talk myself from “I want” to “I need” - the unreasonable logic so I would buy things on impulses.  

      Like I bought a Mandoline (sp) vegetable slicer the other day - this was what went to my mind:

      “It is reasonable priced”
      “I need it so I can slice tomato and potatoes”
      “Yes, it is good to buy it”
      “Worse come to worse I will return it”

      So I bought it and I had not used it - it’s in the kitchen pantry for 3 weeks now.

      Also, I waste a lot of food - either they go bad or whatever.  It is my Chinese belief that I also need to stock up on food and there are only 3 human mouths in my household.

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