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Have you ever had a flood of emotion? A tsunami that just knocked you down and covered you? What did you do? How did you feel? How did you gather your thoughts long enough to regain your sense of mind, or have you been able to recover? Are you still under the water? Are you still smothering yourself in your emotions fighting to find out what is happening around you or why your situation is what it is. Maybe you‘re just simply wondering what the hell is going on and how did I get here again? I have. It is not a comfortable place to be in. Sometimes it makes us feel nieve, gullable and stupid even. Sometimes you just find yourself there and you don’t know what triggered it or if you chose this emotional tsunami as a way of committing relationship suicide all in the name of love. What about you though? What about how you feel? What about your dreams and expectations? What about the things you envisioned you would get out of life? Aren’t those things important to you anymore? We LIVE our lives for everyone around us. We live our lives for our Churches, Parents, Family members, Husbands, Children, Grand Children, Great Grand Children, Partners, Employers, Friends and the list just goes on and on. The one thing that is missing from most of our lists is US. We rarely live our lives for us. We rarely take the opportunity to make a decision on what is best for me right now. That is not how we do. How many times have you had a deep feeling about something and didn’t respond to it only to find out later that your feeling what correct? How many times have we had a word for someone but didn’t know how they would respond to it so we didn’t give them that word? Later you found out that what you had to tell them could have helped them. How many times did someone get into something that was not good for them and we knew how it was going to turn out in the beginning but we didn’t say anything because “It wasn’t our place“? Well ladies where is our place? To be more specific where is YOUR place? Where do you hold yourself in proximity to others? This doesn’t mean that you don’t care about other people and what is happening with them but I want you to know that YOU matter too. Actually you matter more! Without you being ok nothing around you can be ok. I have spent a lot of time tiptoeing around other peoples stuff and thank goodness I finally got to the point that I don’t have to do that.  It is just as important for our needs to be met, our words to be heard, our laughter to resound into atmosphere, or tears to be wiped, our feeling to be recognized and acknowledge by that person changing, our dreams to be lived and our lives to be LIVED! We must have those things to be ok, whole, and complete.  Don’t continue to drown in this emotional tsunami by things that are not yours. In life quard training one summer I learned this and I will never forget it: If someone is drowning they are panicing. They only want to be saved. If they see you coming their instink tells them to reachout, latch on, grab or wrapped themselves around you. That is what they do. If that happens you both become like dead weight and sink to the bottom. That is not good for anyone. If you can come to their rescue with a dingy or water weight they can reach for that and you can pull them in and everyone is safe. If it has to be you helping that drowning person and there is no one there to do it for you than you must approach them from the back if possible or the side. Get your arm around their shoulders so that there feet and hands are away from you because they will grab instinctively and pull you under. If you are one of the people who go head on to help that drowning person and they have grabbed you and you are under the water. “IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE YOU DIE AND THEY DIE” Do whatever you need to do to free yourself and “GO UP FOR AIR” you are no good to anyone DEAD! You have got to survive and you will. If you are the person drowning and have grabbed ahold of someone “RELAX” if you do this your body will become weightless and float to the top and you will be fine. You might think that the comment about getting free is extreme but let me remind you that: The definition of insanity is doing something the same way over and over expecting different results. So don’t be insane, things are not going to change for us until we choose to change. Is there anyone out there who can relate to what I’m saying? If so let me know.


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      (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Mar 9, 2009
    • I can totally relate.  As for the drowning philosophy, I am so glad to hear.  I was not told but I derived that from the Spirit regarding my spiritual journey.  

      I once was crying to God “Why did you not rescue me?  I am drowning.”  ... and not until I finally let go and let God with a total surrender spirit, He did come and lifted me up.

      Thank you for sharing.  Blessings to you as well.happy

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