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Just wondering how much work should one put forth in a freindship? Is a friendship that totally exhausts you be worth salvaging?

Tens years, many goods times, tears, laughter, hurt feelings, embarassing moments, and drama.  

Over the last two years the drama and tension has slowly smothered the relationship.  

Is it wrong to not want the friendship to go on?


Member Comments

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      Lazylola wrote Oct 10, 2009
    • Some friendships endure the test of time, some are for a season or two, of course we would all love to have life long lasting friendships, it isn’t always possible. Perhaps it has run its course, and I personally don’t believe it is wrong to not want to continue.

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      Doreen XoXo wrote Oct 10, 2009
    • If you have doubts, which you obviously do, otherwise you wouldnt have posted this, I believe it’s time to move on.  No sense having any thing toxic in your life.  


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      Mtnbikegirl wrote Oct 10, 2009
    • I have contemplated the same question myself in the past.  A friendship, to me, is a natural bond.  It’s not something that you should have to constantly work at. (Though there will be times)  Nor is it someting that should leave you feeling drained after spending time with this “so called” friend.  A friendship should help you feel full, alive, rejuvenated, etc.  Let it go if it’s dragging you down.

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      Venus 7000 wrote Oct 10, 2009
    • Could it be that your friend is going through a tough patch and taking it out on others around her.  If so you could probably distance yourself (for your own sanity) but remain supportive in the background.

      If she is being unpleasant and unreasonable without cause, then it may be time to end it.

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      Joanne Root wrote Oct 10, 2009
    • Thanks to all for your thoughts. =D
      The friendship was a natural bond. A true friendship at one time. She has become part of my family, my circle of friends.

      The friendship has become toxic.
      When did this happen? when she hit the lowest part in her life and I was there to rescue her. Although, this time will always be a wedge, because she chooses it.

      The friendship doesnt make me full, alive or rejuvinated. It must have at one time.  

      There is no peace with her, no joy or laughter. I miss that.

      Can I totally walk away. Tried numorous times.  

      Funny, everyone around me knows my situation and supports me. But then I hear, you are like frick and frack...where there is one, the other is there.  

      The seasons continue, but I do believe, breaking away, distancing...hmmmm...can I accomplish this???  

      Its been one week. We fought over something so ridculous. She stated her thoughts to me via a facebook msg! Seriously!
      But I apologized for hurting her feelings via phone. Although, she did not pick up.  

      She facebooked a msg. again to me stating ” appreciate the apology“. And have heard nothing since Monday.

      What?? What??? Is this a true friendship! that I am writing this...a divorce is in order.

      Tomorrow is a new day! Surround myself by those who will bring me joy, happiness, laughter! No more toxination!!!

      POPWI! (peace out and peace within)


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      Anne E wrote Oct 10, 2009
    • Some friendships aren’t made to endure forever.  It sounds like it might be time to move on.

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