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This article presents a most powerful transformational tip that can shift anything in your life. The effects are instantaneous, and the results often miraculous. The basic exercise was suggested by John Randolph Price, in his book Empowerment. I have elaborated on the basic exercise suggested, after practicing it on everything and anything in my life.  It is a gem that can be used to shift any situation under any circumstance.

We all have heard that love is a very special energy that can transform, transmute, and help to transcend almost any situation. It is the essence of life, the nature of our beingness and the ingredient of miracles. Unconditional love is beyond duality and thus is the consciousness of Unity, the Tao, wherein all of creation began.  

In unity consciousness, all is harmonized—not just harmony among people, but within your being as well.  In the dimension of unity consciousness, everything darts between the form and infinite potential for form—all form emerges out of infinite potentiality. What does this mean in practical terms?  It means that love can move a situation out of its seemingly fixed form and into the realm of infinite potential!  In other words, any situation can be shifted subtly or dramatically and come out completely rearranged when subject to the power of love. The transformation is beyond formal description—beyond logic.  Love is a true power that we can wield in any situation.

So what happens when you absolutely can't find love within you to use in a distressing situation? There are times when you are just so filled with hate, resentment, grief, or other resistance, that love is nigh impossible. And you can't fake love!  Fake love is manipulation. You may think you are loving, but unless it's the real deal, it will not have the transformative unifying power, and will only serve to repress your real emotions and create more painful illusion down the road.  

Well maybe you can't find love for the situation or person you are at odds with, but you can certainly welcome love to flow through you by finding love for something.  Love is a vibration—it does not change depending of the object of love, and the power of love is in the vibration being radiated, so the object of love is of secondary importance.

Therefore, if you‘re having a hard time with unconditional love towards someone or a certain condition in your life, and you just can’t seem to let go of your judgment and negativity...just invite God’s love into the situation as follows: Ask God to love the person or situation through you while you simply love God for a few moments. If you can't relate well to the concept of God, then find something you love—perhaps a scene in nature, the sunrise, a flower, a sensation from childhood, a newborn baby, whatever generates love feelings in you—as anything that evokes love within your being is an expression of God.  

This is by far the simplest process I’ve come across to turn situations around that is also extremely powerful. Anyone can do in any situation—even if you are atheist!

                 Anytime you cannot embrace a condition, situation or circumstance in your life and you feel resistant, overwhelmed, frustrated, or discontent...invite God to accept, love, embrace the situation for you while you simply love God for a few moments.  

                When you are so angry or hurt by someone in your life, yet are open to new insights and true resolution, invite God to love the person for you, while you love God for a few moments.

While you 'love God', you are temporarily surrendering all your negative feelings about the situation—and in that act, the power of infinite potential is activated within you.  And it will work with your underlying intention for new insights and true resolution. Another way of looking at it is that you are moving out of your small self and into the larger, more real you, which is 'God being you'. This exercise is amazingly transformative and will invite miracles into your daily life. I've had startling turnarounds occur that had me trying to figure out what just hit! I know that love is the ultimate power...but this exercise is so amazing because it works when you CAN'T find the love within yourself!

So when there does not seem to be any real solutions available to you and you just can't get to a 'good place' to radiate your love or acceptance...there is always love from Source—an amazing power at your disposal. *EVEN IF YOU CAN‘T LOVE...*you need only be willing to let God be present to love through you and conditions will change.  No need to process through emotions, tap meridians, or do anything other than focused loving of God—you will be shifted and so will your life!  And remember that you can love God in any manner that works for you.  

This process, which takes minutes to do, cannot fail! The only way it might not work is if you are faking it—saying you're 'loving God' while you are still actively hooked into the unwanted situation and generating the negative feelings for it. In this case, you have not successfully gotten out of your way!  Another cautionary note is to not get caught up in specific outcomes.  Don't do this exercise to get anything specific from it or to make your life look a certain way. If you do that, you will block the power of infinite potential. Love seeks nothing in return; its reward is expressing itself. Just be open for change to occur for the highest good of all. If you are doing it correctly, prepare for wonderful and unexpected turnarounds!  

Try the process the next time you‘re stuck where you don’t want to be, and send me your miracle stories...
If you would like to read more about this process along with a simple contemplation of your being in God that will increase the divine Presence within you, you may download the article from our Spirituality of Wealth website, at
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