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Preoccupied with dinner, I was just about there!  I was standing on one leg, opening the dishwasher with one foot, pulling the spaghetti noodles into the sink to rinse and grabbing the seasonings, thrilled I was almost finished.  When I heard my daughter say she needed to go potty.  (She’s been training and has recently gained the initiative to do it on her own! Yeah!)  I smiled through a grimmace and told her I’d be upstairs in a moment, to proceed without me.

Looking at the table, set nicely, plates, napkins, salad, bread, glasses, meatballs and spaghetti... the only thing missing was—ohhhhh, no!  I completely forgot!  I sprang from the table to stop dead in my tracks as I neared the end of it.  Around the corner was a fluffy white substance, covering the floor.  “I need powder,” I was quickly and briskly informed.  “I see,” I managed to hold my composure and soon began to giggle.  It was cute, and after all, it was only powder.  Easy to clean up, especially with the built-in vaccuum system.

I gathered the hose and plugged it in, asking her brother to get a diaper for me.  The two disappeared as I continued cleaning up the entry way.  Then, I noticed my office door open.  The same talcum covered the two chairs (one leather), the floor, my books on the shelf and THANK GOODNESS missed all three computers!  Whoa, it wasn’t so funny anymore, but I began to clean it up.  There was no thinking for there was no other solution!  It was getting into my lungs and causing me to cough, but I was almost finished when my son began to call me from upstairs.

Turning off the vaccuum, I began to climb the stairs as I noticed a trail climbing with me, not unlike Hansel and Gretel’s trail of bread crumbs.  (I’m guessing those would have been easier to clean up.)  At the top my son stood in the middle of his sister’s room, a pile on her floor with one on her bed to match.  My funnybone got left somewhere on the stairwell...  I was even too tired to be angry.  

I helped her get ready, they slept in my son’s room last night and I fell asleep on the couch with the fresh smell of a baby’s butt lulling me to sleep.

Even though it seems horrible at the time, this is one of the memories I’ll have forever and I’ll probably never see again... at least I hope not. happy


Member Comments

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      Lazylola wrote May 28, 2009
    • I’ve had those moments too, I’m reminded of a similar incident well over 20 years ago, I was on the phone and my oldest, then a toddler who I was trying to get potty trained, brought me a roll of toilet paper, so I gave him a couple of squares and off he went, I was excited that he was finally going to go potty on his own, me, well I was on a marathon phone exchange, so when he came back for more toilet paper I gave him a couple more squares, this went on a couple more times, then I got off my lazy butt, went to check on him, he was not in the bathroom, he was in the kitchen where a gallon of tomato juice had been spilt on the floor, he was trying to clean it up with the toilet paper....I went back to the bedroom and hung up the phone and came back hugged my baby, cause he kept saying “I’m cleaning it momma” for a split second I almost lost it, but seeing him so hard at work cleaning up after himself he just melted my heart....thanks for sharing this and allowing me back a glimpse into a precious memory.

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      Sandils1962 wrote May 29, 2009
    • Potty training is such fun.  When my son was little we went to the mall.  He said he could go to the bathroom by hisself so I stood outside with my friend and her kids.  A couple minutes later I heard “Mom, wipe my butt.”  Boy was I embarrassed when an older man walked out with a look that said “that must be your son.”  I quickly checked to make sure that no one else was in there then went in to help him.

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