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Well today has been a pretty yucky day.  It started off with a member coming to my office out of the blue telling me that I should not use such language and that I had better keep my voice down and not use such language.  I looked up from what I was doing and just stared at her and said, “excuse me...I have no idea what you are talking about.”  She said, “I heard you talking to that other girl and you shouldn’t use such language.”  I replied...“would you please tell me what I said because I have no clue as to what you are talking about.”  She wouldn’t say anyting just stared.  I then said, “well I apologize for whatever you think I said, but I have not said anything wrong.”  She walked out and left.  I sat there completely dumbfounded mainly because I had not even talked to a member...we just had opened up the doors.  I sat there and tried to think what she could have been talking about.  Then I remembered that my co-work was in my office telling me about another member not getting his financial statement.  I was replying to her that I had already mailed him one and a few days later, printed him one and it was put into his hands.  His address was correct and there was no reason for him to not get his statement.  And I figured out what I had said to my co-worker that this person must have heard me say...which there was nothing wrong with it.
I said to her, “I don’t know what he wants (never revealed the member’s name).  I have mailed him two statements and given him one.  This is between him and the “fricken” post office.  Fricken....that is what she considered “bad” language.  First...I wasn’t addressing anyone else...and secondly...she should not have been listening on my conversation...IN MY OFFICE.  THAT....started my day.  I pride myself on being cordial, helpful and respectful of my members...and would never use curse words around my members...and rarely around my co-workers.  It sort of hurt me to think she would think I would talk in such a matter.  

Then...about an hour boss/very close friend....her father had a massive stroke.  She tore out of the building and I just hated it for her.  He is not doing well and she is very close to him.  He is the sweetest man.  

Then...late this afternoon I receive an email from my sister that her best friend’s 4-year old granddaughter was run over by a car driven by a family friend (in the driveway) in Colorado. I’m just sick about it.  I feel so sorry for their family.  

Here is the news article:  

 [Link Removed]  

Then...tonight my niece informs me that my nephew (her brother) lost his job in Chattanooga.  

Okay.....what next.....I’m afraid to ask....but...tomorrow is another day.......and none of things mention do I have any control pray.    

Please pray for this family in the loss of their child/grandchild and my friend’s father and their family...and my nephew.  He’s smart...and will find another job...I really believe that.  

Okay..that’s all.....what a “FRICKEN” day...and yes Ms. So and So...I said’s my word...and I claim it.

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Member Comments

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      Cindylouwho1966 wrote Oct 16, 2008
    • Being scolded always makes for a bad day; esp when it’s by someone who has no right to do so.

      I read the story about the little girl on her trike earlier today. That’s a shame.

      Sorry you had a bad day.

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      Daphne wrote Oct 16, 2008
    • Tomorrow will be a better day!  :c)

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      Linni wrote Oct 16, 2008
    • i will keep you and all persons in prayer my friend!
      God will get you all through this!
      Cling to your faith. KNOW that He will right all wrongs, and will ease the pain.
      God Bless

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      Mary Clark wrote Oct 19, 2008
    • Thanks Teeky3....I appreciate the ((hugs)).  Actually my Friday was good....very very busy....but it was a good day.  And I thanked God for it.  The earlier part of the week was some kind of week...but I knew I would get through it.  I guess what helps me the most when I‘M THE ONE having a difficult time is when I can help my members with their problems.  When they are walking out my office telling me “thank you, thank you, thank you“ really makes me feel good.  Not that I need to hear their gratitude or want it...but to know that I really helped them with whatever.  And that is how my Friday went.
      Plus...I played a very funny joke on one of my co-workers..(she and I are always trying to get the other)...and it was very funny.  We all got a good laugh out of it...but I best watch my’s coming back to me..I know..LOL.  

      Yesterday...I helped my friend/boss clean her mother’s house and we moved furniture out and so forth to get ready for them to bring her father home.  We made room for a hospital bed and so forth.  I worked (5) hours yesterday...and when we were done...I was very pleased with what we accomplished.  Now her mother doesn’t need to worry about anything when she comes home with him.  It made me feel good to know that I took that burden away from her.  

      Now today...I have had a terrible headache all day.  I woke up with it at 4am this morning and have been sleeping off and on all day.  But...hopefully by tomorrow I will be good.

      Starting Tuesday through Friday...I have training for a new computer system we are going with..and I have got to sike myself up for that.  I had a bad experience with one of the trainers with our company last time....but I think that was my hormonal meltdown that I had.  Even so...this particular person is not well liked and to make a long story short...they are not very happy with her.  Anyway...pray that I go in there and not let her intimidate me  but instead tell her like it is..which is normally my nature.
      Sorry to ramble...I guess all of that is on my mind.  

      That child’s funeral was yesterday.  So very sad...and such a waste.  I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.  

      But thanks for the note(s)...all of you...and I hope YOU ALL have a great week coming.

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