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It's a Time of Giving Thanks
Your Bonus?
It Keeps That Stress Map Off Your Face

By Patty Kovacs

The economy is turning down but you don't need your facial muscles to do so. With enormous perseverance and 'downsizing' our previous materialistic tendencies, we'll get through this. The pendulum always swings economically.  

But repetitive worry and persistent negative talk doesn't help your appearance. Science is now revealing the many ways cortisol, that naughty stress juice,  also affects your skin, leading to aging wrinkles and dryness, leaving deeper lines in its path through your system.  So what are we to do? After all, the stock market is pointing downward, very serious troubles are occurring to our 401k and our economic stability? Worry creeps up and taps us on the shoulder, rendering its ugly self. And we all too often feel like smacking someone who appears too ridiculously upbeat. Like Goldie Hawn questioned in The First Wives' Club, "Is she on Prozac?"  

Here's a check list to see if stress and worry are silently creating wrinkles and having a cortisol party on your face:

Redness. Capillaries expand with increased blood flow. When we're stressed, a flushing or rosacea can occur, as also can a weakening of our immune system.  Red faced is not pretty but it's a red flag that you may be unconsciously stressed out.  See you doctor is a rash or serious redness seems to remain. In the meantime a regenerative night's sleep, every night, will begin to help you. Turn off the TV and read an inspiring book or a delicious novel, something that takes you away to smile, relax, and feel as if life is a blend of struggle that we can always overcome.

Dryness. Too much starchy feel on your face? As I mentioned cortisol is meant to warn us of danger. Only we overuse it and let it free fall throughout our system if we remain in a chronic state of worry. Cortisol will decrease our skin's strength and the skin's ability to hold moisture; thus, luminosity, and that overall radiant look that moisture helps create will disappear from our face. A wonderful facial lubricant right in our kitchen cupboard is safflower oil according to Dr. Amy Wechsler, author of The Mind-Beauty Connection and partner with Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen of Real Age.

Fine lines. Cortisol increases blood sugar via glycation, a process that damages collagen and elastin, the protein fibers that plump up our skin and keep it smooth and beautiful. Anger, frustration, depression, worry, and disappointment exist in all of us. But if they become habitual modes of thinking, they become the enemy that help age our face just as much as gravity, sun, or father time. Continuous muscle tension 'sets' in wrinkles and forms map lines of worry on our face. We all know topical A, C, and E can help us. And according to Dr. Michael Roizen, author of YOU, Being Beautiful,  whom I again have the privilege of interviewing on Monday, December 1, on my radio show, The Health and Beauty Revolution Show, additional help comes from licorice extract in our facial creams.

Sallow Eyes. We're creatures of habit. If our habit is worry, it will make sure and wake us at nigh so we can come out and play, er, worry, that is. Then we end up with dark, tired eyes, puffy or even sallow eyes and look and often feel tired.  Meditation, relaxation, making trust our thought pattern, all ward off the worry bugs and they have no chance to penetrate our shield of living life more fully.

Conscientiously initiating a calmer reaction to problems, worries, and concerns about life will indeed serve our bodies both internally and externally. How many cardiologists would agree that worry and stress wear down our heart? Or that circulation is affected by the domino effects of chronic stress? Our face is almost like a tattle tale of our thoughts.
Teeth grinding, tongue thrusting, jaw clenching, scowling, frowning are not good friends to keep around your life. Knitted brows, tightened mouths, disappointed, negative thoughts look for a home on our face.

Think of the good things, the blessings you have in your life. Think loving, abundant thoughts. Consider your challenges as part of the journey towards a stronger you.  

Take progressively better care of yourself, and remember, it takes 3 days to change a habit, 30 days to set a habit, and 60 days to make it indigenous to your nature.  

Be kind to yourself as you create a new YOU. Turn not only your life around, but also your looks.

Be sure to tune into The Health & Beauty Revolution Show ~ Mondays, 10-11 a.m. pacific time.
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Dr. Mehmet Oz, author of YOU, Being Beautiful,  Monday, December 1.

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