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Love it

Ok, so many of you know that I have researched and developed my own skin care line, right?  Well if you didn’t, I have and have the means to make any type of product from supplement, diet, shampoos, parfumes, etc.  So it is extremely important for you to understand that I will never promote another product unless I truly believe in it!

After reading Dana’s bolgs about Max GXL, I was curious to know what was Max GXL.  I was partial because my son’s name is Max! happy

At any rate, I started to read her blogs which ultimately lead me to the website.

I was ABSOLUTELY blown away with what I read.  I was reading that the Max GXL products were glutatione boosters. ( pronounced gluta-thigh-own)  Say What???  I was so surprised to find another company, besides me, that was talking about the importance of glutathione production and it’s benefits to overall health, not only of the skin, but to the entire body!

You see, Glutathione is the single most important antioxidant that we have in our bodies.  It is the primary detoxifier.  It is an imune enhancer.  It is created to protect a cell and organ of the body.

Our bodies are constantly bombarded with free radical scavengers (rogue cells) that attack our healthy, good cells.  When this happens, our bodies present with inflammation.  Inflammtion is the CORE of all ailments, and i talk about this in terms of skin on my website.

As we age, our glutathione levels drop by 10 - 15% per decade.  But glutathione has been found to be the ONLY antioxidant that can recycle itself!  Wow, what an amazing body we have.

So what Max GXL does is supply the cell with the proper nutrients it needs to product more glutathione!

I never want to plug anyone else’s product because frankly, I can make my own and sell it.  But I was so impressed with the clinical studies and the researchers behind their product that I thought to myself...why try to reinvent the wheel.  This product is already here.  I don’t have to spend money on Research & Development.  Max already has it all!

In terms of how it’s changed my life?  Well, keep in mind that inflammation is the CORE of all pain, skin conditions, etc.

I have had chronic back pain for years.  I do not like to take meds, partly because I forget, but mainly because I don’t like the chemicals in my body.  So I have to suffer with the pain which can be debilitating sometimes.  I used to feel like I was 90 yrs old and trying to get out of bed was horrendous to say the least!

So after reading about Max, I knew what the gluathione would do for my cells; reduce inflammation.  In a matter of 4 -5 days, I had no pain.  I was amazed.  Then I contacted Dana and told her that I believe so much in this product that I would be willing to tell everyone else about it, not only on my website, but where ever I could.

The best part about taking Max GXL is that I don’t have the pain any more.  I told my doctor about it and he said that it is true, glutathione reduces inflammation.  I already knew this and I have 1 product from my line that is based on glutathione; Cellular Serum.

This is why I am so excited to tell everyone what my personal experience has been.   If you are using my Cellular Serum and you know the benefits of glutathione are reducing inflammation on your skin, then you will appreciate what the Max GXL can do at the cellular level.

If you have any questions about this awesome supplement, please either email me or Dana Cappelletti.

Again, I would NEVER represent another brand but I beleive in the benefits of glutathione so much that I had no other choice.  I feel that is it so important and not just to the skin but to the entire body as it is made up of trillions of cells that need to have their gluathione levels boosted!

Oh, by the way, if we had not glutathione supply in our bodies, we would die!ohhhh

Love it

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