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I guess everyone knows Mother’s day is Sunday. The celebration of mothers whose teenage kids yell at her, “I hate you!” “You‘re so old-fashioned!” The mother whose kids are so in love with her when she does something for them, with them, you know, when they get their way. Or... Mother’s day when they think they have to be nice and love their mothers.

You might think I hate kids or something. Or maybe you think I don’t think mothers should be celebrated. Au contraire! I love kids - I was a kid, my kids are kids and my grandchildren are kids. In fact, everyone I associate with have been a kid at one time or another. The kid I’m referring to would be me.

I probably cannot count the times I told my mother “I hate you!” And then, the worst cut a kid can say to their mom, “I wish you were dead!” Really? Who was I kidding?
Mother would say “you’ll be sorry when I’m gone!

And I am. So many times I wish I could pick up the phone and call her- just to say “hey”  or play a joke on her.. like I did every April Fool’s day. Because I cannot celebrate my mom in person, I want to celebrate her in writing. So,bear with me while I reiterate some stories of the times when she was here with me.

My mother was 39 when she had me. I was quite the surprise all the way around: I was unplanned and then I had ended up a girl instead of a boy. My mother had high blood pressure. they knocked her out and she had no idea I was born until 3, count ‘em, 3 days later! There I was  “Baby Girl No Name Walker” Nope no name! I was actually supposed to be a boy. My name was to be Daniel Paul ,III. They were so sure I was a boy, they hadn’t even thought of a girl’s name. It was pretty cool how my name came about. A girl? How ‘bout Paula Danielle? What an awesome name! Right after my daddy! So, that’s how I came to be.  

Mother worked hard for my sisters and I . Daddy worked too, as long as he could. She made sure we got what we wanted and needed and nothing less. And being the baby, I was spoiled beyond belief.

Have you evern noticed when you spoil someone, the wanting never ends. I think my other name must have been “i want, i want.” And as long as it was something i wanted, she would usually, but not always get it for me.

She was my mother and while I loved her more than I could ever express, there came a time when the ugly teenage years reared it’s horrible head.

I was a year younger than my schoolmates. They were able to do things I would not be able to do “until I was older.” That meant that my friends could do hundreds of things I was not old enough to do for the rest of my life!!!! haha. I digress.

I am sure I was the worst teenager EVER! I had an attitude, thought everyone should cater to me, did what i wanted , talked back and rolled my eyes every chance i got. You know, my mom still loved me.Mother saw me through every good time and bad.  

a few years ago, she called me to take her to the hospital.She had been so sick and we all thought it was a virus. I was honored to stay with her the first week in the hospital. I just couldn’t imagine anything else.  Then came the diagnosis- ovarian cancer, stage 4. Soon she fell into a coma , but not until I told her how much I had always loved her, what a great mother she was despite the kid she had. She looked at me and smiled, “well, i was pretty worried there for a while, but you turned out allright after all.” “I am so proud of you.” She must have known all the time it was something i just so needed to hear. I was so excited when she said that. It brought sudden peace about our relationship and about her circumstances. My mother passed away two weeks after giving me the best gift a mother ever could. I miss her so much, but I know she is just so happy with daddy and her mom and Jesus up there in heaven. She’s  watching and waiting for me.  

I LOVE YOU MOTHER . I‘LL SEE YA SOON. we’ll laugh together then

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