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Love it

"The closer the winter, the more we are similar to our photo in the passport"-Simone de Beauvoir.

And it's true, overcast sky with not even a sign of the warming sun, squelching mud, puddles, the thermometers are slowly and surely creeping down – all of this does not add optimism. On the contrary - it makes us feel dull and apathetic. But our skin suffers most of all. Wind, cold, temperature changes and bad mood – such things are not favourable for it.

As soon as the cold comes, the skin on your body stops breathing, it suffers from changes in air temperature and the metabolism in its structure is disturbed. The skin loses its softness, tenderness and charm. Its summer velvet disappears without a trace. So, it's time to think about some special skin care for the fall. During this period your skin needs special care. Without it, it does not acquire sufficient strength to withstand autumn threats: dryness, peeling, lowering of tone, bad complexion, mimic wrinkles and even pigmentation. In order to maintain your skin in perfect condition during fall and to protect it from the autumn weather, you should regularly carry out a number of procedures.


Skin renewal can be enhanced by all sorts of peeling procedures with the use of skin scrubs. During the summer, in case of irregular skin care, some parts of dead skin can form - they must be removed and scrubs help to do that. It is better to use scrubs in combination with massage and masks that nourish the skin with trace elements. Since solar activity is reduced in autumn, it is possible to conduct a course of chemical peeling with the use of acids. [Link Removed] FC5 Deep Cleansing Mask along with FC5 Exfoliating New Cell Scrub

Cold weather is a good reason to inspect the contents of your cosmetics bag. What should be in it?In autumn, our skin requires:- Creams with labels "protective" or "restoring" to establish a protective barrier for the skin. Autumn cosmetics should contain more fat components than summer cosmetics. The lower the temperature outside and the longer is your stay in the street, the more fat your day cream should contain. The main thing is not to overdo, because the same cream, warmed up in the room, can clog pores and "cut off the oxygen supply" to the skin.- Masks, which must also protect or be full of vitamins. And it is not necessary for them to be expensive. There are plenty of useful recipes "from the refrigerator". Like this one, for example. Mix one tablespoon of oatmeal with three tablespoons of warm milk or cream. When the flakes are swelled, you should put this pasty mass on the face and neck, and after 20 minutes rinse with warm water. Simple, isn't it?


Nourishing creams and masks?  Of course, yes! You should apply them once a week from 12 a.m. till 2 p.m., when the skin absorbs the best. Or at night for three hours before bedtime (if you do it later, an oedema can appear on the face in the morning). By the way, when selecting the means of skin care for the fall, don't make decisions based on the price and advertising, but on your type of skin. we recommend the [Link Removed] contact us to find out which one of these would be suitable for your skin type.

Our skin practically does not breath in autumn, it suffers from changes of the temperature and, consequently, dries and peels. Therefore try to wear clothes made of natural fabrics, use moisturizing lotions and gels for the body. Aroma baths, sauna, massage are the necessary rituals of autumn renewal. Moisturizers should be used obligatory, they should be applied in the evening or during the day, no less than an hour before going outside. [Link Removed] provides and caters for all skin types, to help your skin feeling and look moisturised all the time.


Strengthening of the skin in the autumn period is necessary in order to prolong the effect of all other procedures for as long as possible with more tangible results. In addition to moistening and cleaning, it is necessary to maintain the normal condition of the skin. To this end, we recommend to conduct restorative procedures, which include massage and the use of special masks.Creams for massage and masks that contain seaweed, carrot extract, ginseng, and ivy have a good tonic effect on the skin. Also, cosmetics, which contain essential oils of rosemary, cypress, sandalwood or juniper, can help to maintain the skin in good condition in autumn. A MUST is the [Link Removed] it is specifically formulated to stimulate, stregnthen and support.

Special vitamins  

Applying vitamin creams, lotions and gels directly on the face and body is not enough. It is important to nourish the skin from the inside too. In addition to vegetables and fruits from the fridge, multiple vitamin-mineral complexes can be your best friends in such cases. All B vitamins stimulate the metabolic processes in the skin, vitamin A makes it silky and supple, vitamin E supplies oxygen and slows the formation of wrinkles, calcium strengthens nails, magnesium improves nutrition of the cells ... And this is not the full list! Arbonne is part of the Health and Wellness Industry and these special vitamins and more, are found in the Collagen Support Dietry Supplement - Vitamins A, C, E, D and zinc norish the skin.



Contrary to some prevailing stereotypes, experts argue that make-up (in particular - tone cream and hygienic lipstick) in the cold season is not only not harmful, but to some extent is even useful. It creates a kind of barrier against environmental hazards and protects from hypothermia. [Link Removed] most definately recommends every woman to top their beautiful skins, with our exclusive Optilight Technology, beautiful science is used in 2 ways: light is diffused to create soft focus effect, blurring imperfections so skin looks flawless from virtually every angle. Simultaneously, finely sized pigments allow skin to breathe, imparting a "light as air" feeling and promoting a healthy glow. Can you beleive all this is Vegan/Vegetarian friendly and absolutely NO toxins?? YES IT IS.

In the fall you should not abuse:- long bathing procedures: hot water collects moisture from the skin. Therefore, you should not stay in the bath longer than 10-15 minutes (ideally) and the temperature should be around 37 degrees Celsius.- antibacterial and ordinary soap: it dries our already poor skin even more. Choose more sensitive cleaning agents and a tonic without alcohol.- scrubs, which injure the integument. It is recommended to carry out cleaning no more often than once per week.Do not forget about the skin of hands. Be sure to wear gloves in the street, apply a nourishing cream and massage more often.

Fresh air
Autumn came, quietly turning into late autumn, and all of our enrichment with oxygen, which is so necessary for the skin, is minimized to the communication with an air-conditioner in a closed office... Do not forget that the skin must breathe, so try not to neglect the extra opportunity to walk through a forest or a park. However, boardwalk from home to the bus stop (or parking lot) is not the worst option.

And finally... Smile more!

You can survive autumn without any creams, masks, shampoos, etc., etc., but not without good mood, positivism, optimism and faith in the fact that the autumn will be over. A bright smile - this is the only curve that straightens everything. The PH-balance and the posture and the jumping thermometers. Smile!  

Regenerate and Rejuvinate  


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Love it

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