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"He is my prince!"  

The mind of a woman can turn a frog into a prince, or a prince into a frog, instantly.

"He is a frog."

Every woman has had one of those days, when a frog she knew suddenly turned into a prince, at least in her mind. Perhaps at another time, her imaginary prince became a frog?  

The prince and the frog transition can work both ways. To a woman, the frog-to-prince transition days are wonderful, but the prince-to-frog transition days, can be totally devastating for her.  

"Now I am not so sure about him," A woman says, as she begins to doubt a man, who she has begun to see as her prince. For some reason, the credibility of that particular man, has suddenly come into question. "Help!" she cries out inwardly, as she realizes that there is a big problem in their relationship.

"There is something wrong here!" She instinctively knows that something is not right.  

She needs to find some reason to explain whatever it is that has caused her to become so disillusioned with her imaginary prince. "What happened?" She wonders, even though she may have sensed that there has been a problem for a long time. "When did this all start?"  

"I never expected this!" she tells herself.  

A woman is never ready to face disappointment. "I really was not prepared for this," she states. Disappointment can be really difficult to deal with, especially when it involves a man to whom she has grown close, in one way or another.

"I hate what is happening!" she screams silently. A woman does not like to be disappointed by anyone, particularly a man. "I can't stop what is happening." She sees their relationship becoming more and more distant all of the time.  

"Maybe I was wrong about him," she realizes.  "I have always considered myself to be good judge of a man's character." Now she begins to question her own judgment too. "Perhaps I am not such a good judge of character, after all," she concludes, as she begins to see the possibility that her own judgment has been less than perfect. "Maybe I should have listened to my mother?"  

"There is nothing that I can do." She feels a certain degree of helplessness, as she realizes that the situation is not one, that she is going to be able to change. "He is not the man I thought he was," she tells herself, as his true identity is revealed. Her expectations have been high. She feels confused.  

"This is hopeless." Depression sets in, as she suffers mentally, emotionally and spiritually, because of her severe disappointment in her prince. "That really hurts!" she says. "Ouch!"  

"The pain is too much to bear!"  

She seeks consolation, but none can be found. It appears that Cupid has managed to shoot his arrow, directly into her heart. Then, having pierced it, he breaks her heart in two, as he heartlessly grabs his arrow back. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any immediate band aid solution in sight.  

"He was my prince!" the disillusioned woman cries aloud, but no one hears. "How could he have done this to me? I thought he loved me. I was so sure that he loved me! I know he loved me!"  

The element of total disbelief enters into the picture. "I just can't believe it!" She feels like she is banging her head against a brick wall.  

"Why now of all times?" she asks in despair, as she finds that her disappointment has occurred, at a very inopportune time. "Why did this man have to do this, just when I needed him the most?"


She is left wondering about many things. She starts to realize that she may never know the truth about him, what he represents as a man, or what actually happened.  

"Did I do something wrong?" she asks herself.  

She begins re-examining every aspect of their relationship. "Me? Could it be that I am the problem?" She knows that she is not perfect either. "Was it something that I said?" She goes back over single every word she has said and each conversation that she can recall.  

She tries to relive each encounter that they have had. "What did I say?" More than likely, she is so distraught, that she cannot remember her exact words. "How will I ever know? Maybe I will never know," she tells herself. "Perhaps he will never tell me?"  

"I really loved that man!" she insists to herself. Probably, she did love him. In her mind, there is no valid reason for him to have hurt her like this. She begins to feel totally disillusioned about him.  

There are guilt feelings that suddenly surface. Her womanly instinct leads her to blame herself, for what has happened. "It is my fault! I should not have done this." Then, as she ponders further, the speculation grows deeper and she begins to get angry. "I should never have said that."  

Remorse starts to set in, but that does not last for long, because she knows that she is not going to place all of the blame on herself. She knows better than to do that. "I actually trusted that guy!"  

She gets angry at herself. "How could I have been so dumb?"

Then she projects her anger onto him and begins to tear him apart mentally. "I knew that I never should have trusted that frog in the first place. "He did it!" she states emphatically. Now she projects the blame totally on him. "It is his fault, not mine."  

"He said this to me!" Gradually she begins to build up a self defense, to protect her wounded ego. "He is the one who caused the problem, not me!"  

She sees herself as having been blind-sided by the man. "How could I have been so blind?" she asks herself. She blames herself for not having enough foresight to prevent what happened between them. "Why did I not see it coming?"

Then what she feels about this man, begins to be projected onto all men. "All of my princes turn out to be frogs."  A woe-is-me, pity party begins. She concludes that every single man, walking on this earth, is really a frog in disguise.  

She tells herself silently that all of the counterfeit princes, in the entire world, need to be unmasked. She feels that she should make it her task in life, to do just that. "Their real nature as frogs has to be exposed," she tells other women. "I will unmask all of the princes out there."  

In a scenario like this, because a woman has been badly hurt, she may feel that every single man, who she has ever placed on a pedestal, has fallen off his princely throne, in one way or another. This can include her family. Grandfathers, uncles and brothers, as well as her sons and grandsons are not exempt. As her anger takes its toll, as she strikes out against all men.    

  • Where did all of this start? Being a woman, she tends to idolize men.  

For a woman, it could be a man's physical appearance that interests her initially. Perhaps it is his wonderful smile, his princely charm or his amazing way with other women. As a woman, it is part of her nature to be drawn to a person of the opposite sex.  After all, opposites attract one another.  

A woman instinctively loves and trusts men, even though she may not always show it. In her mind's eye, a man can be elevated to the status of an idol, placed high on a pedestal, at any time.  

Sometimes, one by one, all of her male idols come crashing to the ground and wind up broken into a zillion pieces.  

"My princes of yesterday are all frogs today."  

The illusion of King Pomp and Queen Circumstance, is often one of the many dreams that every woman has, at some time in her life. It does not matter where that imaginary prince originates from.  

Even if a man seems to be a frog in some way, a woman can take that man and turn him into her prince. All it takes is one magical kiss from her, in her fantasy world. Then with marriage, he becomes her king and she is the queen, who she always knew or hoped that she would become.  

Love is so blind.  

After marriage, a woman expects the man to live up to her image of him, as the king. She will do everything she can to reinforce, or to build up that image of him in her mind. She feels stunned when his throne collapses. "He is not royalty after all. He is just a man."

"I told you so," another woman might suggest to her. "You mother warned you! Your grandmother too! We all saw it coming." Other women can be very hard on a woman, whose king has been demoted to a prince. It becomes even worse, after he is demoted further and reduced to frog status.

Kissing frogs is a bit risky, at the best of times.  

Jumping to the conclusion, that all frogs are destined to be princes, can prove to be a fatal illusion. Not all princes are destined to be kings.  

But the truly optimistic woman, invariably concludes that any frog can turn out to be a prince in disguise. There is always that possibility, even if it is not actualized in reality.  

"I will find another frog," she tells herself wholeheartedly, after her pain ceases and her wounded heart is miraculously mended. And so she proceeds to do just that. "This man will be my prince." She reverts back to kissing frogs. Such is the nature of a woman.

“Don’t you just love frogs?”


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