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On Saturday May 8th, I had the pleasure of hearing directly from our Chief Legal Advisor, Erin Edmonds and our Chief Financial Officer Joe Voyticky about how and why they joined Max International.

I will begin with Erin Edmonds.
Erin graduated  from a State University in Utah applying for one of 550 spots available at Harvard Law School.  With 15,000 people applying, 14,000 have perfect test scores, 60-70% of the 550 available spots go to legacy positions and what is left is about 35% or 165 spots for the “ordinary“.  Well, Erin is the last person I would call ordinary.  She was accepted, graduated 5th in her class, debated against Barack Obama in mock trials before 5 federal judges.  Barack won -but with a 3/2 decision.  

Erin found herself back in Utah when a trusted colleague who was representing Max International  suggested she meet with the founders and management at Max.  Erin could write her future anywhere of her choosing- she chose Max!

So fast forward a year.  Max Chief Executive Officer, Peter Nordberg met with Erin to discuss and lead the acquisition of Cell Gevity within a very short time frame.  As brilliant as Erin is, her response; we need a transactional attorney and I have just the right person- Joe Voyticky.  Joe attended Harvard with Erin and had gone on to work for several prestigious global finance law firms in Manhattan. Joe earned a stellar reputation in his industry  representing firms including The Bank of Tokyo, Mitsubishi, Cisco, Dell and AT&T among others in billion dollar transactions.

Joe routinely put in 16 hour days and his motto was “I will not be outworked“. As an attorney his goal was not only to see problems- but to solve them and to make sure what his clients were doing with their money made sense.

Joe accepted what was a small transaction compared to the scale of work he was regularly involved with.  He went to work representing Max and verifying the intellectual property Max would be acquiring through the acquisition of Cell Gevity.  

The due diligence included reviews by PhD’s in the firms science patent division.  Their response- “This science is amazing”  What big Pharma is buying it?  Joe’s response- It’s not a big Pharma, it’s a 3 year old network marketing company based in Salt Lake City, UT.  In their experience this portfolio of science has only been bought by big pharma.  

Joe spent a lot of time with Dr. Herbert Nagasawa of Cell Gevity.  Dr. Nagasawa has worked over 40 years as a medicinal chemist and his body of work includes over 165 peer reviewed articles, 24 patents and patents pending, he is world renowned in his field and his passion was to partner with a company who was able to share his discovery’s with the world.  He chose Max because he knew Max to be the leader in glutathione supplementation.

So fast forward another 6 months at which point Joe had completed the acquisition and worked with the founders and management at Max International.  He knew the science, he believed the science, but giving up his dream of making partner in a prestigious NY finance firm?  That is what Max was asking now and he wasn’t sure he was ready to abandon ship.  According to Joe the management team and founders at Max International could be running any fortune 100 company- he admired and respected them.  Would knowing the science and management team be enough?  

Joe called his brother Dave  who is a successful investment banker who had bought and sold the World Trade Center.  Dave was accustomed to digging deep into a company.  His first response- he hung up the phone thinking it was a big joke. Joe called him back and Dave went to work doing his own investigation into Max.  He needed to be convinced beyond a doubt!

So fast forward again,  the outcome of Dave’s investigation- Joe you would be crazy not to join this company. Dave went on to raise millions of dollars in non-voting investment capital on  behalf of Max International.  At a time when investors have a wealth of options, to basically write a blank check to a company is unheard of in these times.  That is just what they did.

Joe wrapped up his presentation with a few bullet points.

*The discovery of raising glutahtione is where Omega 3 Fatty acids once were.  Not well known yet but will be.

*87,000 articles about low levels of glutathione and various disease.(Visit

*Max associates are on an education curve.

*10,000 people per day turn 50 in the United States alone.

*Max has patented products

*Max has long term vision

*Max has a library of products to come out over decades.

*Max is not just about products.  Max is about helping people- from their personal health to their personal wealth.

*As associates of Max, we have a tremendous gift that we don’t have to sell- we have to educate and share the good news.

*Max runs to science, not away from it.

*Max code of ethics helps people generate income and set goals.  Max is ensuring there is a platform to do that for years to come.

*Max is anti-hype.

*Max will be in every country in the world.

*People are understanding they have to diversify income the same way they diversify investments.  

Joe believes that Max International will be the first blue chip network marketing company- he guarantees it.

What do I believe?  If ever there was a company who could accomplish this, Max has an all star line up, from the founders, management and field associates positioned to make it happen.  

There are many great companies and many great products.  I believe that Max International is creating an entirely new category in the nutraceutical market- bridging the gap between supplements and pharmaceuticals.  If you want to be a part of history, message me and let’s talk.

Dana Cappelletti
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