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Do you remember the early days when you first met the man who you are now married to?  Do you recall the excitement, the pitter patter of your heart beating fast, palms sweating, feeling weak at the knees and having butterflies in your stomach?  Ahhhh.... Young love is so exciting!

Now that you are married, possibly with one or more kids, has the romantic evenings sizzled to a quick peck on the cheek, distracted by the mundane responsibilities of caring for your family, home, pets, demanding job and never ending chores?  If you have been married for five, ten, twenty or more years then you have probably experienced many ups and downs in your marriage.

Sometimes women can get into a rut by thinking that it is the husbands role to add romance to your marriage.  However, if you sincerely miss and yearn for more romance in your marriage, NOW is the time for you to be creative, take the initiative, get out of your comfort zone and reignite the flames.  Every marriage needs a healthy dose of on-going romance to add spice, delight and fun into the relationship.  It is not enough to just start out with a sizzling romance and allow the embers to fade.  You have to find a way to keep the romance alive as the months and years accumulate.

One of the marital challenges many couples face is how to live together without losing that special romantic spark.  It is easy to fall into the devils trap to lose the role of lover along the way.
When this happens, spouses often start relating to each other as they would to a friend or sibling.
Parents can begin to feel that they are only “business partners” or room mates joined together to raise children and maintain the household.  

How can you reignite romance into your marriage when your daily work schedule is grueling, the kids have zapped you of all your energy, the laundry is mounting even bigger, the dog just tracked in mud all over your freshly cleaned floors, the church is expecting you to volunteer for another musical and all you can picture in your mind is the Calgone commercial of the weary woman exclaiming, “TAKE ME AWAY“?

Here are a few creative and fun idea’s to reignite romance back into your marriage:

1.  CARDS:  Purchasing a cute, silly or romantic card is a great way to surprise your spouse and to remind him just how much he means to you.  If you want to be extra creative, you can make a homemade card and secretly place it inside your husbands briefcase or lunch box.  If time is short, try sending an e-card from American Greetings or Cross Cards.  This will definitely put a smile on your partners face and brighten up his day!

2.  GIFTS:  In our day to day lives a nice surprise from a significant other can be a wonderful way to say, “I LOVE YOU” or “YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME“.  Giving a gift does not have to cost a fortune or be extra fancy, but it is the meaning behind it that makes it so special.  You may consider giving your husband some kind of gift set, his favorite chocolate, a new CD from his favorite group, hockey tickets, a new tool or fresh baked cookies.  Remember, it never has to be anything elaborate, just a token of your love showing that you are thinking of your significant other.

3.  CANDLELIGHT DINNER:  Spending quality time “alone” will provide much romance, fun and time to share your love for one another without distractions.  In advance, plan on finding childcare for your children so you can guarantee that there will be no interruptions during your dinner.  Whether you choose to cook dinner at home or go out to your favorite restaurant, this will provide the perfect setting for rekindling romance.  If you choose to cook your spouses favorite meal at home, place many scented candles in the room that you will be eating dinner.  Turn off all the lights, turn on some soft tunes, have several candles glowing bright, wear your husbands favorite dress or lingerie, spritz on some fragrance and this will set the stage for a very romantic and memorable evening!  

4.  WEEKEND GETAWAY:  Take the initiative to plan a surprise weekend getaway. Call and make all the arrangements ahead of time. The location of the getaway doesn’t have to be expensive or complex, but it should be within your budget or you should plan to save up in advance for this special occasion.
There are many different options when choosing and deciding on a weekend getaway with your spouse.
Here is a list of fun and romantic options to spice up your weekend:

Bed and Breakfast
You can find small-town bed and breakfasts that offer great amenities, wonderful food, and charming rooms for a low price. A smaller town with a quaint bed and breakfast is a great place to spend some time away from the city and share special moments with your spouse.

Cabin Rental
Another inexpensive option is to search for cabin rentals at local lakes or camping areas. You can bring all the supplies and food you need with you and if you go in the off-season, you can find great rates on secluded cabins. If the cabin is on a lake, you can swim in the summer or build a nice fire to keep warm on cold winter nights.

Hotels with Kitchenettes
A hotel in a nearby city with rooms containing kitchenettes are great options if you want to get away but need to stay within your budget. You can bring food with you and spend your time checking out the local places of interest, museums, and attractions. You will save a lot of money if you prepare your food yourself instead of eating out.

Tent Camping
State parks that have camping facilities are a good choice as well. You can set up a tent, cook over and open fire, and gaze at the stars at night. A cooler packed with hotdogs, hamburgers and marshmallows will be an inexpensive way to create a lover’s feast in the moonlight.

Luxury Hotels
If you prefer luxury hotels and accommodations, book a room during the off-season. You can save a considerable amount of money if you make your reservation in non-peak times and if you book your room online, you can save even more.  

If you can make the time, taking your trip during the week rather than on the weekend will also save you money. Hotels are more crowded on the weekends and are usually willing to drop their rates for weekday travelers. Traffic will be less of a problem on weekdays if you avoid rush hour and you can visit many great places during the off-season and save a lot of money over peak vacation periods.

You can create a very special romantic getaway if you search for locations where you walk hand in hand along a river, beach, or take a hike in the mountains and you will spend very little if you find affordable accommodations and bring your own food.  Remember to bring several candles, lingerie, bottle of wine and portable stereo with your favorite music to enhance your getaway weekend with beautiful memories that will last a life time.

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