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At photo shoots, women sometimes tiptoe about waiting for me to guide them and micromanage their every move; their heads, hands, how to hold their shoulders and position their feet. Before long, they've become awkward and soulless.

My task becomes more about undoing their postures and awkward attempts of emulating what they think they are supposed to look like. Underneath that I am stirring up the stereotypes living within them and the conditioning they have been subjected to.

I try to find those places where they can feel comfortable, while allowing their bodies to naturally show and tell, giving the self-vision that lingers within their heart some room to unveil itself.

What happens in my photo studio is not so different from what happens in life.

When we passively wait for direction from others, rely on mass opinion and the slew of advisers we have on staff, we loose touch with our intuition and self-knowing.  When we try to live or fit into an image or posture that we think is acceptable or desirable, we become in-authentic and live a strategy.  In essence, we put the corset on ourselves.

Having lived my life in distinctly different countries, away from mainstream culture, TV, magazines and corporate life, I have a unique relationship to the world.

One would think that I would be free of cultural and familial corsets but that's not true... I too have been warding off conditioning imprints I didn't choose.

Women often like to be photographed in a corset. Corsets beautifully accentuates a body's curves. It might make you feel sexy in a naughty victorian kind of way. With your waist tied in and strong, you may feel a momentary bolstering against life. The irony hasn't been lost on me.  Mostly, in real life, we don't wear corsets, because they constrict us; we can't breathe or move freely.

There's a fun saying in Denmark, its double-meaning is hard to translate into English: "at løsne snørelivet." To loosen the tightly laced corset around your waist. To loosen up your breath, your life.

I'm curious about how to untie the metaphorical, yet still very real, corset one still wears.

How can we loosen the grip on our image driven, formulaic, and overly programmed lives so we can live our existence as a more wholesome, sacred journey?

How can we take back our sexuality, freedom and sovereignty from culture and commerce?

How can we let our lives breathe and unfold organically, like a poem in the making?

Will we make room for our souls to thrive and grow?

Good questions. Hard questions. The kind of questions worthy of your attention.

I don't know the answers, but my current quest is to free my life and creativity so I can live from a place of soul and sovereignty.
Want to join me in the exploration?

We start by getting honest with ourselves:

What postures do you want to undo?

What corsets do you want to untie?

Unravel your corsets & peel through layers of postures to the center of your self with my new evocative, creative & self-directed "Free Your Sacred Journey" e-program.

Member Comments

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      Nita P wrote Jul 13, 2012
    • i love to hear what u have to say and others who say the same.  truly it is not easy.  but u do find a way and other like minded people.  i nver think to say i am better or that my way is right.  how i am travelling in life at the moment is where i am at good bad ugly.  and at anytime the path may change that is ok.  i carry on. i believe there are society morals and ethics and then their are individual beliefs which fall out of mainstream boundries.  i know i am not crazy though at times i love crazy, odd and childishness.....its fun hearttongue outestatic

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Vikki Hall wrote Jul 15, 2012
    • Hmmmm....... Interesting!

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