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I know I’m not the first person to blog about this. I don’t care. Read the title. I’m stumbling my way through it. (There’s a pun there. You’ll get it in a minute.)

What I’m stumbling over is... well, Stumbling! I’m referring to one part of that great enigma of social bookmarking, and since this particular one sounded the most painful of them all, I figured I might as well get it out of the way first.

I'd heard of stumbling before. I've even done a bit of stumbling myself, as explained [Link Removed] but this variation on the old theme intrigued me nonetheless. It was a way to garner myself a bit of internet attention (and since I'm a self-proclaimed attention whore, I figured, what the hey?), make some new friends, and most likely not land me in the middle of a hangover of epic proportions. Really sounds like my kind of situation!

You can stumble through blogs, websites and news articles with a relative few clicks of the mouse and discover new and amazing things! You can (and should!) create a network of friends who enjoy the same sorts of things you enjoy, so that you can share and exchange your favorite pages, pictures and videos. It’s fun! It’s exciting! It’s even potentially lucrative, if you take part in internet activities that can benefit from this sort of exposure!

Are you tired of listening to me drone yet? Wishing I’d just get the hell on with whatever in the world my point might be? Yeah, well, that makes two of us.

So, what I have done is compiled some simple guidelines to help you stumble your way through stumbling. They are far from all-inclusive, and might even fall short of accurate in some places. But, since I don’t see you posting any hints, I simply had to take matters into my own hands.

And by the way... stumbling according to feathermaye is not recommended for the weak-willed. You have been warned.

1.) The first thing you have to do (is that redundant, since I numbered this one with a one?) is create a free account at [Link Removed] You can add a specific page color, a snazzy picture of yourself (or someone else, if that's how you roll) and link to your own website or blog site.

2.) You absolutely must download the StumbleUpon toolbar. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to promote a page. Many pages include a stumbler button, but I’ve found them to be unstable. Quite frankly, I’m unstable enough without adding wonky buttons into the mix.

3.) Get a little judgmental! Visit your friends’ blogs, etsy stores and websites and let them know how you feel about them in a totally pass/agg kind of way. Don’t like what they have to say in a particular blog? THUMBS DOWN! Really enjoy that recipe for smothered carp? THUMBS UP! Do this sort of thing often enough and your profile develops a personality that can be matched with other profiles. Kind of like the internet dating concept, without the credit card charges and embarrassing dinners at Subway. Or so I’ve heard...

3a) The big kicker here, which should probably be numbered differently but outlines were never my forte, is that you can promote each and every internet page you touch, including your own. Blogs, websites, online photos, etc.
3b) There really is no 3b), but I DO remember that when making outlines, you can never have an a) without a b).

4.) Be a good friend! Invite your real-life friends, your facebook friends, your twitterers and everybody you work with to be your friend in yet another social application! Then, if that’s not generatin’ enough activity for you (or is managing to drive your friends and family even further away!), you can actually accost random strangers at the click of a stumbling button. And, by accost I mean issue an invitation for a stumbling hook-up.

  • Side note: Be advised that stumbling through friendship certainly has it’s limits. I’m not sure how many friendly little invitations I actually sent out, but with no warning whatsoever I received a saucy little message that said, “You’ve made enough friends for one day... take a break?“. It came across as a question, but since it really gave me no options, I figure that “?” to be a typo. I then flipped it the bird and decided to write this blog.

5.) Repeat steps 3 and 4 every day, all day long. Judge some pages, promote yourself, make some friends, judge some pages, promote yourself, make some friends. It doesn’t matter one whit that my instructions are convoluted and (perhaps slightly) self-serving. The system exists because it works! And it works because of bumbling stumblers, just like me.

And, if you‘re lucky, just like you!

Clear as mud? Good. My work here is done!

Feathermaye, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.


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