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College sure has changed a lot since I went more than 30 years ago.  I recall earning extra credit in my political science class by going to see the movie Casa Blanca and then writing an analysis of the movie as it related to a topic given to the class by the instructor.

Well, it seems that in my college daughter's Health Studies class the students have been given the opportunity to earn extra credit by going to their Student Health Services Center and taking an aids test.  God forbid that some of those young people discover they have the deadly disease.  But it doesn't matter because they will still get extra credit.

So what has college come to when students are being coaxed into taking an aids test?  And why would a health class be MANDATORY for all incoming freshmen?  

What's next?  When she takes Economics will she have to come up with a bailout plan for Wall Street?


Member Comments

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      Mztracy wrote Nov 13, 2008
    • Well, this is a touchy subject for me. If a friend of mine had been coaxed into doing this she may have known she was hiv+ before having a child with the disease.  

      Remember, just my opinion. huggzzz

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      Bobbi Bacha wrote Nov 13, 2008
    • mztracy, I was told that HIV cant be transfered to the child from the womb.. I hope Im right.  I think it should be a choice not a requirement.  But I do think it should be a requirement if your planning or going to have sex with someone.. condom or not.. STD test your mate.  It makes sence for health of you and your partner.  

      I require that and its not fool proof as they can still cheat with someone else and tests arent allways accurate.  But its the best we have now, and condoms.  Condoms still dont prevent Venerial warts Im told, its just skin to skin contact and a friend of mine had them and was miserable.. she said she used a condom but still got them..

      Std test your mate, it could save you or your unborn child.  I told my daughters to do it every time... no matter what, take them to any clinic, its worth the time and money.. If you find a disease your at least informed and can make a informed judgement (and protect yourself or take extra precautions or chose not to do it) instead of leaping into the unknown.

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      Inakika wrote Nov 13, 2008
    • Wow, that’s a new one on me. Has the school ever heard of anything called Rights?
      I’m sure their heart is in the right place, yet it seems kind of odd to me.

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      Mztracy wrote Nov 13, 2008
    • Sadly it can. He is now 8, but when he was 4 mos, he almost died. He was being ravaged. They had no clue. She had 3 very healthy kids prior. When it came back, she and the hubz were tested and it was her.

      They say it is only the 1 in 4. Exactly in her case.

      If she had known she would have been on the meds and he may not be +. Saddest part is she was only with 3 men in her life. Her college bf (he had the disease), her 1st hubz and her 2nd hubz. In her case it became active when pg with isaac.

      He is the strongest lil bugger ever in heart i have ever met. He has lots of motor issues now though. But even when he was younger (6mos-5yrs) and had to have his meds put in the tube in his tummy, he still smiled.


      It is not mandatory for the test, just for a credit right? We know that it’s not just sex that one can get HIV/AIDS, so maybe it is a way to get kids to be pro-active in their own health.

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