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Dr. Diana is a fabulous, generous woman who loves helping women find their "Mr Wonderful". Her methods teach us how to be more responsive to the subtle prompts of finding love suitable to our needs. She offers you a special coaching offer here:  If you want a powerful coach to help you, [Link Removed] and get your own free 40 minute Love Mentoring session by phone or Skype. Remember to say Cynthia Sent Me for VIP treatment!

by [Link Removed] 

Most all of us women, no matter how old we are, fall prey to this lie. And it feels pretty awful...

However, it's just not true.

The biggest lie about age that women still believe is—drum roll please—that men are not attracted to older women.  That once you hit your 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s, and you are single, it is next to impossible to get a great guy for the companionship, fun and romance you really want. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT THE CASE. It is just that women need support, encouragement and dating advice to make love work (just as younger women do!).  And the truth is when they have that kind of coaching, women of any age can create a relationship that is over the moon–the best they have ever ever had!

Here is a true love story by Brenda Thomas who is 60-something years young.  Brenda is in Love Mentoring with one of our awesome coaches and she finally has her "Mr. Wonderful."  (Note: If you want a powerful Love Mentor to help you, [Link Removed] and get your own free 40 minute Love Mentoring session by phone or Skype. Just say Cynthia Sent Me for VIP treatment!) Now here's Brenda's story:

Several years ago, my cousin, Jonny, gave me a Mr. Wonderful doll for Christmas. I had no idea what a hit Mr. Wonderful was making around the country. He was a hunky male who, when his palm was pressed, uttered phrases like, "Let's just cuddle tonight."

Or "Actually, I'm not sure which way to go. I'll turn in here and ask for directions." "Honey, why don't you just relax and let me make dinner tonight" or "Can your mother stay another week?"  

Funny, huh? Not really...obviously, I didn't have a Mr. Wonderful nor was one coming any time soon. What's wrong with just cuddling or asking for directions or making dinner? Forget the one about my mother staying for another week....even I would have to veto that!

I felt like if I had a guy who came home and said, "Honey, you've been on my mind all day. That's why I bought you these flowers," I would be his adoring slave FOREVER!!! Of course, that would be after he brought me back to consciousness. But, as we know, men and women are just wired differently. Really? I have to say I'm being challenged in that belief. Perhaps, we're not all that different after all. Maybe, it's that each of us is unique with our little idiosyncrasies that develop over a lifetime. Maybe, it's not so much about being a male or a female.

Maybe, it's more about finding the person who makes life a little easier, a little more fun, a little more meaningful. Finding the person who you can't wait to share your piece of news with. Or the person who makes you feel completely content just sitting next to him.

As you know, I'm writing this in my 60s . I've been independent for 16 years...sometimes, happily so and sometimes, reluctantly. I don't think that I ever lost that joy for life....the ability to wake up happy every morning and look forward to whatever the day brings. I don't think being single made me think my life was terribly lacking in any way. But, doesn't a great love bring us closer to our higher selves? When I was 18, I read Gibran just like every college freshman and his writing on Sorrow really stuck with me. In fact, it's been my mantra for life, "The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy it can contain." There has been great sorrow in my life....almost always followed by great joy....the yin and the yang. You just can't have one without the other.

And, so I've waited and waited....sixteen years...for the great joy that follows the great sorrow. Lots of missteps, false starts, abrupt endings, unsatisfying couplings.

Then, I started hearing things like....

" look so beautiful in the morning."

"You know, I think it's really important that we talk about our relationship. Tell me whatever you're feeling. I believe in total honesty."


- Brenda Thomas  

Thanks, Brenda, for this inspirational story!  Remember, you can find your own "Mr. Wonderful"  no matter what age you are right now.  Just like Brenda did. And if you want a powerful coach to help you, [Link Removed] and get your own free 40 minute Love Mentoring session by phone or Skype. Remember to say Cynthia Sent Me  for VIP treatment! Wishing you love, Dr. Diana

Diana Kirschner, Ph.D. is a psychologist whose revolutionary work is the basis of a PBS TV Special for women over 45 on love.  She is the author of the best-selling [Link Removed] 

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