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These are all great tips to take a more flattering photo but there is a tip that insures that you look absolutely smashing in every photo. This tip comes from Jackie Silver, [Link Removed] "Chin down, now out like a turtle."  I tried this remedy with my elderly aunts when we were shooting at Christmas and they were so pleased that this simple direction created a better angle so that necks and chins appeared taut. They loved their photos!

The Ten Twitpic Commandments! Inspired by Twitter-loving stars, the FEMAIL guide to the A-list magic twicks that make those 'spontaneous' shots so #fabulous

Beach babes Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum know how to work the camera.

Both women have shown off sizzling self-portraits on Twitter this week, making themselves look even better than they already do with some clever smartphone trickery.

A lot of thought goes in to these seemingly spontaneous online snaps. Angles, poses, backgrounds and lighting are all important.

1. Thou shalt take advantage of optical illusions

Beach babe: Heidi Klum plays with perspective to make her legs look even longer

The right Twitpic technique can help you drop a dress size.

Do it wrong and you could end up with a double chin, sallow skin, red eye or an up the nose shot, which isn't a good look even if you don't have a few hundred thousand followers.

Photographer Dan Kennedy makes celebrities look good for a living.

His glamorous shoot list includes Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Cheryl Cole and Abbey Clancy.

He says you don't need to be a pro to take great pictures, and smartphone snaps are often the best because they are taken on the spur of the moment.

And there are several clever 'twicks' you can use to make sure you look your best.

Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL he has identified ten Twitpic Commandments to help you achieve the perfect picture.

1. Thou Shalt Take Advantage Of Optical Illusions

Dan says: 'Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba are both using optical illusions to make the most of their beach bodies.

'Taking a picture from the top of the body like Heidi is really popular for beach snaps as the perspective makes your legs look longer and thinner and your chest look larger because it's closer to the camera.

'She has also cut off part of her body (to the right) which shaves inches off immediately.

'Jessica has done the same by cropping the picture halfway down her body. Seeing less of people automatically makes the viewer think they are slimmer.'

2. Thou Shalt Always Look Glamorous

Dan says: 'Celebrities often tweet pictures of themselves at the start of a shoot just after being made up. You might not have a team of professionals on hand but taking shots when you're glammed up and ready to go out at the beginning of the night means you will be looking polished.'

2. Thou shalt always look glamorous

3. Remember Thy Pose

Dan says: 'This is an old trick that photographers and models have used for years and it's an easy way to drop a dress size. Stand slightly to the side, breathe in and put your hand on your hip.

'Standing sideways always makes you look slimmer than standing straight on in front of the camera and the space created between your waist and your arm gives you shape.'

4. Thou Shalt Choose A Simple Background

Dan says: 'A simple background means you stand out more, even if like Millie Mackintosh you are standing in front of a plain brick wall.

'Millie's block white dress is also an attention-grabber because there's no pattern detail to distract the viewer.'

3. Remember Thy Pose 4. Thou Shalt Choose A Simple Background

5. Honour Thy Tan

Dan says: 'If you can't tone it, tan it! Sun-kissed skin almost always looks better in pictures, and because the quality of smartphone pictures can't be guaranteed, the deeper the colour the better the end result, as seen here on sun loving Samantha Faiers.'

6. Thou Shalt Use Apps

Dan says: 'The different filters and effects on photo apps can make the most boring snap look cool because colour shifting gives an instant editorial feel.

'Alexa Chung loves using Instagram and Hipstamatic to give her twitpics a bit of retro style, I also love Snapseed for easy to achieve bespoke effects.'

7. Remember Thy Lighting

Dan says: 'Smart phones are quite limited when it comes to focus in tricky lighting situations so daylight is the best to guarantee a good shot.

'Late afternoon sun gives a lovely golden light which makes everything look better.'

5. Honour thy tan

6. Thou Shalt Use Apps 7. Remember Thy Lighting

8. Thou Shalt Try A Crop

Dan says: 'A tight shot gives more impact, especially when there is a lot going on in the background.

'This is also good for showing off statement hair and make-up which is why glam girls like Katie Price and Lauren Goodger both take these kind of pictures a lot.'

8. Thou Shalt Try A Crop 9. Honour Thy Angle

9. Honour Thy Angle
Dan says: 'For a flattering half-length shot you should always try and take the picture from above the subject, it gets rid of double chins and under-eye bags and like the Heidi Klum shot the perspective makes you look longer and slimmer.

'If it's a full- length shot getting your friend to bob down while taking it will make your legs look longer.'

10. Remember There Is Always Black And White

Dan says: 'If all else fails and you really need to post that picture turning a photograph black and white can often save it.

'Monochromes pictures are flattering on everyone so they're great if you're posing with someone a bit older or uglier, or if anyone is pulling a silly face like the Girls Aloud girls in this Las Vegas snap.'

Dan is tweeting @DKennedyPhoto

10. Remember there is always black and white

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