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I recently attended [Link Removed] where I learned about how social media can be used for business. Mari Smith, Deb Micek, Simon Leung, Denise Wakeman (1/2 the Blog Squad), Nancy Marmolejo, and host Linda P. Taylor blew us away with the statistics on how Facebook, blogging and Twitter are radically changing the entrepreneurial environment of the world. Practical, easy tips for things you can do today to start maximizing your social media connections.

I loved every minute soaking up the info like a sponge. It wasn't until I got home, though, that I realized Twitter could be a fun tool for building a romantic relationship as well.

For all of you who are saying, "What in the world is Twitter?", I can relate. I began hearing about Twitter last summer and joined in August. Twitter leads the way in the world of micro blogging. Micro because you can only use 140 characters in any one message. Blog because you are communicating to the internet world with your thoughts and ideas.

Once you join, you pick a handle (remember Rubber Ducky from the trucker and cb days?) and you are good to go, mine is CaptainCat. Ask your friends to join and the fun begins. I love creating conversations with the 140 character limit. It's a great game!

Deb Micek (CoachDeb at Tribal Seduction) revamped my view of Twitter and the tweets (that is what the messages are called) and I began to see that the Twitter mentality might just be a great tool build some nice buzz in the beehive, if you know what I mean.

Here are Five Ways to Use Twitter To Jazz Up Your Love Life!

1. Invest Your Emotional Self. Consciously enjoy your relationships on Twitter. I love to tweet (create the messages). Similar to crossword puzzles and other word games, Twitter engages your creativity, your imagination and your communication skills. Allow yourself to feel the satisfaction of connection. Your man may not engage with you in this same way and that is ok. You can feel connected to others and fill your emotional tank.

2. Invite him to join. Your man may roll his eyes at your internet fun, but if you put your mind to it, you can find a way to invite his participation. You may be his only friend for awhile and he may want to DM (direct message) you only, but if you sell it to him as a word game, tell him it is easier than instant messaging and that you will send him some cute and maybe even naughty messages, he may just give it a try.

3. Be Patient. If he declines your first invitation, don't despair. You keep having fun on Twitter, however, and listen up here...this is critical, stop tweeting when you and he are at the dinner table, taking a walk or being together in any way. You will communicate boatloads to him when he sees you turn off your phone or computer and really "Be" with him.

4. Introduce Him To The Fun Of Tweets. Create some tweets and put them on post it notes and put them around the house where your man can see them. If you like using abbreviations, use them but let him know what they mean. LOL (laughing out loud) We fall into the lingo so easily, we forget others don't know what it is all about. Your man will appreciate getting up to speed with Twitterese and he won't feel out of place.

5. Every Day Tweet Mentality: Ladies, it is amazing how much can be said in a 140 character statement. Try having a Twitter mentality when you are speaking to your man. How briefly can you say what you need to say and yet still be understood. Men have such a hard time with the verbal flood that comes out of our mouths, bless them. Do him and yourself a favor and tweet to you man. Keep it short and simple. He will love you for it!

If you are a beginner in the world of social media and even if you are a veteran, I strongly recommend you get yourself a copy of the Social Media Simplified DVD series. I would have saved myself hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars has I known how to use social media like Facebook and Twitter strategically in my business. Linda has a special deal going so don't waste another minute, order your copy today.

One other cool thing is that a part of the purchase price goes to support the Ventura Technical Development Center. Talk about a win-win-win!

Catherine Behan, Mom, Grandma, Author, Teacher, Intuitive Guide, and Spiritual Mentor is enjoying a dream come true renaissance life.

Looking for more ideas on how to enhance your relationship? Would you like to feel more loved and cherished? Maybe your Love Set Point is set too low. [Link Removed] and take control of your love life!

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