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Okay, I may offend the direct sales gals! But I have to say it this way-motivation is not hype! The one thing I hate about direct sales companies is they hype us to think we‘re gonna’ make a million - TOMORROW!

It doesn’t happen that way! We all know that instinctively, but we are so ‘hyped’ by the hype that we believe it to be so. IMHO, that’s the main reason folks run in the other direction when someone in direct sales approaches them. They believe they will get an “in your face” pitch that doesn’t stop until one turns on the heel. . .

Motivation is one thing - hype quite another. I’ve been to meetings (network meetings of large & small organizations) where the hype was so thick it took a machetti to cut through it!

Hype doesn’t last. It has it’s moment and then it’s gone. Much like a bell-shaped curve - up today; down tomorrow. Most folks I know hate hype with a capital “H“.

Motivation is the steady step forward to a consistent cadence that gets us where we want to go while building a following as we go. I think of the old children’s yarn about the Pid Piper! He walked forward playing his tune and others fell into line behind him. He didn’t scream, shout or anything resembling same. He just played & walked.

That’s what I encourage each of us to do. Especially those in direct sales. Play the tune you’ve designed for your business & walk steadily forward walking out the tune (plan). Others will be attracted to what you play because it will be different than they’ve heard before.

I recently heard the story of a person who did a “show” at an area coffee shop. As the story goes, the person was so aggressive to customers of the shop that in short order, the person was asked to “pack up and leave“. Did the person win any friends? Influence others to “follow“? I doubt it. Point of fact, the person created a “non-follower” list that will take eons to overcome.

Even when “hype” is not literally in our faces; it gives us the impression of same. Ever been to an event and the entire public talk is “join our organization, join our organization, etc. ad nausea!” (I hope we don’t do that in our AWI F2F meetings - if so, slap me silly please!). That’s hype & it may attract others; but often they don’t stay around long.

Motivation has staying power. Motivation sticks like glue to help another get the value they want from whatever it is we are offering. Motivation is self-fulfilling! How so? When we motivate others, we are motivated by their enthusiasm and that’s a virtual cycle that sustains itself; us and others!

While the above is most often directed at the direct sales industry, it can happen in any industry! Any business operating on desperation will often use “hype” instead of being a source of motivation.

So step back and assess. Do you motivate others to work with you to add value to their lives? Or are you ‘hyping’ it because that’s what you were led to believe is the way to get what you want? If so, it might be best to go back to the “drawing board” and rethink your plan. Take smaller steps; listen to the others who stay long enough to hear.

And most of all. . . learn the difference between motivation & “hype“. Pay attention to your own ‘gut’ when with others. If you begin to feel that tightening in the abdominals - you may be getting ‘hyped‘. Watch what it is that causes that reaction & learn from it. What NOT to do.

I think I’ll pursue this line of thought in our Thursday Thoughts. It’s worth exploring since we all want to make money as one of our most desirable SUCCESS strategies. If we can help each other learn how to present ourselves-our story, product & service; then we’ll all benefit greatly from the conversation.

Have an awesome day with little to no ‘hype’ -

Much love,

Linda, a fellow journeyer
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Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Apr 2, 2009
    • Thank you Linda.  Yes, sometimes we sales people are so desperate for a sale and tend to be pushing.

      Not just the prospects will sense that instinctively, it also set up great expectation and disappointment to the sales rep as well.

      Every time we present or promote a product or a service or an idea, if we can just train our mind to be genuine (we all do but we sometimes go overboard), and remind ourselves “I am here to confirm and share information, if they can know something a little more after listen to me, my job is well done.”  Yes, we do need to coach a prospect into a customer.... it is very tacky.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Linda S Fitzgerald wrote Apr 4, 2009
    • China doll - my apologies for not responding sooner!  You are soooo correct.  Folks don’t want to be “sold“, they want to “buy!”

      Thanks for your wisdom!

            Report  Reply

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