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Our personal commitment is to see large numbers of people do very well with this if you decide this business is a good fit for you. As we are just
getting started, there’s a LOT of room.  I’ll address just a few things that might be helpful for you to consider.  

First, it’s important to know that one sachet of X20 will treat 24 ounces of water. That is, it will release over 70 minerals and bring the pH of that
water up to 9.9. If a person drinks that throughout the day, it will impact their pH in a positive way. We know that a person’s body will perform much better
when it’s not in an acidic state. You are only as healthy as the water your cells are bathing in.
There are people in the health field in our group that have tested their urine or saliva on a regular basis to attest to that fact. Many of them are getting their patients and colleagues on it.

Secondly, it will add over 70 much-needed minerals to the water in a dissolved form that is easy absorbed by the body. Minerals are in many ways, even more foundational to health than vitamins because the body cannot make them and the soil only contains a fraction of the minerals it once did. (Source-1992 Earth Summit Survey)  

In the mean time, look at the market. Hundreds of millions of people drink sports drinks like Gatorade which has marketed the fact that it adds electrolytes to its product. You may have already seen the label. They add 1% Potassium and a little Sodium. On top of that it is quite acidic, registering 2.9 on the scale. It’s a lot of marketing with little substance, typical of most “sports drinks” on the market.  

X20 is in a whole other league of its own and cannot be compared to what can be found in a grocery store- even in the water section. It adds every electrolyte, or mineral that the human body can use. On top of that it is 9.9 on the alkalinity scale- quite a bit past that neutral 7 mark. This does a lot to bring your system back into balance. People are learning that their body will do MUCH better at a neutral or slightly alkaline level than at lower acidic levels that are common to most due to eating cooked foods and acidic beverages.

PH balance is the beginning of health, because it creates the environment for a healthy body.  

So this addresses two things that almost everyone needs in a big way-  

1) a way to help get their body out of the acidic state and
2) to add dissolved, absorbable minerals that they are not getting.  

On top of that it makes the water more absorbable on a cellular level (where it counts) and neutralizes all chlorine for those with that in their water supply.  

Since Xooma is now in over 37 countries with perhaps a combined population of a billion or so people, how much room do you think there is for new people to succeed?

Answer- the market is so big that it is beyond imagining..  

No doubt their will be a huge stream of people coming into Xooma in 2010 that will build very large organizations. If you are looking for an exceptional company and opportunity with which to build a future with, you may want to notice some obvious things that many overlook.  

Namely, as that pertains to X20, that is . . .  

1) everybody drinks water and
2) most people can afford US$25 a month,
3) they will spend that if a product makes sense and renders real value and saves them money they would have likely spent on other beverages
4) millions of people are looking for legitimate, exceptional businesses they can work from home with a little guidance but the start up fees for most companies
usually discourage them. Instead, Xooma gives people a free web site to do business.

Xooma has taken down the barriers, making this an ideal business for almost anyone who has some ambition and vision. Perhaps more importantly,
most of the income becomes residual, based on the high re-order rate X20 enjoys.

It’s looking more and more like this company and product are in for some massive growth over the next few years. If someone wanted to, they could
set themselves up very nicely while benefiting a lot of people for years to come.  

Trying the product will cost you US$25 and it has a money back guarantee. Becoming a distributor has no cost attached and neither does the web site.
The upside here is rather incredible. This company is for people who want to develop income for the long term and create a lot of abundance in the

IF that makes sense, call me or click “Join Now” and you’ll get your own web site immediately. (This web site below, is exactly like the
world-class site you will get by being a distributor). It also has a back office component to it that has training on how to grow your business and keeps track of your results and the results of your organization in real time.  

If there is anything else you need to know in order for you to move forward regarding this please let me know-we’ll give your straight answers to all your questions.

Here’s a little testimonial from the field:

I’ve worked from home in Network Marketing since 1996 and have helped build sizable organizations during that time with three companies. One thing
I’ve learned from both positive and negative experiences, is that to create long term residual income a company has to have a product that is needed by
the masses and priced as a good value. In other words, people would be likely to reorder it even if they had no interest in the business aspect.  

From every perspective I can see from, it looks like Xooma has developed such a product. X2O is unique, patented, affordable, effective, and doesn’t
require anyone to change habits. People simply enhance the everyday habit of drinking water. By doing that with X2O they will help PH- balance their
system while adding much-needed minerals that are essential to our health, especially in this age of depleted soil. On top of that, the company has a
solid reputation and has already passed the high-risk phase that companies go through in their first 1-3 years.  

This is a business and product that is worth building long term. For those who have stopped dreaming, it’s time to envision the development of large
organizations and to put daily actions behind the d ream. Even though we are growing, the market has barely been scratched and I see the
next two to five years as a window to reach vast amounts of distributors and customers that will build the base for future business to expand from. There
is a LOT of room for those who have the commitment to develop a compelling financial future for themselves while benefiting others in the process.  

Paul G.

We hope you’ll join us

Robin Blakely


Changing the Health of This and Future Generations

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