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Several months ago I was talking to a friend who said something I will never forget: “I wouldn’t date a man who was too cheap to leave a good tip. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.” I gave that statement a great deal of thought and have come to fully embrace the truth behind the words.  

So, let me ask you a few questions about the current state of your clothes closet:  

Do you ever look at your closet, stuffed to the brim, and think there’s no way you’ll ever be able to tame it?

Do scarves, sweaters and handbags collide on the shelves in a kaleidoscope of chaos?  

Are some articles of clothing thrown on the floor of your closet like abandoned rag dolls?  

Do you frequently go on a quest for a missing shoe cursing the amount of time you are wasting?  

The state of your closet is really a metaphor for the state of your life. If you answered an enthusiastic “Yes” to the questions above, the odds are the rest of your life is in upheaval as well.

According to The Zen of Organizing: Creating Order and Peace in Your Career, Home and Life...layers of old clothes from a bygone era say you aren’t fully vested in the present. Frequently, intense physical chaos reveals a deep level of confusion or depression. When there are piles stacked to the ceiling, it means there are dark clouds in other areas of your life.  

Restore order to your environment and your mood instantly elevates.


Member Comments

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      Feathermaye wrote Oct 17, 2008
    • I’m so a-typical when it comes to clothes, shoes and purses. I just don’t see what all the excitement is about, lol.

      My closet’s contents are basic: jeans, simple capris, some cute tops but mostly in solid colors.  

      And (here’s where I really am different than my contemporaries, I’m sure) I have about 6 pairs of shoes; I only wear 3 pairs on a regular basis.

      I guess my closet says I’m boring, LOL!

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Lizajounes wrote Oct 17, 2008
    • My closet said to me STOP LOOK AT ME. Now clean me out and start over.LOL :)

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Bobbi Bacha wrote Oct 17, 2008
    • Funny you mention this as I started organizing my closet before Ike hit.  My daughter is a interior decorator and her closet has matching wooden hangers and has cute inspirational wall art like above her shoes. ... “One shoe can change your life” Cinderalla.. etc.  and its is gorgeous like another room.  She painted the walls and even has drapperies...and satin chairs and stools.  

      I love decorating my home but just cant get into the swing of my closet, plus Im dieting and loosing weight and my shoe size changed when I was in Los Angeles, I dont know why ? Its two sizes smaller ? So Im freaked about that and my clothing is looser, but ... Im mad at my closet... I think its because I cant get it as gorgeous as my daughers, and I cant find all the Laura Ashely matching mahogany hangers, and what is my closet message, Believe or Never Give up or is that corny ?  I need about 300 or more hangers as I love cute tops, skirts and dresses.  I ordered a really cool shoe organizer for 36 pairs of shoes with a neat alligator Faux look but still I cant get motivated on my closet... I dont think its depression I think its a MENTAL BLOCK !  

      Also, my mother came by and it didnt help that she said,  “You need to clean your closet“.... when I was working on it.  Now Im completely mentally blocked...  

      I think what really did it was Mother telling me to clean my closet and Im psychologially rebelling.  The rest of my home is immaculent but I cant do my closet.. darn it.  So since Ike hit, Ive made a joke Im taking it out on my closet and I am.

      Im addicted to shoes, too.  So Ive been shopping for cute Granny Boot shoes as I love Granny boots and its the style now and I cant get the Shoe song by Kelly on YouTube out of my head... HELP !!!  

      Am I depressed or addicted to shoes or rebelling against my mom and closet...  YIPES  

      Has anyone seen the video of Kelly, and Shoes ?  Well my daughter showed it too me and the language was offensive but the message about shoes.. Its sooooo Me.  Its like something triggers me to get shoes... I cant explain it and I think the shoe chest I ordered is too small.  

      The song starts.. after an argument with her mom and dad, ...“Im gonna get what I want..... Shoes“.  I can sooo relate !  

      I put the link below its got vulgar language so dont watch it if your offended.  I was offended as I dont like vulgarity, but the message was soooo .....well perfect for a shoe addict, like me.  I can relate to Kelly and her Shoe thing.  Im not depressed, Im Blocked and keep buying shoes worse this month.

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